How to Create a PalmPay Account [PalmPay Sign Up]

If you’ve searched the phrase ” PalmPay Sign Up, ” this article is for you. In this article, you’ll learn how to sign up and create a PalmPay account.

PalmPay is a viral online payment platform and e-wallet that you can use for financial transactions and making money through rewards, bonuses and cashback. You can also send and receive money to/from your bank account and send money to different bank accounts.

Additionally, you can withdraw money from your bank account and settle bills for electricity and water. The platform offers airtime recharge for your mobile phone number(s) and transfers to another number. You can also do affiliate marketing on the app by referring friends and receiving bonuses when they make deposits into their accounts.

PalmPay Sign Up: How to sign up on PalmPay.

Users get a welcome bonus of 110 Naira and a 30MB free data bonus for all browsing activities on the platform. 

The 110 Naira can be redeemed for airtime or data. 

It’s now time to create a PalmPay account! Following these simple steps will get you started in no time.

Step 1: Download PalmPay mobile app from Play Store or App Store

Setting up PalmPay is relatively simple. To begin the process, you will need to head over to the Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iOS users and search for the PalmPay mobile app using the search option. Click on the app and install it on your device.

Sign up on the app

To quickly and securely pay for your online purchases with PalmPay, you must sign up first. Launch the app to sign up on the platform, as seen in the screenshots below. 

Sign up on PalmPay

Head to the top section and click on sign up or get your welcome bonus. Clicking on any of them will take you to the sign-up page.

PalmPay sign up page

Fill in the required details like your phone number, legal first name and surname, choose your gender item, and your female date of birth and fill in the invitation code (if you have any), which is optional. Then click “Sign up”.

The next step is to verify your account. A verification code will be sent to your mobile phone number.

Once you have gotten your verification code, fill it in in the spaces shown as verification code and click “sign up”.

You will be asked to create a 4-digit pin for your account. Ensure that your PINs are not repeatable or continuous, e.g., 1111 or 1234. 

Enter verification code

Confirm your pin again and click “create an account”.

After completing the process, you can now access the app’s features. And that’s it about PalmPay sign up.

It’s a simple and straightforward process.

The PalmPay app is straightforward to navigate, and everything you need can be found on your account page as shown below:

PalmPay Services

PalmPay is the perfect payment solution for your business needs. With their secure mobile payment services and features, you can quickly pay in-stores and online for virtually everything you can think of and complete different types of financial transactions.

1. Bill payments

The PalmPay mobile app allows you to pay electricity and water bills and cable TV subscriptions for providers like  GoTV and DStv. You can also buy airtime and data for different networks, pay your school and travel fees, and send money to institutions like churches and universities registered on the app. 

You can pay out invoices for all monetary transactions if you run a business.

No need to carry cash or a card when making bill payments anymore! With the convenience of PalmPay, you can pay your bills and more with just a few taps on your phone!

2. Transfer

On the PalmPay mobile app, you can send money to different bank accounts and cash to friends and family members. Your first two transfers in a day are free, and subsequent transfers attract a fee of 10 Naira each. The app offers free transfers on Tuesdays, no matter the number, so you can make as many transfers as possible.

Transferring money between bank accounts is an important task that should be done as soon as the need arises. Luckily, PalmPay makes this process simple and efficient – you can use it to transfer funds between your bank accounts in just a few clicks! Using PalmPay means no more holding onto cash or cards – everything is handled through the palm of your hand!

3. Rewards

One of the best ways PalmPay gets its users hooked on its service is by offering them rewards. This can come in the form of points that can be redeemed for discounts or even merchandise.

Rewards on the app include:

Refer and earn:

With this feature, you can share your link to invite friends and get rewarded once they register and top up their accounts. 

10 Naira deals:

where you can buy tickets to win different cash amounts ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 Naira.


You are rewarded with Palmcoins when you visit the refer and earn page and add your avatar and bank cards. You are rewarded with extra Palmcoins when converting your Palmpoints to Palmcoins. 

Lucky Money Game:

The lucky money game allows you to send lucky money to friends. With lucky money, both you and your friends get the chance to win money. Your friend needs to accept the lucky money within 48 hours for you to play. Sending lucky money to friends is unlimited. The more friends you send to, the luckier you are.

Cash Spree:

The cash spree feature allows you to receive primary rewards of 2000 naira each. 1750 Naira is given to you for free, while the remaining 250 Naira can be gotten by inviting up to four friends to sign up on the PalmPay mobile app. You must complete your invitation target within one week (7 days) from starting your Spree to earn your reward.

Once any of your invitees sign up, you can reach the withdrawal threshold of 2000 Naira. You also earn an additional 50 Naira reward when your friends use the Flexi offer for loans. The Flexi offer will be coming up very soon.


PalmForce is a rewards program slightly different from the refer and earn program. The program allows you to earn from referring others regularly. 

With PalmForce, you earn cashback when those you invite complete any transaction. Rewards are calculated based on levels –  gold, silver and bronze. To be eligible to join PalmForce, you must have referred at least five people successfully to the PalmPay app.


You can also check in daily to receive rewards like free data and airtime.

4. Other services

Additional services that are offered on the PalmPay mobile app include:

Purchase Discounts – where you browse local stores online and get offered products and services at a discounted price or purchase in bulk to get the lowest price. It is also possible to share your link with friends so they can take advantage of the discounts as well. Offers you can purchase discounts include; data, bills, grocery, food, and airtime.

 Loans – loans and credit can also be accessed using the upcoming Flexi credit future, which allows you to get loans with little to no interest without any need for collateral.

Refunds – you also get early refunds within 2 hours for transactions up to 10,000 Naira.

Frequently asked questions

Is PalmPay legit?

Yes. PalmPay is a legitimate payment gateway that allows you to quickly and securely make online payments and purchases. It’s one of the most popular payment platforms in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Ghana. PalmPay also offers discounts for merchants who use its platform.

Does CBN approve PalmPay? 

Yes, PalmPay is an approved payment gateway by CBN. This means you can use PalmPay to make payments through your phone on Android and iOS devices. You will need to register for a free account before using the PalmPay mobile app to make transactions.

Who is PalmPay’s founder?

Gregory Reeves created the app to make financial transactions easier for people in African countries. PalmPay was first released in late 2018 and has been used by several businesses since its inception. Reeves had several successful years of corporate experience before founding PalmPay and has a background in marketing and telecoms.


If you are looking for a payment platform that allows you the ease of making transactions and purchases without any hassle, the PalmPay mobile app is an excellent option for you! It allows you to complete many transactions without needing your bank account and rewards you whenever you use any of its services.

So, if you’ve been surfing the internet for PalmPay sign-up, I believe this article has shown you how to sign-up and create and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with it.

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  1. I’m signing up newly but my verification code timed out already,how do I apply for a new one,please??

    1. Olusola David says:

      Request a new one

  2. I think palm pay is a good business

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