15 Best Investment Apps In Nigeria [Smart Online Savings]

In today’s post, we’ll go over the best online savings and investment apps in Nigeria to make nice extra income.

Be it long term or short term!

When we hear the word investment, the first thing that comes to mind is INTEREST and security plus a guaranteed profit in return.

There are various ways we can invest either by buying into company share, buying and selling assets, non-life insurance packages, etc.

With the advent of technology, it is no longer rocket science to engage in the act of investing with so many amazing mobile platforms available at your fingertips.

These mobile apps can assist you in saving, buying and selling of assets, investment packages and other financial engagements that can help you attain financial stability.

Most of these investment apps in Nigeria are subsidiaries of the standard banks or partnership with other financial bodies like insurance companies and pension managers.

There are very simple steps to begin your online savings journey to financial liberty with these investment apps.

This is because they are very easy to download and the registration processes are simplified plus, they have a user-friendly interface.

Bear in mind that these investment apps have 100% security just as your banks, as they are all registered with the right financial regulatory bodies in Nigeria.

So no need to fear while investing!

Investment Apps In Nigeria

That been said, now let’s take a look at them one after the other!

#1: Piggyvest

This is arguably the best and most known savings and investment app in West Africa. Piggyvest is also the first of its kind in Nigeria; it was first launched on 7th January 2016 as a savings only platform.

Piggyvest has since grown to be among the leading investment and savings app around. Its core purpose is to give everyone the power to better manage and grow their personal finances.

Piggyvest enables you to achieve financial liberty and also help you save responsibly and invest on the go.

Investing and saving with Piggyvest guarantees you a good interest rate ranging from 10-15% on saving plans, while you also stand a chance to earn over 25% return on investment.

Some of its amazing features and plans include:

  • Investify
  • Autosave
  • Safelock
  • Savings
  • Target savings
  • Piggyflex
  • Flex dollar wallet

Piggyvest is available on Android Google play store and Apple app store.


Cowrywise stands with some of the best investment platforms in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Like Piggyvest, Cowrywise has assisted so many Nigerians in saving and investing money online. With Cowrywise you can plan and automate your savings and investment toward achieving financial goals.

It comes with amazing features which make saving and investing an awesome experience. There is a guaranteed interest rate of 10% and bonuses, while saving and investing with Cowrywise.

Some of Cowrywise investment packages includes, Eurobonds, mutual funding, and other money market securities provided by third parties.

#3: ZIING.

Ziing is one of the investment apps in Nigeria that encourages savings and simplifies investment process, and it also helps you have a better control of your finances.

Zling also equips you with tools to gain financial liberty, on this mobile app you can set time bound goals and automated deduction mandates on your bank account to help you meet you set goals. You also get mouthwatering interest on your investments.


This independent investment banking firm has a service focus, covering West Africa region. It is licensed by the securities and exchange commissions of Nigeria as portfolio manager.

It delivers world class asset management services to a large range of HNI clients, and mass influence using dedicated portfolios.

Afriinvest ensures that not only do you get to meet your investment obligations; you still get to make profits online.

Their services includes, investment banking, securities, trading, investment research and asset management.


Investment one is a mobile investment platform that was incorporated into GTb asset management in 2008.

It’s a fully owned subsidiary of Guarantee trust bank; it has a valid license with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Investment one provides quality and unique business in financial services, which includes stockbroking, asset management, trust and pension fund management services.

They also give good interest rate for every investment packages you choose to engage in.

#6: ALAT

Alat is a fully digital bank, different from your regular banking operation. Everything is done from your comfort zone through the mobile app.

It is managed by Wema Bank of Nigeria plc. Alat encourages people to save more, with certain interest rates promised, it also allow customers to put mandates on their account and on every investment you can earn as much as 10% interest.

Another amazing feature is that when you register, you are given a referral code, so when you friends and families use your referral code for registering, Alat gives you #500 naira reward.

Download Alat from the Google play store, register using your BVN and fill the KYC form and start saving, investing and ear amazing rewards.


Stanbic Ibtc bank is a financial institution with base in Nigeria that engages in the provision of corperate investment business and individual banking products and solutions.

They also have various investments packages for both local and foreign investors, such package includes, wealth management products, real estate products, personal management products and financial services that include mutual funds.

Investing with Stanbic Ibtc guarantees variable interest rates that depend on the investment package you want to engage.


best investment apps in Nigeria

Just like piggyvest, this mobile investment app has an awesome user friendly interface, that allows you to save and accumulate interest, it has a guaranteed interest rate  of 10%.

Kolopay which was formerly known as “My Kolo” is aimed at reducing the hustle that comes with planning for long term goals.


best investment apps in Nigeria

This investment mobile app is a subsidiary product of ARM investment managers. They engage in pension management services as well as asset management and valuations.

Payday investment mobil app is very interesting to use, it also guarantees a good interest rate over a good period of time.


best investment apps in Nigeria

This mobile platform is a subsidiary of first bank holding company and asset management. It allows you to open and manage a mutual fund account.

You can also track your investments chart flows and you get a good interest depending on your investment packages.

#11: TROVE

best investment apps in Nigeria

Trove is an investment app That enable you to invest in countries like China, USA and Nigerian stock, and government bonds with a little as #1000.

With a times invest feature, you can make investing a habit.

In addition to this, the app is easy to use tool that enables you to keep track of all your investment. Plus investment tips that will help you grow confidence as an investor.

Trove uses a bank graded security to protect your personal information, so you can put in your information and your mind will be at rest. It is available on Google play store, and Apple app store.


best investment apps in Nigeria

Thrive Agric is also one of the best investing apps in Nigeria making waves. If you want to grow your funds while empowering farmers and driving agriculture, Thrive Agric is the real deal.

Thrive Agric is an agriculture business platform that helps the world’s biggest challenge; matching food production with rising population.

Without lifting a cutlass, Thrive Agric helps you retain the title “FARMER”. You can fund any of Thrive Agric available farms and allow them farm in your stead.

In addition, Thrive Agric gives you detailed updates of the activities on your farm, from growth stages through harvest. The interesting part is that you get up to 25% profit at the completion of the farming cycle.

All you need to do is go on Google play store or Apple app store, download thrive farms, register, choose a farm, invest, get updates and returns.


best investment apps in Nigeria

Carbon, which was formerly known as “Paylater” is an investing app that helps you gain control of your finances.

The app allows you to earn up to 16% annually by investing in PayVest, Carbon’s high-interest investment plan. It’s one of the oldest short term loan Mobile App in Nigeria.

Additionally, this app serves other purpose such as: getting instant short term loans for your urgent needs and recharging airtime on your mobile phone.

It is available on the Google play store and also on the Apple App store.


We know we want to be sure and know what platforms we are investing or saving our money. Now you can pick any of these apps and put your funds.

Now that you have this information about them, they will help assist you in attaining your long term goals and financial freedom.

One fantastic feature of these mobile platforms is that they give you a good interest rate on your money as you are trying to meet your laid down goal.

So your money is not just secured, it grows too. I think this is a wonderful advantage you will love to enjoy.

After downloading these apps you will be instructed to feel in your personal details, which may include your bank information.

There is no need to panic, as these apps are licensed with the appropriate financial commissions such as securities exchange commissions.

This gives you a guarantee that your money and information are secured 100% with them. However, over time we’ve discovered that PiggyInvest and Cowrywise are the most popular.

Let us know your choice using the comment section!

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