Is chipper cash Legal? [Everything To Know]

Yes, Chipper cash is legal. It complies with all applicable laws and regulations in each jurisdiction in which it operates. 

Chipper cash is backed up by reputable companies around the globe including the eCommerce tech giant founder Jeff Bezos, the executive chairman of Amazon. 

Chipper cash has obtained the necessary licenses for its operation in most states in the US and across the African countries, it operates in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, etc. 

The fintech company has also been featured on so many reputable online platforms such as Forbes, Apple, BBC news, etc.

Chipper cash has so many branches across the country it currently operates and a dedicated customer service line that works 24/7 the day. 

These and more show the legitimacy of the company and they’re more to even backed it up. With that, the answer to the question “Is chipper cash legal?”, yes it’s.

Is chipper cash Legit?

Yes, Chipper cash is legit. It has been around for more than 8 years with over 5 million users in 9 countries it currently operates which include the US, the UK, and some African countries.

With little as one dollar, you can invest in big companies’ stocks around the world which include, Tesla, Amazon, Facebook stock, and other 1000’s stocks available on the platform.

Chipper cash also provides seamless money transfer across the African countries it operates and some advanced countries like the US and the UK.

Thus, it’s in competition with the already-established big players Wise, Money Gram, Western Union, etc.

Chipper cash also provides sales of cryptocurrency, although very few cryptocurrencies are available for sale on the platform like Doge, BTC, and ETH.

The app has a very clean beginner’s friendly user interface that you can master the whole app just by playing around it within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The best part is that it charges very low transaction fees across the platform making it accessible for both beginners and pros.

Who is the Owner of Chipper Cash?

Chipper cash founder
Chipper Cash Co-Founder

Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moualed own chipper cash – Both are African entrepreneurs and the chipper cash head office is located in San Francisco, California. 

It also has offices across its countries of operation.

The fintech startup company was able to raise $250 million in late 2021 and is currently worth over $2 billion as of the time of writing this content.

Chipper cash is gaining more popularity every day among fintech companies and we can say that it does become much bigger in the near future.

How Does Chipper Cash Work?

The scope behind how it works is simple and to really answer the question “How does chipper cash work?” will depend on what you want to do on the platform.

Let’s sighted some examples!

Firstly, if you are to send money to another country, all you need to do is to click on the send button and you will be asked if you are sending to a chipper cash user or outside chipper cash.

Click on the chipper cash user and it will bring in all the contacts on your phone that are registered with chipper cash.

Click on the recipient and you will see the currency conversion rate just like the one below.

Is chipper cash Legal?

After that, confirm the user tag and hit the send button and the money will be delivered to the user within the space of minutes provided you have enough to cover what you are sending.

If you are to pay bills, just hit the “Pay Bills” button on the home screen as shown below and you will the billers that are available on the app.


After clicking on the biller that you want to pay to, follow the prompts and you will be done in minutes.

The list of what you can do goes on and on!

Chipper Cash FAQ

Can Chipper Cash be trusted?

Yes, chipper cash can be trusted because it has been in the market for over 8 years and is backed up by so many reputable platforms, including Amazon. 

The owners are also known all over the internet, making it an added advantage to the platform.

Which bank owns Chipper Cash?

Specifically, chipper cash is not owned by any bank because it is a fintech company on its own. However, chipper cash has been backed up by many VC (Venture Capital ) banks, Rapid capitals, and SVB capitals.

As a result, we can link chipper cash to those entities as a backup bone.

Is Chipper Cash true?

Yes, chipper cash is true and legit because it has obtained all necessary licenses across the countries it currently operates. Your money is safe and secure with chipper cash.

It also has physical office spaces if you need to visit them for clarifications.

What is the Chipper Cash limit?

A newly registered user is pegged to a withdrawal of #50,000 daily and you can send #42,000 daily and you are entitled to add cash of #50,000 daily and #30,000 weekly.

Note: Limits depend on the country you are registered from and the more you use your accounts, the higher your limits become.

However, the limits of verified users are different from that of unverified users. I encourage you to check how to get your chipper cash account verified here.


As you can see chipper cash is actually legal and has obtained all necessary licenses across its countries of operation.

Chipper cash is a fintech company you can invest your money by buying stocks and still be able to sleep with your two eyes.

That is possible because the company is actually operating a real business and not any form of Ponzi scheme.

Thus, making it a game changer for those who want to tap into buying and selling of stocks across the globe.

It is also suitable and convenient for transferring money across some African countries, the US, and the UK. You can get this done just by getting a chipper cash tag of the recipient.

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