17 Top FREE Business Listing Directories & Sites in Nigeria

What else could be the reason why you’re searching for free business listing directories or sites in Nigeria?

Nothing but increasing your online presence, gaining visibility, getting seen through search engines, acquiring more customers or clients and the bottom line of it all making sales.


As a local business owner, you definitely need to explore and find great ways to promote and market your business online in order to reach more eyes.

Some of these methods either require massive work upfront, huge marketing budget, time, patience and dedication.

Sometimes the strategies and processes involved can be quite overwhelming and intimidating.

I’ve been there.

Fortunately, one of the ways I’ve seen anyone with a limited marketing budget and little experience can get their business out there is through listing their local business in business directories.

Yes, you can list your business on these business listing websites or directories for free.

That’s what this post is all about.

We shall take a look at 17 business listing sites and directories in Nigeria, you can quickly get your business details on today for potential customer attraction.

Let’s go!


17 Business Listing Sites and Directories in Nigeria For Business owners

Here is my list of business listing sites (free and paid) in Nigeria:

#1: VConnect


Our first business listing site in Nigeria is Vconnect.

From their official page:

Vconnect was born out of a necessity to help create connections that count between businesses and customers looking for their services. As such, Vconnect helps businesses gain access to ready-to-buy customers and also helps customers save time, save money and to hire trusted service professionals.

From my research, I discovered that this is one of the largest business directory websites in Nigeria.

Read this post on how to register and to list your business on Vconnect in order to start getting millions of people noticing your services or products.


#2: Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business is a worldwide known free business listing service that allows your business or company’s’ complete details to be output by Google in search results when people in need of your services perform a search.

To me, it is a must for every business owner to get their business space on Google My Business. In fact, this should be the first business listing platform you should be on.

You know why?

Because GMB is Google’s own service. So, I guess you already know what that means right?

When people search for localized keywords for products or services on Google – they’re presented with relevant local business results. And this is where your business shows up.

For example:

Let’s assume you’re new to Ikeja, Lagos and/or looking the “best restaurant in Ikeja”

Then you perform the search which returned the below results:

That’s just one of the awesome benefits of GMB.

Getting your business listed for free on Google My Business can be pretty tricky at times, but that shouldn’t bother you much. Read this guide on how properly configure and get your business listed on Google.


#3: Finelib

Finelib is known as a Nigeria listing Directory and business search engine for business owners. The aim of Finelib is to help business owners who need customers to find their customers locally within Nigeria.

All you have to add your business for free or recommend a business to be added. It has a few features you can explore. Especially the built-in search engine visitors can use in locating whatever they’re in of, even in different states and categories.

For example:

I checked out that of Lagos local directory from the states, and it brought the different industries.

The city directory of Lagos with online listing of local businesses, areas streets, organizations or institutions and their website, telephone numbers or location. You can find relevant information in Lagos or list your business for free.

You can dig deeper to see the full information and businesses contained in each industry. Users can also drop a review of your business.


#4: Facebook Business Page

Even though the Facebook algorithm for showing posts on business pages has totally died. Meaning, no matter the number page likes you have your business page posts won’t be shown to your fans as it should be.

Unless you’ve accumulated tens and thousands of followers – then only a tiny portion of those will be able to see your updates.

Don’t be discouraged.

As that does not mean you shouldn’t create your own Facebook business page.

Apart from using it for ads which are, of course, Facebooks’ aim – make money – there’s a huge potential, still for you as a business owner to list your business details on there.

You can use this leverage to list your local business – adding an address, phone number, and other of your details.

More authority, credibility, and trust in the eyes of your prospects.


#5: Nigeria Business Directory (businesslist.com.ng)

Nigeria Business Directory is another popular business listing in Nigeria that helps gives you visibility for more potential customers and traffic that ultimately leads to sales.

With the help of Businesslist.com you’d be able to get reviews, grow your business, increase reputation, and skyrocket brand awareness online.

All that is required are your business details – company name, address, website, phone number, business description, and photos.


#6: Nigeria Directory (directory.org.ng)

Nigeria Directory is a free business listing website in Nigeria and for Nigerian businesses, where you can list submit every of your business details to attract more customers.

The registration and listing process is pretty easy as most of the business directory on this list. Just make sure you select the appropriate and a right number of the category required and add a very detailed description.


#7: NG Contacts

Another free business listing website or directory search engine on our list is NG Contacts.

According to NG Contacts:

NG Contacts is database with profiles and contacts of companies and businesses in Nigeria. It also has details contacts of company executives in various companies and organizations in Nigeria. NG Contacts is used for research and marketing, to promote your products and services and reach your customers in Nigeria and beyond. It contains addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc.

