What is Reaprite Savings App? [Everything To Know]

In today’s article, we will answer the question, “What is Reaprite Savings App?”.

Not only that, but we will also go through the overview, the features, the sign-up process, and more.

So, you can rest assured that this isn’t any content you have ever read concerning “Reaprite Savings App” or “Reaprite Savings App Review”.

Today, we have many fintech companies, and most offer nearly similar features to minor differences.

Using over 30 of them in the past few months makes me jump to that conclusion.

However, the Reaprite savings app has some fantastic features, so I believe everyone needs to start using it.

After going through this “Reaprite Savings App Review”, you will be able to gauge if it’s worth using or not.

Let’s get into “Reaprite App Review” without wasting your time.

Reaprite Overview

The fintech app “Reaprite” came into the industry in late 2020 by Tunde Saliu, who has experience in cyber security and system engineering.

The Reaprite savings app is designed to make people amass wealth with their little savings.

With savings plans available to the lower class, average class, or upper class can afford. Savings begin from as low as 500# to infinity.

What you get in return on your investment is also pretty cool than what Banks or other fintech apps can offer you.

The Reaprite app is designed in a straightforward form so that even a beginner can easily play around and get it all in minutes.

No heavy code, blurry graphics, or misleading information floating around the app.

The Reaprite savings app has a dedicated customer support team that works around the clock to answer your questions when they arise.

They’re also self-service support, allowing you to browse through the FAQs, blog, or Reaprite app community.

Managing your savings portfolio is as easy as learning ABC. It is possible because the app is well organised.

These and more show how authentic the app is, and they’re even more to back it up.

And that leads us to the next section.

What is Reaprite?

The Reaprite savings app is a financial savings services platform that works on the web, IOS, and android. Its main objective is to allow individuals to have a personal savings portfolio.

The founder of the Reaprite app is Tunde Saliu, who has had many years of experience designing fintech apps.

The Reaprite savings app’s full name is Reaprite Global Limited, and the founder believes that wealth can be acquired by many with him.

The fintech company offers competitive returns on savings plans that are available on available.

Of which you will hardly find anywhere else.

Anyway, you might want to be high ROI, which can be tagged as a Ponzi, but it’s not.

High ROI means it’s only a little bit higher than its competitors, and a little bit higher doesn’t mean to them all.

The Reaprite savings app’s ROI and Piggy vest are nearly the same, talking from experience.

How Does Reaprite Work?

The way the Reapritte savings app work is straightforward. 

For you to begin with the Reaprite savings app, the first thing you need to do is to download the app from the play store or app store.

After a successful download, launch the app and click on sign up, fill in your information and verify your email address.

After that, set your transaction pin and verify your BVN to complete the primary KYC verification.

Complete the quick steps on the homepage. Those quick steps are easy to complete, requiring just a few clicks.

After completing those quick steps, the next step is to fund your Reaprite savings app account.

After funding your account, choose your Reaprite savings plan and grow your wealth little by little.

That’s how the Reaprite savings app work in simple steps. 

Who Uses Reaprite?

You will agree with me when I say the Reaprite savings app is for all categories of people regardless of gender, age, race, or colour.

The scope behind the statement above is simple, and the app is helping you save for sunny days.

Life happens, and in most cases, we don’t have control over what happens to us in life.

In particular, those times when we cannot go without paying urgent bills. I mean, the ones we use for our day-to-day activities.

What about those expectations we have budgeted heaven and earth on but are disappointed with?

Yes, I am sure you understand what I am talking about because everyone has faced one or two disappointments.

Saving a little out of our income can help us tackle those hard days we don’t plan.

Do you know the best part? You aren’t saving money, but some interest is going into it daily?

That can also help you amass wealth. Yes, wealth because a little drop of water can make an ocean.

The reasons why it’s for everyone are endless. 

But it’s not “What is Reaprite Savings App” or “Reaprite Savings Review” we aren’t talking about here.

And that leads us to the next section.

Reaprite Features

We will be going through the Reaprite savings app review here, which we have done to help you make an informed decision.

Like, you will know what to expect as you begin your journey with the fintech app.

In addition, make this content worth referring to as “Reaprite Savings App Review”.

Let’s start!

1. Reapquick

Reaqucik is the first and most affordable product of the Reaprite savings app.

This plan enables everyone to lay their hand on the Reaprite savings app.

With this plan, you can invest in a short-term savings plan which ranges from 3-12 months.

If you invest in this plan, you are entitled to receive up to 12.5% annually. 

The best part about this savings plan is that you can invest as low as N500 on this plan.

Investing with just N500 ensures that you can test the savings app to know how secure it is, and you will also have a general overview of the app.

However, you must remember if you break your savings plan before the due date, you will be charged a breaking fee of 2% on the amount of money invested.

That is put in place because the money you have invested with them is used for business purposes.

