MFT Fulfillment Centre: SCAM in Shipping & Fulfillment Disguise

Normally, the MFT Fulfilment Centre company was supposed to warehouse products on behalf of clients and have them delivered to clients’ customers.  

But the case is different, they receive the products quite alright, and also deliver to your customers, but the money received from your customers won’t be paid to you. 

At least in my experience with them. 


Apparently, this will be my MFT fulfillment Centre review and a warning to anyone intending to have a business partnership with the company. 

I’ve had the most horrible experience since my inception of eCommerce business. I was scammed with both stock and cash delivered to my customer. 

So here, in this article, I’ll be sharing my MFT fulfillment reviews and experience so you won’t fall victim like I did. 

I’ll also share receipts of my conversation with them, so it won’t just be my words against them. 

What is MFT Fulfilment Centre? [Supposedly]

Mft fulfillment Centre

Usually, MFT Fulfilment Centre should be an eCommerce Fulfillment company or a fulfillment center or provider specializing in handling various aspects of the order fulfillment process for online retailers and eCommerce businesses. 

Aspects like:

  • Warehousing
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Online Store Integration
  • And few others…

They have a warehouse in Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana, which I’m sure of. They also claimed to have warehouses in other East African countries close to Kenya. 

I can imagine how many clients must have fallen victim to their business incompetence and incapacity to run a reputable fulfillment company. 

They seemingly lack integrity but are very good at lying, cunning, and disorganization, a virtue of a GOOD SCAM company.

My Horrible Experience with MFT Fulfillment Centre

This all started in early July. 2023, when I was in Kenya looking for an eCommerce Fulfillment company for my Shopify store in Kenya

I approached them after seeing their website via Google when doing a little search on fulfillment companies in Kenya.  

After contacting them, we started talking; I could call and chat with Irene Mutheu. So, I decided to ship my product to their warehouse in Kenya after Irene recommended an international shipping company to me. 

I had three different product stocks shipped down to Kenya; two were seized because of the MFT fulfillment center’s dubious act.

More on this later! Which apparently was the first RED FLAG. 

I got the third shipment sent to them, which was taken to their warehouse. Here’s the confirmation from Irene. 

MFT fulfillment centre chats

So they receive the products, warehouse them on my behalf, which was the original plan, and deliver them to my customer.

With this, I started promoting my products, and orders were coming in. My website was integrated with their system, so they have full access to my orders in real-time.

Their job was to package my orders, deliver them to my customers, and collect cash or money from them.

With my product promotion, I had a good turnout from customers because people were interested in the product.

Shopify Dashboard

This image above would be my POTENTIAL sales amount if everything were to go smoothly because the e-commerce model is CASH on DELIVERY.

Based on the business model, not all customers will receive the product, and some will also return. However, the engagement with the product was really good.

So far, based on their system report, they were able to deliver just 154 orders and 155 product returns due to their incompetence and lies.

I’ve never had such returns in my history of doing eCommerce business. Since I’m not in Kenya, I can do little to nothing about it.

Mind you, they also charge for product returns. So when you ship out, good for them and when they return the product also good for them.

So its a win-win for them!

Shopify Orders

On my Shopify website, I had over 540 orders in total, but due to their incompetence and lies, 154 were recorded as delivered and 155 as returned products.


Mind you, none of the money received from products delivered was ever remitted to me. They delivered my products and kept the money for themselves.

Below is a confirmation of that. Some of my customers reached out that they’ve paid and received their products.

order received

The pricing of my products start from KSH3000 and they charge on average around 300 -500KES for product logistic in Kenya.

Meaning after removing their charges the remaining should cover my own cost from my investment.

I invested in procurring my products, invested in shipping it down to kenya and these products were siezed due to MFT fulfillment centre.

The ones i got that were delivered to my customers, the money was also collected and nothing was remitted to me to date.

MFT Fulfilment Centre SCAM [Lies & Red Flags]

Here are some of the flags I saw, but I was already in, and there was nothing I could do then, was only hoping they’d do better.

MFT fulfillment centre Chats

Based on the above chat, in that week, I did a total of 269 orders on my website. However, due to their incompetency, they said they only saw 230 orders from their end.

The First RED Flag I Saw in MFT Fulfillment Centre

Remember I said they recommended an international shipping company to me? Yeah, Rolling Cargo Limited

I had three different shipments of product stocks shipped using the company one of their staff recommended.  

Mft fulfillment centre chats

All products in the name of the contact (Vincent Aluoch) MFT gave me were held by the shipping company they recommended to me, Rolling Cargo.

The only one released was the product in my name, which was a mistake on my end. If not, all the shipments would not have been released. 

Rolling Cargo Chat

According to the Rolling Cargo Shipping Company, there are products shipped with them in the name of one of the staff (Vincent Aluoch) of MFT Fulfillment Centre that were never paid. 

This same Vincent Aluoch name and contact was the one given to me by the MFT fulfillment Centre for me to use to receive my products with Rolling Cargo Shipping Company.   

MFT Fulfillment Centre Collected Cash From My Customer And Never Paid Me

Initially, when I started complaining about the money collected from my customers, they said they had sent it.

After several days of no credit payment, after they said they had sent part of it, I had to reach out to my bank, and I later discovered that no money was sent.

I returned to them and complained; they now said there was an issue with the transaction because the agreement was to pay me in USD.

Since there was an issue with the USD transaction, I gave them KES (Kenya Shillings) account number which was the original currency collected from my customers.

Even at this, no payment has been made till now. Below are some of my chats with them when I started getting worried.

chats with Mft centre staffs

I also reached out to the boss, as she mentioned in the chat. Yet nothing good came out of it. Below are also some of my chats with him.

MFT Fulfillment Centre

I had to send my friends in Kenya to their office and pick up my stock. While getting there, they pleaded that i shouldn’t take the product.

I took half and left the remaining, which was also a big mistake.

Since the original payment was via USD, which they claimed they had issues with it. I sent them a local bank account in Kenya so they could make local transfers.


Even if truly the first payment they claimed they sent had an issue, the remaining of my delivered products money should be able to go through since I sent them a local bank account in Kenya, right?

They still didn’t. Till now, my Cash on Delivery collected from my customers has never been paid.

chats with MFT centre staffs

Final Verdict & My Plan

As you can see, I was robbed of money collected from my customers as well as the product I paid for that was shipped to them.

My products were been held by rolling cargo due to the incompetence and negligence of the MFT fulfillment centre.

I believe this was easy for them because I am not in Kenya. But all this is about to change.

So please think twice before doing business with them, most especially if you’re considering using them for Cash on delivery.

As it is now, I’m going to take legal action against them and get them to pay for the goods held and the money collected from my customers.

This will also be shared among my network of eCommerce entrepreneurs considering or running this kind of business model so others don’t fall victim again.

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  1. I’m also a victim of mft and they are yet to pay me, let me know if you were paid and how you went about solving the issue

    1. Smartbiz JOE says:

      nothing yet. they stop communicating

      1. Since you’re a Nigerian can you recommend a fulfilment center in Nigeria I can replace them with I would really appreciate it thanks

  2. Mft and 36tycourier are they the same company or different ones?

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