With the service of this Nigeria listing site – it’s certain that your target customers who are really in need of your products and services will find you.


#8: Connect Nigeria

Connect Nigeria is another popular online business database or directory offering information about businesses, real estate, technology, entertainment, and many more.

It lets visitors browse and search for businesses, cars, deals, events, jobs, and real estate.

Then, you for you as a business – you can signup to get your own business listed to get seen by users too.

With this listing website, it’s even easy for you to find services (and places) needed easy and fast.


#9: Yellow Pages Of Africa

This particular business directory and a search engine are a bit different from the rest of the websites above. Yellow Pages of Africa as the name sounds isn’t just a Nigerian business listing website. No.

Yes, you got it right. Africa.

They proud themselves to be the number 1 online business directory in Africa with over 150,000 companies listed on their site.

You can see that yourself when you head over to their official website. Lots of African countries on there. Including Nigeria of course.


#10: Nigeria Galleria

Nigeria Galleria is an online business directory for you to add your business and claim a listing, and at the same time a marketplace for local businesses.

Just the other websites on this list – there are different categories in the form of industries. Your own business would be added after your registration.


#11: Business Finder

Businessfinder - Nigeria Business Directory Companies

Businessfinder.ng claims to be the largest Nigeria directory to list and find top-rated verified Nigeria businesses, companies, entrepreneurs & service providers.

To find out for yourself, go set up your profile and add your business platform. Of course, you should!

And this is also a free website to get your products and services.

Businessfinder is focused on providing a quality platform for individuals, agencies, and businesses to list and find top-rated businesses and services providers in Nigeria


#12: Business Directory NG

Businessdirectory.ng a listing website and directory I discovered in the cause of writing this post. You can leverage this website to get maximum online exposure for your business by submitting a listing on their directory to reach more people.


#13: Nigeria Listing

This is another directory of Businesses in Nigeria where your potential customers can find your business and become long-term customers.

I saw quite a few other features on this free business listing website. Like the option to sell your products, search for particular products, and also filtering by categories.


 #14: Expat

Expat is a business directory and search engine with a list of companies in Nigeria, professionals, and organizations offering their products and services in Nigeria.

This one of those worldwide listing sites available in Nigeria. Expat was created in 2005 by a foreign guy named Julien Faliu and currently supports 5 languages.

And yes, you can list your business on this platform to be found locally. If possible globally.


#15: Confirmed

Top Free Business Listing - Confirmed

I also found this site while researching for this post.

According Confirmed.ng:

Confirmed is the top online business directory in Abuja that helps businesses become visible online, get traffic, improve brand awareness, generate more lead and allow users to quickly identify, learn about and connect services relevant to them.

As you can see from their about the statement – this is a yellow page, business directory or listing website for Abuja businesses. Their vision is to become the No.1 premier Abuja business directory.

From what I can see, they weren’t joking about it. They’re dominating gradually.

Such great news if you operate in Abuja.


#16: NGEX Business Directory

NGEX helps companies, organizations, and government agencies succeed with audiences in Nigeria and Nigerians as a whole.

Aside from being an online business listing website – this is a platform that provides other online services like data analytics, marketing services. All leaned towards enabling organizations to reach, engage, and understand their target audiences to the maximum.


#17:  Lagos List

The last on our list of free business directories website is Lagos List. Honestly landing on their site alone – turned me off. The design looks outdated.

But who knows?

It might actually be great on the backend. However, it’s left for you to list your business on the site.


Benefits of Having Your Business Listed on Directory Websites in Nigeria

Apart from the points we covered at the beginning of this post – there are other hidden nice benefits and importance of having your business listed on directory sites:

According to Thrivehive, they highlighted some of the benefits in this post – let’s see them:

  • Business listing amplifies your online presence
  • Business listing improve your local visibility and reach
  • Getting your business on a local business directory helps to attract new customers
  • It increases customer and prospect engagement with your business
  • It equips happy customers to spread the word (via mouth) about your business
  • Listing your business strengthens your reputation and increases brand awareness
  • It improves your SEO and ranking potential


Final Thoughts

My final note for you is that no matter the number of directories you list your business on – make sure you remain consistent with the details you provide on all of them.

This is a huge factor to consider if you want to attract customers organically to your business.

Some of the relevant information required to be congruent across all websites are:

  • Business names
  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Website link
  • Some images (where needed)
  • Business description
  • Business category

Maintaining consistency with all the above information will help you a ton in and also help you and your customers, to recognize you from afar.

So, that’s it on our list of free business listing and directory websites in Nigeria.

Got questions or maybe I omit ant? Drop them

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