Top 15 sites that pay for watching videos in Nigeria [Ranked & Reviewed]

In this article, you will learn the top sites that pay for watching videos in Nigeria.

Would you believe it if I told you that you could earn from something as easy as watching a video?

When vibing to that song on YouTube, you could simultaneously be making some good money.

It might not be convincing, but the truth is a lot of people like you are making huge bucks just for watching videos. Yes, you heard it right, watching videos, I said.

This post covers the top 15 sites where you can watch videos and get paid. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive right in.

Top 15 sites that pay for watching videos

Here’s the list of sites that pay for watching videos.

1. InstaGC

Sites that pay for watching videos in Nigeria- InstaGC


InstaGC is an online platform that pays you for completing online activities. Its wide range of topics and fast payout processing make it an excellent resource for everyone. 

Plus, with trending videos being added regularly, there’s always something interesting to watch! 

You are not restricted to watching videos; you can also search the web, shop online, and quickly redeem your points and get gift cards.

There are over 320 different types of gift cards available. The signup process is easy and can be done on the website using your email address.

You earn points for whatever tasks you complete, converting them into dollars for payment.

Payment method:

You can receive payment through different gift cards and also a Paypal withdrawal.

Learn how to withdraw PayPal funds in Nigeria here.

2. AdWallet

Sites that pay for watching videos in Nigeria- AdWallet


AdWallet is an online platform that allows you to get rewarded for watching videos you love. It is one the top sites that pay for watching videos.

The videos are handpicked for you, so you watch what interests you, plus you get to receive a text whenever it is time to watch a new video.

You get rewarded with up to $3 per video you watch and can also earn $1 for every new friend who signs up. Withdrawal is enabled once you reach a minimum threshold of $10.

AdWallet is an excellent site for finding and watching videos without spending money. You can easily find what you need thanks to its user-friendly design.

You can also earn rewards by referring friends to the site, watching viral videos, or reading articles on different topics.

Sign-up is straightforward as you use your email address and phone number. Before signing up on the platform, you must be at least thirteen years old.

Payment method:

You can withdraw your rewards using different payment methods. Some of them are Mastercard, Prepaid card, eGift cards, and donations.

3. InboxDollars

Sites that pay for watching videos in Nigeria- InboxDollars


Another popular platform is InboxDollars. This platform pays you for watching videos like television programs, movies, and even advertisements.

You can also earn additional money by taking surveys, reading short emails, and using their website for cashback shopping.  These videos are only available to watch on a desktop computer and not on the app.

Upon signing up, you get a $5 bonus – which you cannot use immediately unless you reach a minimum payout threshold of $30. If you enjoy shopping online and taking short surveys, then you will be able to earn faster compared to watching videos only.

Payment Method:

You get paid through transfers to your Paypal account or with Amazon, Sephora, Starbucks, and Home Depot gift cards. 

4. Swagbucks

Sites that pay for watching videos in Nigeria- Swagbucks


One of the largest and most famous of all sites is Swagbucks. It has paid out over 450 million and still counting on many platform members.

You watch videos to earn points known as SBs. These SBs are converted to the dollar equivalent and can be withdrawn at any time. You do not need to reach a minimum withdrawal threshold before cashing out, meaning you can withdraw whenever you want at whatever amount.

There are numerous ways from which you can earn money on the site. You can complete simple tasks: watching videos on different topics, completing short surveys, and cashback shopping.

On signing up, you get a $10 bonus if you spend $25 or more in the Swagbucks shop. If you only wish to watch videos, you have no signup bonus. Not to worry, you could still earn from completing other tasks.

Payment Methods:

Payment options include gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, and Target. You can also get paid using Paypal cash, i.e., money can be sent to your Paypal account.

5. MyPoints



As the name suggests, MyPoints pays you points to watch videos, take surveys, play games, and print coupons. The possibilities for you are endless.

MyPoints has two apps – the MyPoints mobile app and the Daily Scoop app. The former can be used for various tasks – watching videos is included, while the latter is dedicated to watching videos only.

