What is Piggyvest Interest Rate Per Month? [Unbiased Truth]

In today’s article, we will discuss “What is Piggyvest Interest Rate Per Month?” and all there’s to know about Piggyvest interest rates.

One of the habits of healthy living is to have a good investment that can serve you in times of urgent need.

Savings are important, but a good investment will take you a step further in life.

However, investing without knowing the ROI will leave you guessing what to expect at the end of your investment.

You might be looking for “Piggyvest Interest Rate Per Month” or either here to learn about Piggyvest’s investment rate to invest or to find out how it works.

You are still at the right place.

Let’s get into it!

What is Piggyvest?

Piggyvest is a fintech company that deals with savings and investment of money at the same time with reasonable returns compared to banks.

A group of well-known creative-minded people founded the fintech company.

Piggyvest’s founders are Odunayo Eweniyi, Somto Ifezue, and Joshua Chibueze.

Since the launch of Piggyvest in late 2016, it has grown into a massive, trusted fintech company in Nigeria.

With over 350,000+ users nationwide, as claimed on the Piggyvest website.

The central vision of Piggeyvest is to give you the power to manage better, and grow your finances, as stated on the official website.

Piggyvest makes saving easy because you can either manually or automatically, depending on your applied settings.

It gets more enjoyable when you discover that you can choose your saving frequency, which can be daily, weekly or monthly.

Piggyvest also has good customer support that works round the clock to protect its customers.

With Piggyvest, you can grow your savings or investment to a massive one that’s more than your wild imagination.

It’s a superb platform for everyone to save and invest the little they have.

Why You Should Use Piggyvest

There are many reasons you should invest with or save your money with Piggyvest.

They’re endless, but we will only discuss the primary and tangible reasons here.

1. Save at Ease

With Piggyvest, you can develop a well-cultured savings habit that sets you on the success part.

Unlike banks, where you can break your savings agreement anytime, Piggyvest is not like that.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get your money out if you want it at any time. You need to bear the small penalty fee.

A penalty fee is in place to promote discipline among Piggyvest users who save and make investments on the platform.

You can also save towards a goal at your own pace.

2. Emergency Needs Are Settled

Life happens, and situations present themselves now and then. Most of them are always unplanned.

Having good savings and investments helps you prepare for those trying times.

It ensures that good savings will always help no matter how challenging the situation.

3. Automated Saving

Piggyvest has an autosave feature that automatically saves money when your account is credited.

You must instruct the app on the amount and frequency to be deducted within a specific time.

With the autosave feature, you can reach your financial goals even faster.

4. Quick Savings Top-up

With Piggyvest, you can easily save money from your debit card into your savings account.

You can do that by clicking a few buttons, even though you are a beginner. You can always use Piggyvest.

It’s possible by using a quicksave option.

Remember that you are limited to saving up to #200,000 from your debit card daily.

5. Dedicated Customer Support

You will agree that good customer support differentiates failing and successful businesses.

And it would be best if you always consider this before you begin with any platform that deals with money.

Piggyvest has dedicated customer support that works round the clock to answer all your queries.

And this is an added advantage to the platform.

6. Easy Withdrawal

Savings might be easy, but what about getting your money out when you need it urgently?

It is one of the reasons why Piggyvest is ahead of its competitors.

With Piggyvest, you can make withdrawals within a space of minutes. Withdrawals are automated.

Knowing that you can withdraw anytime, set your mind at peace whenever those quick emergencies occur.

Piggyvest Interest Rate

So, let’s talk about the main subject, “Piggyvest Interest Rate”.

Piggybank Interest Rate

The Piggybank is the main feature of the Piggyvest.

With Piggybank, you can save automatically daily, weekly or monthly.

Piggyvest offers free withdrawals on designed days for this plan. It is put in place to ensure discipline in your savings.

With Piggybank, you will be offered automatic access to credit lines to meet up with serious emergencies.

This feature will also help to build savings discipline. 

So, if you have been looking to build up savings, this is an excellent opportunity.

You are entitled to 10% annually, which is paid every month in your Piggybank account.

Safelock Interest Rate

I love this exciting feature about Piggyvest called “Safelock”.

Interestingly, you can use it to save money aside for a specific period without tempering your regular savings.

You can easily consider this savings plan as a fixed saving deposit account you open in a regular bank.

You can either save all your money or part of your money for 100 days.

With this plan, you will be able to curb the temptation that tempts you to touch money unnecessarily.

You can earn as much as a 13% interest rate annually, and it’s paid upfront.

The ROI is paid immediately after the investment is made.

Targets Interest Rate

This plan is designed to help you meet a specific target or goal.

