12 SUPER Ways on How to Promote My Business Online in Nigeria

In this age, every business owner should have a means or channel of promoting their business online, especially in Nigeria.

But it’s so sad…

The majority of small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the idea of how to market and sell their products and services to millions of people spending a huge amount of their hours online.

Nigeria is the highest internet using country in Africa and among the top in the world – a lot of us can’t exploit online mediums to our advantage.

Africa number of internet users by country

Too bad if you ask me. 🙁

That’s why we had come up with this helpful post on how anyone (without marketing experience) can advertise their business online in Nigeria.

I will show you methods and sources to market your business for more sales. And also show you how to market on some of these platforms.

Also note, some of these platforms requires mastering and testing for you to be able to get the best out of them.

We didn’t go much in-depth with them due to their scope, we just showed you how they work on the surface.

But not to worry as we shall cover them individually on separate blog posts.

For now, check them out and start testing the waters. Which aren’t so deep though.

Let’s get started!

Methods to Promote Your Business Online in Nigeria

We shall cover both the free and paid business promotion strategies that work right now.

Starting with:

#1: Using Your Facebook Profile

I’m talking about organic Facebook marketing here.

How does it work?

Firstly, all you have to do optimize your profile to look professional and should tell a stranger who visits your profile what you’re all about within 2 seconds.

Get a professional headshot, a cover photo or background photo with your offers designed into it. If you have a website or blog add it to the description.

Also, add your value proposition with a CTA and a link on your bio.

I understand that most of your Facebook friends might not fall into the category of your target audience – that’s fine.

Because posting about your business on your timeline could piss them.

Well, who cares?

The truth is when you get the right people (potential customers), it’ll be a normal thing talking about your business and how it solves a need on your profile.

Facebook has gone beyond socializing or talking about the latest song or celebrity gossip in town.

Use it for business. period!

It’s okay to prune your friend list, then go into specific Facebook groups where your ideal customers are and start getting them to your profile to friend you and buy from you.

This takes us to the next one…


#2 Facebook Group

There are two types of Facebook groups you can promote your business on.

The buy and sell Facebook groups where anyone can just post about their business. Here you are less likely to get quality buyers or customers because it’s so noisy that the Facebook algorithm buries your advertisement.

Hence, no engagement.

The second type is the closed, moderated and value-driven group. This is the type of group I was referencing above in promoting using your profile.

Now, after you must have optimized your profile, these are the type of groups where you can find people in your space.

To find and join these types of groups, just use the Facebook search function, type in your niche keyword + country/region (if local).

For example, if you sell fashion wears:

fashion wears - Facebook Search

Join the groups and start interacting and sharing ideas, get known, build relationships. You’ll start attracting and getting a friend request from those within your space.

You can do the same for your industry.


#3: Quora

Quora is the world most popular question and answer site where people with problems submit their questions, then people or experts with solution provides answers.

I’ve been using Quora for quite a few years not just in building my brand and gaining authority but driving traffic to my site.

You can use Quora to promote your business as well. Just signup, search for topics within your industry, then provide answers to the ones you’re okay with.

You can link to your website or property where readers can contact you.


#4: Blogging

Blogging is one of the greatest ways to market and sell your products and services and also gain free exposure to your business while still educating thousands of people.

Fortunately, we’ve covered a lot of blogging topics on this site, our guide on starting a blog Nigeria is sure to help you start your first blog.

You might be wondering how does blogging helps in promoting my business?

The answer is:

Content marketing.

The key is identifying keywords and opportunities (in your niche) that need to be addressed through blogging. Then cover those topics while optimizing for SEO.

Followed by monetization with your services or products.

Using a fashion blog as an example, you can advertise your fashion business and also land fashion sponsorships deals.

Another money-making source, right?

Your blog is an online asset for life which attracts traffic turn readers turn leads turn sales turn customers or clients.


#5: Instagram



Instagram is the largest photo-sharing app and one of the most popular social media networks on the planet.

So, why wouldn’t you think of advertising your business on Instagram?

Although not all business type suits this platform, but still makes sense for you to build a little presence here.

If you’re into products that require a visual display and presence like, fashion wears, food, etc. Then you definitely need to be on Instagram. Full-time.


#6: YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine, is an amazing platform for those who are good on camera or skilled producing video content to showcase and market their business.

Obviously, you can make good money online via YouTube by shooting and uploading entertaining or educating clips, but it doesn’t just end there.