Likewise, the places where the money has been invested are also based on agreements, so if you break them, it’s inconvenient for them.

Thus, a 2% charge is being placed on your money to cover up.

2. Reapplus

The second plan is termed a feature on the app. This plan is a little bit higher.

We can say it’s for the average person because this plan’s minimum savings or investment is N100,000.

With this plan, you are entitled to receive 12.5% to 14% annually. The months you selected depends on the ROI you receive.

The minimum month you select for this plan is six months, nine months or 12 months.

You must keep in mind that the Reapplus savings plan cannot be broken before the maturity date.

It means that once you have made a saving with this plan and selected either 6, 9, or 12 months.

The months must be completed before you can get your capital back and the ROI.

If you need to break it by force by fire, you might need to contact customer support if they can help you.g

3. Reapmax

The next on the list is Reapmax from the Reaprite app.

This plan is similar to Reapplus, which was earlier discussed, with few differences.

With Reapmax, you can stake a minimum of N1,000,000 with an ROI of 14%-16%.

The ROI is a bit higher because the duration is a little longer, either nine months or 12 months.

Remember that once you stake your money, that is final. It means you can break your agreement before maturity.

It is part of the terms and conditions, so you must be sure that you want to do this before you begin.

Like, I mean, even though customer support will not be able to help you if you need the money urgently.

4. Reapgoal

The Reapgoal is designed to help you reach a specific goal in life, like building a house, buying your dream car, or travelling abroad.

The savings plan is divided into two:

  • Reap target
  • Reap village

The “Reap Target” is designed for an individual for you to reach all their targets.

The “Reap Village” allows you to create like-minded savers and achieve your goals together.

Learn how to make money with the Reaprite app here

Reaprite Reviews

We believe that a good review should contain the pros and cons of a company.

As a result, we have gone further to check what existing users say about the app.

Like, I mean, the bad and the good side of the app.

You must remember that the screenshots we will provide you in this section aren’t the actual colour of the app.

The way we say that is simple “Everyone has a different perspective”, meaning what you find to be good might be the opposite for someone else.

So, we strongly advise that your conclusion shouldn’t be based on the screenshots alone but on the basic overview of the content.

In addition, your experience when you start using the app.

Google PlayStore

The first place we will be looking into is the Google play store since Android users will undoubtedly be much more than IOS users.

At a glance, the app has a raw rating of 4.1 over 5, with a total of 480 reviews from existing Reaprite savings app users.

You can look at the rating breakdowns and a review of one of the happy users of the app.

Reaprite savings app reviews

While the below screenshot is from two users with a bad experience using the Reaprite savings app.

Reaprite savings app reviews

And to add one more screenshot, the below screenshot is from 3 happy users of the app reviews.

Reaprite savings app reviews

And that leads us to the next chapter.

App Store

Unfortunately, they’re currently no reviews on the App store as of the time of writing this content.

However, we will update it with screenshots when they become available.

Pending that time, the ones above that we got on the Google play store can serve as a guide when making your decision to save with the Reaprite app.

That being said, let’s continue!

How to Sign Up on Reaprite

Let’s walk through how to create a Reaprite account and get verified in minutes.

The best part about creating the account is that it takes minutes to get your account up and running.

If you are wondering if this is what you can do by yourself, don’t worry, I have included screenshots of every step.

We have done this to make this content worth referring to as “What is Reapriate Savings App”.

It means that we have gone beyond just these questions, “What is Reaprite Savings App” or “What is Reaprite App”?

So, let us get to work.

Step 1: Download the Reaprite savings app

You first need to either go to the Google play store or the App store and search for “Reaprite Savings App”. 

The app has a Blue and white icon in design. Click on install to install the app on your Android phone or iPhone.

After successfully installing the app, launch the mobile app, and you will be directed to the home page.

You can tour a series of designs on the home page or skip it because it’s unnecessary.

Step 2: Register your account

After downloading and installing the app, click “Register” since you are just starting with Reaprite Savings App.

Register Reaprite account

On the next page, you will be asked to provide your first name, last name, email address, phone number, and referral code.

Note: Make sure you input your legal name as it appears on your government-issued ID.

It is necessary because you obviously can’t do something much on the app without being a verified user.

The reason is simple, the app deals with “Money,” To avoid money laundry on the app, every user is expected to complete a basic level of identity verification.

Basic means that you can use your BVN or NIN numbers, and in fact, that is what is required for you for the basic level.

After filling in your information like the image below, put “25803771” as your referral code.

Fill in details

After that, click “Proceed,” and you will be asked to input your password on the next page.

For the password, Reaprite Savings App says it should be:

  • It must be a minimum of 8 characters
  • It must have a capital letter
  • It must have a number.

So, to create a password that fits into that category, you can use something like this “Example@1705”.

As you can see, the password above contains a capital letter, a unique character, and a number.