If you have been looking at how to buy your dream car, build your dream house or even go on that expensive vacation.

Then this plan is for you as it offers all you will ever need to meet up with your target.

You are entitled to 9% annually for saving on this plan.

Flex Naira Interest Rate

Flex Naira is a flexible naira wallet that is designed for you to save for emergency expenses and withdraw at any time for free.

Consider Flex Naira like a warehouse where you save money in categories based on your goals.

Recently, Piggyvest also introduced a feature called “Labels”.

The labels help you categorically name your food, house rent, school fees, and the like.

You are entitled to up to an 8% interest rate per annual for this plan. The interest rate return is low because it’s a flexible account.

Flex Dollar Interest Rate

The flex dollar is designed to protect your money from the devaluation of currency and beat inflation of the currency.

What it means is that you can convert your naira to the dollar within the Piggyvest app.

The best part is that you can convert from naira to dollar within minutes.

With this plan, you can earn an interest rate of up to 7% annually just to let your dollar sit down in your flex dollar account.

Investify Interest Rate

Investify is an investment opportunity where other Piggyvest users join you to co-invest in well-vetted projects and fantastic investment opportunities.

Investment opportunities here deal with real businesses in the brick-and-mortar world.

Real estate, restaurants, credit financing, cashew nut, cassava farm, maize farm, etc., are good examples of investment opportunities.

A unit of share on this investment opportunity is N5000; you can buy as much as possible. 

If you buy ten units of a particular share, that is N50,000.

The returns you get on investment depend on how well the project does shortly.

You can also own part of real estate, a piece of land, or an apartment, or you will be collecting rent yearly.

How to withdraw Piggyvest interest

So, let’s talk about how to Withdraw Piggyvest’s interest rate, which is the most crucial aspect of it all.

Some of the withdrawal processes are nearly the same. As a result, I’ll be talking about one in-depth while you can replicate the steps for others.

I’ll still tell you all you need to know about each when I get there.

So, let’s start.

Flex Naira

I have decided to use the flex naira since it’s the type of account you can use to run your day-to-day activities as they occur.

Let’s get into it!

The first thing you need to do is to log in to your Piggyvest account and head over to your savings dashboard.

After that, click on Flex Naira, as you can see below.

what is piggyvest interest rate

On the next page, you will be shown your available balance. To withdraw, you need to stroll down.

At the bottom, you will see withdraw there, as you can see below.

Click withdraw

Click on it, and you will be asked if you want to withdraw to either Pocket App by Piggvest or into a bank account.

Select destination

Select “Withdraw to Bank.” You will be asked to either add an account or fill in your info like the one below.

Withdraw to bank

After filling in the info appropriately, click “Withdraw Now,” and your funds will arrive in your bank account within minutes.


Four days are designed for free withdrawals here; if you withdraw one of these days, it will be free.

But if you need to withdraw apart from these four days based on an emergency, you will need to pay the withdrawal fee.

The withdrawal process is the same as that of Flex Naira, so you can use that to withdraw your money.


If you want to withdraw from the target, you need to wait for the months you have agreed to save your money complete.

After the completion, you can visit your savings dashboard to follow the same process to withdraw your money.

If you need to withdraw before the due date, then a 5% fee for breaking the rule applies.


Safelock withdrawal is similar to target because you will lock your money for a specific period.

Once it’s due, follow the same process above to withdraw your money.

Flex Dollar

For the flex, access your savings dashboard, click on Flex Dollar, scroll down, and click “Pay to bank”.

Flex Dollar withdrawal

A page will pop up there after asking you to select the destination of the money and also fill in the bank info.

After filling in, click “TAP TO PREVIEW” to view the info you have supplied to Piggyvest.

Request deposit

After confirming everything is correct, click withdraw now, and your withdrawal will be attended to shortly.


Before you can make a withdrawal here, your investment must have matured.

If you feel like any of your investment is matured, and you are ready to get the money out.

Login to your Piggyvest account and click on invest on the homepage.

Then click matured to see the one that is available for withdrawal.

Investify withdrawal

Once you find one available, follow the flex dollar process to withdraw your money.


Piggyvest is an incredible savings and investment platform for all categories of people.

And as you can see, the interest rates and returns on investment are fantastic compared to banks.

It would be best to start small and grow very big from there.

Remember the famous saying, “A drop of water can make an ocean” 500# in a week will be reasonable one day.

By cultivating the act of savings regularly, you can improve your living standard, have a healthier life, and be more prepared for a sunny day.

With that, we have reached the end of “What is Piggyvest Interest Rate Per Month”.

Do you have any questions? Let me hear you out in the comment section below.

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