Just the way it works with blogging you can create videos targeting specific needs in your niche to attract buyers.


#7: Facebook Ads

Most of the tactics we’ve talked about so far have been free means of promoting your business online. Which all takes a bit more effort and time to take effect, but actually my favorite.

As methods like blogging and YouTube are evergreen.

Meaning you publish once and reap forever. As traffic comes, more leads and more customers in your business.

Advertising through Fb Ads is a nice and faster option to drive conversions if you have the cash to spend. But this method requires a few moving parts to get the best from it.


  • Becoming so good at optimizing and running converting ads
  • Know when to run for engagements, traffic conversions and retargeting
  • Complete understanding of how Facebook Ads work


#8: Google My Business (GMB)

According to Hootsuite, Google My Business is an easy and cost-effective way to make your business more discoverable both online and in real life.

By real prospects.

GMB is a free Google service that lets you as a business owner manage your business physical location and how they appear on Google search and Maps.

To show you a typical example of Google My Business in action, check it out below:

Eko hotel and suites – as you already know – is a high-class hotel located in Victoria Island, Lagos. The above screenshot is an example of GMB in action.

There are tons of benefits when you implement something like that into your own business.


#9: Email Marketing (your email list)

If you’re just getting started with online marketing, then I don’t think this method of promoting and selling your product online applies to you. Really.

You should and must have an email list before doing email marketing.

Basically, it involves sending newsletters and promotional emails and updates about your products and services. Which leads to a sale.

If you have a blog or a YouTube channel, you can build your email lists from there as you start getting visitors and viewers.


#10: WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a free mobile application that’s popular worldwide which is found on almost every average Nigerian smartphone – can serve as a marketing tool in your business – only if used well.

As of when writing this – I use WhatsApp as a channel in building my network marketing business.

I attract people from my wellness and supplement blog to a WhatsApp group to educate them about the product and the network marketing business opportunity.

As simple as that.

That’s one of the ways you too can use WhatsApp in marketing and promotion of your business.

WhatsApp also provides you with a few business features like WhatsApp for business, but to me, that doesn’t make any difference to the normal private one.

Except for the need to add further information like address, website, and some messaging stats.

Nothing more.

In using WhatsApp to advertise your business – you really need to be innovative and strategic with your approach.

Don’t spam your contact with your marketing messages. Always post about your business on your status at the right times.

None of your contacts cares about your business. Trust me.

Just evoke curiosity, employ scarcity in your messaging. Talk about the benefits and not the features of your products or services.


#11: Partner with an Influencer

I haven’t seen a lot of small business owners using this method of business promotion. It’s most common with mid-sized and large businesses.

Wondering how this works?

It works by reaching out to an influencer who’s liked, popular and has a lot of social following to help you shout out or talk about your business on his page.

With the aim of attracting and bringing more customers to your doorstep.

You have to pay them for this endorsement or shoutout. An expensive method but it works.

Have you imagined a Nigerian celebrity with over 1million following recommending your products or services in one of his videos, tweets or posts?

I tell you; your business is about to explode!

However, it doesn’t need to be a celebrity. It could be anyone with a large follower base and social engagements.


#12: Twitter


First of all, Twitter is not for everyone.

There are those who promote and talk about their businesses on Twitter do get customers. And there are those who tried it a dozen times without any success.

From my research, one of the best ways to get results on Twitter is by interacting in threads of top celebrities and influencers sharing your views and opinions.

  • Follow celebrities with a large number of followers too and engage with their contents
  • Especially those whose followers are likely to buy what you sell
  • Use trending #tags
  • Incorporate photos and videos into your own tweets, still using related hashtags
  • Don’t be shy to talk about your lifestyle and business
  • Post (once in a while) about your products in threads and don’t be afraid to ask for a retweet


Final Thoughts

As a business owner, you need more always keep your sales pipeline filled with prospects and buyers.

You know, this is what keeps you in business. No customers mean no sales, and no money made. It doesn’t have to be this, my friend.

It’s time to level up your business by learning new methods of increasing revenue and helping more souls with your products.

A lot of people need your products out there.

Most of the time, it might not be a money problem BUT rather they need to see the right solution at the right time in the right place or platform.

Unfortunately, you are nowhere to be found.

Use this guide and list as a reference guide to promoting your business in Nigeria and beyond. And help those in pain ease their problem.

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