How To Make Money Online With Jumia [Step By Step Guide]

In this post, I’ll be putting you through how to make money with Jumia in a way that actually works.

Chances are you’ve heard about the popular online marketplace in Nigeria called Jumia!

But do you know you can make over 6 figures with Jumia on a monthly basis?

I doubt you do. When I mean 6figures I literary mean over 500K on a monthly basis. How can you achieve this?

Well, I‘ll suggest you stick around to the end of the post to know how.

But before we get caught up with the money-making stuff with Jumia.

I think it’ll be proper if we have a little understanding of who they are and how they started. At least before the popular giant, they’ve grown to be now.

Jumia started back in 2012 with just five staff members and launched its initial website as Jumia.com.

They were initially known as “African Internet Group” an e-commerce marketplace and classified website.

They started off retailing electronics and fashion wears online as a direct competitor with Konga. But all that is a story now.

Everybody now knows Jumia as an online giant when it comes to shopping online.

So, how do we partake of the goodies?

Don’t worry, in this article, I will be sharing with us ways and how you can make money with Jumia from the comfort of your house.

All you need is a browsing device and an internet device.

How to Make Money with Jumia

As promised, below are the ways you can easily make money with Jumia.

#1: Selling Imported Products on Jumia

You probably must have heard about the mini importation business, but do you know you can make millions selling with Jumia alone?

Let me give you a brief breakdown of the mini importation business.

This business model is simply importing products from abroad mostly China at a very cheap price and sell them high in Nigeria, Kenya or Ghana.

Depending on where you want to target.

The misconception about mini importation business is that most people think you need hundreds of thousands to kick-start a mini importation business which is not always so.

You can start as low as 10k or less and makeover 200k in profits. Although the result may vary.

But that’s exactly why you need the right knowledge before starting the business.

The best part is, you don’t need to pay any money to sell the products on Jumia. It’s all free. Did I even tell you there no need for adverts?

Trust me you don’t need to leave your house or advertise to anyone.

All adverts are done by Jumia themselves. Let’s take a look at this product…

ramdom product on aliexpress

Importing that product from China is going to cost you less than 5k, as you can see from the above price!

let’s say you’ve been able to import this product, how much can you make selling them on Jumia?  The image below should give you an idea!

ramdom product on aliexpress

Imagine you were able to import 20 of this product from China and you sold just 10 in a month, that’s 150k in one month from just a single product.

Now imagine having over 20 different products on Jumia around this same price range? I’ll bet you’ll be making millions every month.


The trick to making sales on Jumia quickly is having as many products as possible. With this, hardly will you not make a sale per day!

Let me show you another product example …

ear wax product

This product only cost around #200 from China. If you’re doubting you can Google Chinese yuan to Naira …

chinese yuan to nigerian naira

As you can see … its 52 Naira per yuan! Which makes the product to be less than 200 Naira. let’s see the potential price you can sell on it on Jumia…

product shipped from overseas on jumia

As you can see the price says it all. selling just two will give you your price back and profit on it. The good thing about selling with Jumia is that you can benefit from their warehousing service.

At a cost though, but usually, peanut to the profits you’ll be making. If you’ve already known your way around mini importation business you could create a seller account with Jumia here.

#2: Making money with Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia affiliate program is another way you can make money with Jumia. How does it work?

It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is promote Jumia products with your unique affiliate link. But to do this you need to register as an affiliate. They pay up to 11% commission on any product you promote.

Did you know you can sell products on Jumia and at the same time promote the products as an affiliate to make an extra commission?

This means you’ll make your money while selling your product and at the same time, Jumia rewards you for promoting your products with an extra commission.

Interesting isn’t it? Yeah, it is!

So how can you make money with the Jumia affiliate program? You can do this in various ways. But I’ll only explain the best and proven ways to do this.

They include the following:

A Review Blog

What you need to do now is create a review blog around Jumia’s product. You could review random products, but I’ll suggest you make it a niche product.

What do I mean by niche products?

These are related products under the same category. Your review blog could be around phones, laptops etc. on Jumia.

Look for the category that interests you and write reviews or tips about the products. But make sure you include your affiliate links in the products as you mention them on your blog.

With this, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll be making with Jumia on a monthly basis.

That’s not all, as your traffic increases you could also add Google AdSense to it and make additional money with Google.

To create a review blog you’ll need a domain name and hosting account.

Luckily for you, you can get both for less than $60 using BlueHost or read my article on how to create a blog.

Affiliate Shop

Creating an Affiliate shop is another way to make money with Jumia affiliate.

Once you have a fully functional online store, go over to Jumia and add the product pictures you’ll like to showcase on your store and include your affiliate links for them to check out.

Your customers will be redirected to checkout on Jumia once they click the product on your website.

The good part is you could also sell your personal products you have on Jumia and make double money once they buy it through your affiliate link.

There are different ways to create an online store, you could either use Shopify or use WordPress. Either of the two is a good way to start an online store.

However, i don’t recommend using Shopify in building an Affiliate Shop with Jumia. This is because the monthly cost is going to be too much to bear.

The best way is just to secure a one-time hosting and domain name from Bluehost and have your affiliate shop set up.

This way, you won’t have to keep paying the monthly recurring fee every month.

These are the tested and proven ways to make money with Jumia affiliate. Don’t go about posting links on Facebook hoping someone will click your link and buy on Jumia.

Well, if you are devoted to doing that you could as well make your first 1k after 10years of sharing links on social media…lol?!

#3: Selling Your Personal Products 

Selling your personal handmade products is another way to make money with Jumia. Jumia virtually sells everything these days.

So whatever it is you have, giving it an online presence with the help of Jumia is another sure-fire way to make money from it.

Jumia enjoy millions of traffic on a monthly basis and they are not charging to create a seller’s account, it’s all free.

With this kind of traffic, there’s no way your product won’t be exposed to the larger market for free.

Luckily for you, if your product is unique, you’ll enjoy less competition leading to a much bigger income.

For example, a friend of mine sells a branded “Ponmo” (Cowhides) with the brand name “delicacy plus”.

The brand and the package he gave the product made it stand out and unique. Using Jumia is going to be a plus bonus for him and all these works on autopilot.

That is, even while he’s sleeping he can still make money.


Jumia is fast growing so the early you join the better. Soon Jumia might be competing with the likes of AliExpress, Amazon etc. Nobody can tell.

But with these tips I just shared with you, you could be on your way to making millions on a monthly basis if you’re not just reading but taking action.

However, it’s all up to you know!

But before you go, which is one is it going to be selling products with Jumia or starting an affiliate review blog?

Whichever of the two, let me hear your thought in the comment box and do well by sharing this post with your friends on social media.

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