If you wish to watch videos and complete other tasks to earn money, then the MyPoints app might be the perfect option. On the other hand, if you wish to watch videos only, you would love the Daily Scoop app, which is restrictive as you will earn less and be compelled to use your phone.

You can earn a Signup bonus of $10 when you spend at least $20 shopping on the MyPoints cash-back portal. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $3, which you can easily earn by completing a single task.

Payment Methods:

Payment methods for both Mypoints platforms include redeemable gift cards and Paypal transfers to your account.

6. Nielsen Mobile


Nielson computer & mobile panel is a site and free rewards program where you get paid to do the things you enjoy,  like watching videos, surfing the web, and reading emails. You can watch your favourite tv series and play games. 

It has various categories, including entertainment, news, and lifestyle. You can make money watching videos on your desktop or mobile device.

You are allowed to choose videos you wish to watch, as well as conduct research on any topic to get paid.

To sign up on the site, you must provide your email address and name as mandatory requirements. You will also need to be up to 18 years of age before participating in the site.

Payment Methods:

You can earn money through PayPal or gift cards like iTunes, Amazon, or Walmart.

Want to withdraw PayPal funds? Learn how here.

7. Earnably

Sites that pay for watching videos in Nigeria- Earnably


On Earnably, you complete simple tasks and earn points. You will have to complete tasks on their partner tv called Hideout tv and then transfer the points you have earned to your Earnably account.

You can earn an average of $3 per hour to complete the simplest tasks. There are many good reasons to be a member of the Earnably community. It is one of the best ways to make money online. You’re sure to find something that suits your needs and interests.

Secondly, it’s an easy way for you to make some extra cash without any stress or hassle – no need for complicated procedures or long hours spent online!

Payment Methods:

Payment methods include Paypal payments, cryptocurrencies, gift cards for different retailers, and Visa cards.

8. Fusioncash

Sites that pay for watching videos in Nigeria- FusionCash


FusionCash is another excellent option you might want to consider. The site allows its users to get paid for watching videos, taking surveys, referring friends, clicking advertisements, and even listening to music.

This website offers a wide range of content, including videos on various health, finance, and home improvement topics. You can also choose from various payment options (including PayPal), making it easy to earn money while watching what interests you.

As a bonus, reviews from users indicate that this site offers excellent value for money.

Once you sign up on the platform, you get a signup bonus of $5. 

With the correct form of consistency, you can earn at least $5 per hour and can also earn for referring others when they complete their signup, confirm their emails, and complete offers.

Payment Methods:

Fusioncash does not offer gift cards as a payment option but offers Paypal transfers, cheques, and direct deposits.

9. Gift Hunter Club

Gift Hunter Club


Do you love spending time online but hate feeling guilty about it? Then the gift hunter club is the perfect site for you! This site allows you to earn rewards for watching videos, including cash and gift cards! 

It is also an excellent site for online shoppers as it offers easy and convenient payments and plenty of rewards and discounts on selected products. 

It also has an extensive video library that members can browse and rate before purchasing. 

This helps provide users with unbiased reviews that can help them make the best decision when purchasing any gift online.

There are many different types of videos to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that interests you. 

Plus, the site is easy to use and fun to explore, so you’ll be hooked from the start. So go ahead and watch some videos – it might just be the best gift you ever gave to yourself!

Payment Methods:

Payment methods include Paypal transfers, Visa and Gift cards, and many in-game currencies.

10. GrabPoints



If you’re a fan of videos, then GrabPoints is the online platform. You can earn points by liking and commenting on videos and watching them for long periods. 

The more points you have, the bigger the rewards are – from clothes to gadgets! 

It also has various videos to choose from, including commercials and movies. So whether your taste runs towards comedy or drama, there’s sure to be something that suits you. 

And best of all? It’s easy enough for anyone to get started with GrabPoints – so why not give it a try today?

Payments are made instantly after videos are watched, so there’s no need to wait for traditional online payments to arrive. 

Points can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, and more – making it an ideal choice for people who want convenience when shopping online. 

Plus, exclusive offers are available for GrabPoints members – giving you even more reasons to sign up!