If you have done it well, your password section should be green, just like the one below.

Set up password

So, what you need to do now is to click on “Submit” as the arrow is pointing. 

Step 3: Verify your account

A pop-up page will notify you that registration is thriving on the next page and a verification link has been sent to your registered email.

Note: No verification link has been sent, only a verification email that contains a code.

So, what you need to do now is to click “OK” on the successful verification page.

Verify Reaprite savings account

You will be redirected to a login page after that. Input the login details you have registered with, and click “LOG IN”.

Login to Reaprite account

You will be asked to input the code termed “Verification Link” when you sign up. 

Just log in and open the email with the subject “Email Verification From Reaprite”.

Locate the code and input it in the space provided for that. Just like the way it’s below.

Enter validation code

Click on the “Verify Button” after that, and Boom, you have successfully created a Reapeite Savings App account.

Step 4: Set up your Reaprite account

Now, you have the home page like the image below.

Reaprite savings app dashboard

What you need to do now is to perform the quick task on the home page. Which are:

  • Add your BVN
  • Set Transaction Pin

Let’s take it from the lowest to the highest.

To set your transaction pin. Click on “Set Transaction Pin,” as the arrow points above.

A page asks you to input your new transaction pin and confirm it by retyping it. 

Set transaction PIN

Input your password for them to confirm you are the one making the changes.

After everything has been done correctly, like in the image below, click on save.

A page will pop up saying, “Your transaction pin was set successfully” click “OK,” and you will be redirected to the home page.

Click ok

You can repeat the same process to get all other quick tasks done, yes tasks, because they’re still kind of much, as you can see below.

Once you have successfully added your BVN and are accepted by the app, you have completed basic identity verification and can start enjoying the app.

And that leads us to the next chapter. 

Reaprite Savings App Pros And Cons

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, so we have included this chapter.

You won’t only know the good side of the app, but you will also learn the wrong side of the app.


We will go through the pros first, which can also be seen as advantages.

Let’s start!

1. Low Savings Plan

One of the app’s advantages that I like is that you can save as low as N500.

It’s not just an advantage but also shows the app’s transparency because it’s open to all categories of people.

Staking N500 will enable you to learn all the nitty and gritty of the app and help you make an informed decision.

2. Dedicated Customer Support

You will agree with me when I say that customer service is one of the reasons why one business is far more successful than the other.

The Reaprite savings app has dedicated customer support that works around the clock.

It can help you scale through some things you might not understand about the app as a beginner.

Good customer support is one of the reasons why you should consider it before you begin with any fintech app.

3. Swift Withdrawal

So, it’s easy to save, but the question is, can you also get your money out quickly when due?

The answer must always be yes, and it’s a massive yes for the Reaprite app.

With the Reaprite app, you can make a very swift withdrawal when your savings is due.


We will uncover the flaws of the app here. However, they’re nothing much to worry about.

It’s what is bearable if you have kept to the rules and regulations of the app.

The only visible flaw I can see when writing this content is that a 2% fee is applied to you when you break the rules.

However, this is put in place to prevent unnecessary withdrawals by the users.

Making unnecessary withdrawals when the business isn’t designed will ruin the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, let’s quickly take a run-through of the frequently asked questions we get from our blog users.

These questions are parts of the reason why we have decided to create the “Reaprite Savings App Review.”

And I believe we have answered beyond “What is Reaprite Savings App”, “Reaprite Savings Review”, “Reaprite App Review,” and more.

So, let’s take a look at those questions.

How Much is the Minimum Saving on Reaprite Savings App?

The minimum savings on the Reaprite savings app is N500, and you can invest as much as N1,000,000 and beyond.

Is Reaprite Savings App Legit?

Yes, the Reaprite savings app is legit and safe for everyone. The app has a good source that can be traced. Thus, it’s a safe app for everyone.

Does CBN approve Reaprite Savings App?

The CBN approved the Reaprite savings app, which is an excellent advantage to the fintech company.

How Much Interest Does Reaprite Savings App Give?

The Reaprite savings app interest ranges from 10 to 14 percent annually. The plan you choose determines what you receive as an ROI.

Who is The Owner of the Reaprite Savings App?

Tunde Saliu is the owner of the Reaprite savings app, and he’s well recognised as a fintech apps developer in the country.


The Reaprite savings app is an excellent savings app that you can use to save for a sunny day.

Or even to save for a particular target, such as buying land, a car, or your travelling goal.

We have covered all there’s to know about the app without leaving any part untouched.

However, we advised you to start small to get a general overview of how the app works in real life.

You can make more savings decisions by building up your personal experiences with the app.

We have reached the end of “What is Reaprite Savings App” and “Reaprite Saving app Review.”

You can now begin to build wealth with the Reaprite savings app.

If you got value or you have any questions concerning the “Reaprite Savings App”, do let me know in the comment section below.

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