Is Aella Credit Legit or Scam? [The Unbiased Truth]

Is Aella Credit legit or a scam? In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about Aella credit, from what it offers to how you can quickly sign up and access loans.

With the increase of internet fraudsters, and many loan companies embarrassing their users online, most people are scared of borrowing money from online loan companies.

Most of these loan companies do not have a physical office, making it difficult to trace them when they threaten people with defamatory messages.

So, if you are trying to get information about Aella credit, we’ve got proof that it is a beautiful and legitimate app and financial technology that will guarantee you loans on time with reasonable interest rates.

Are you ready? Let’s go.


Who owns Aella Credit?

Let’s kick-start our investigation by knowing who the owners of Aella credit are. The truth is, if the founder doesn’t have a credible background, whatever business he or she builds would most likely be a scam.

Aella credit is owned by Akin Jones, the present CEO, and Wale Akanbi – the CTO of the company. 

Akin Jones has been in the financial space for years, he was a General Partner at Gluwal Capital-an investment company before going to build Aella credit.

Wale Akanbi on the other hand is an experienced tech guru. A graduate of Computer Science, he worked with Cedar Communications, Gamsole, Davtonlearn as Chief Technology Officer (except Cedar communications) before building Aella credit with Akin Jones.

They decided to develop Aella because Africans or Nigerians had limited access to loans and funding for minor/emergency needs.

These are wonderful credentials in our opinion. This is an indicator that Aella credit could be a legit credit app that delivers on its promise.

How does Aella Credit work?

In general terms, Aella credit works as a money lending platform; you borrow money and pay a certain interest amount alongside the amount you borrowed. 

Aella Credit uses your provided information to determine and gauge your loan eligibility. 

Aella does this by measuring your credibility using your Bank Verification Number, popularly known as BVN.

They work hand in hand with banking services to see how trustworthy you are before they issue out loans of any amount to you. If you cannot prove that you are eligible for a loan, there will be no loan.

However, if you have been carrying out transactions with your bank account(s), you will automatically be prioritised for loans within the amount you transact with. I.e., if the maximum amount of money I usually have/use in my bank account is N50,000, I can be given loans within the range of N30,000 – N40,000.

With Aella credit, you can store money securely in your Aella wallet. No one can access your money without authorisation or permission from you. 

Information shared with Aella will not be accessed by a third party. You can store money securely in your Aella wallet without hidden maintenance fees or annoying charges. Your money will always be where you left it, at the same amount.

Additionally, you can decide to invest your money and earn up to 30% interest on your investment/savings. With conventional banks paying you lower interest on your savings, Aella is considered a wiser option for you with its high return on investment.

Moreover, you can use the Aella app to pay for bills like electricity and water bill, and you can also use the app to purchase airtime and data for your phone calls and internet activities, all in the comfort of your home. You do not need to employ the services of a third party to do them for you.

How much money can I borrow from Aella Credit?

The amount of money you are eligible for increases as you pay your loans on time, i.e., whenever you pay back a loan before its due date, the loan amount you are entitled to increases.

For new accounts, the minimum is N2,000. This means you can be issued a significant amount, depending on your eligibility. You can qualify for the highest amount on Aella is N1,500,000 (One million, five hundred thousand Naira). No one has been paid a loan higher than this amount.

Is Aella Credit registered with CBN?

Yes, Aella’s credit is registered and licensed by the CBN. The CBN has permitted them to operate money lending transactions and financial operations. They are registered as a financial technology company for issuing loans and offering financial services.

This means you don’t have to be bothered that your contact lists would be bombarded with unsolicited messages about you.

Loan companies that do that are usually not registered with the CBN.

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Does Aella Credit have an office?

Yes, Aella credit has an office. The head office is located in Victoria Island, Lagos state, Nigeria. They also have other branch offices located in San Francisco and the Philippines.

Aella Credit Reviews

Below are screenshots of users’ reviews of the platform. Most users enjoy the services offered by Aella.

Aella credit review

It has an overall rating of 4/5, an excellent rating from users.

Aella credit review

How to get started on Aella Credit

To get started with Aella credit, follow these steps;

  1. Search the Google play store for the Aella credit app.
  1. Install the app.
Download Aella credit app
  1. Click on open, and then click on create Aella account.
Create Aella Account
  1. Provide personal information like your email address, phone number, and then a password. After you have provided these details, click on signup.
Fill in the registration
  1. A verification code will be sent to the phone number you provided. Fill it in the space shown as ‘code’.
Verify your account
  1. Your Aella account has been created successfully. However, you must provide your BVN to complete the registration process. Once you have provided your BVN and it has been validated, you can request a loan and access it immediately.
Enter your BVN

Final thoughts

With Aella credit, you get quick loans to solve your problems quickly without any long wait or additional requirements. Details required can be provided anytime, and a loan will be paid to your account within the shortest time possible. 

You can also repay your loan(s) within a generous timeline. No matter your current situation, you are guaranteed to receive a loan once eligible. Simply ensure that you remit the loan on or before it’s due for payment, and the amount you are entitled to receive will also increase.

I believe this article answers the question; is Aella credit legit or a scam?

The key takeaway is that Aella credit is registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria and has a physical office you can visit if you have any issues or complaints. This alone stands for them as a reliable micro-loan lending platform.

So, tell me, do you still think Aella credit is legit? Have you used the platform? I will be in the comments section.

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