Payment Methods:

Payment methods include Paypal. You can also choose to get gift cards with your money.

11. iRazoo



iRazoo is another platform where you can get paid to watch videos online. You can earn points by watching videos featured by certain partners on their websites. 

Additionally, you can earn by taking surveys, downloading apps, and even playing games.

The website is also refreshed daily for new videos, so you can check for new videos, short films, app trailers, movie reviews, and cooking trailers.

You can also earn from sharing opinions and up to 100 free points for signing up.

If you’re looking for a way to make money from the comfort of your home, then iRazoo is perfect! 

You can watch short or long videos, depending on the category that interests you. The site is also straightforward to use, and there are no charges until you make a profit. 

Plus, there’s always something new happening on iRazoo, so watching videos remains interesting and exciting! 

From travel to tech advice, health tips, and more – there’s sure to be a video relevant to your interests. What are you waiting for? Start making money today with IRazoo!

Payment Methods:

On the platform, you can redeem your points for Paypal cash or gift cards.

12. Kashkick


Kashkick is a website that pays users to watch videos. It has an extensive collection of videos that cater to different interests, from cooking and DIY tips to travel guides and tech tutorials. It’s easy to use and can be accessed from any device – making it perfect for on-the-go activities.

The site is also easy to navigate and explore and might be the perfect option for you if you are a beginner! 

This site offers flexible payment options, like Paypal. You can also find videos from other users and make money by uploading your videos or using search results to choose high-quality content.

Payment Methods:

The site’s only payment method is PayPal transfers.

13. QuickRewards



There’s no doubt that videos are one of the most popular content types on the internet. So, it’s no surprise that sites like QuickRewards are popular too. QuickRewards is a site that rewards users for watching videos. 

You can make money simply by watching videos online – no extra work is required. Payments are usually made within minutes of the video being watched, so it’s an easy way for you to get started.

With tons of different categories to choose from and an app and website for easy redemption, it’s no wonder this site enjoys such a high level of popularity. 

From movie buffs to gamers, there’s sure to be something here that appeals to you! And if that isn’t enough, you can earn cashback on your spending! That way, even small expenses turn into rewarding experiences.

Payment Methods:

The only payment method is through Paypal transfers.

14. SuccessBux



SuccessBux is another platform where you can get paid for watching videos, answering surveys, and referring friends to the platform. It is an excellent option for beginners to earn money online as you can easily navigate the platform.

It is a great site that offers users unique and easy ways to make money. Simply watching videos or completing simple tasks, users can earn cash and points, which can be used for future payments or products on the site. 

There are many different categories to choose from, making it suitable for people of all interests. Additionally, there is no need to register or verify your identity – everything happens automatically by the site’s security system. 

The best part? It’s a highly user-friendly platform that provides fast and easy earnings without putting too much effort into it!

Payment Methods:

Payment methods include PayPal and SolidTrust pay.

15. PrizeRebel



The last on our list of sites that pay for watching videos is PrizeRebel.

PrizeRebel is a site that allows users to earn rewards for watching videos. Registered users can start earning rewards by registering and following simple rules. 

Many prizes are available on PrizeRebel, including electronics, travel trips, and much more!

PrizeRebel is a great online platform that offers users an easy way to make money. 

They offer instant payments and cashback on purchases through their partner program. Their vast selection of genres means there’s something for everyone, and they’re one of the quickest ways to earn money online.

Payment Methods:

Payment methods are through Paypal transfers and gift cards.

Create and withdraw funds from PayPal. Learn how here.

Sites that pay for watching videos: Conclusion

So that’s our list of the top sites that pay you for watching videos in Nigeria. Remember that signing up on these sites is free, so you will not need to spend a single naira before joining them.

You should join 3-5 sites to maximise your earning potential. The more videos you watch, the more money you earn.

This is a simple way to make money online in Nigeria, aside from popular models like blogging or affiliate marketing.

Signup for any of these sites and see the numerous benefits that come with it.

This brings us to the end of this post. If you have questions, drop them in the comments below.

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