Chipper Cash Registration: How to Create a Chipper Cash Account

In today’s post, I’ll walk you through the Chipper Cash registration process and show you step by step on how to create a chipper cash account for yourself if you want one. The Chipper cash App is a fintech company that helps you move money abroad without you having to leave your bedroom. It’s that convenient trust me! This fintech company also provides sales of popular company stock shares which is part of the reasons why it is gaining momentum fast.

Chipper cash brings solutions to businesses who want to receive payments globally and in-store.

The App helps with paying of bills at your convenience and also make the payment fast. What’s even better is the interface; very easy to use and navigate. A complete newbie can easily use it.

Who would not want to have such a great app?, like I mean everyone will want to use it.

The problem is that you obviously can’t use the app to your satisfaction if you don’t have an account already and aren’t a verified user… yea? This is why we created this post on how to create a chipper cash account to provide you with easy access to the platform. Let’s get started, shall we?

What Is Chipper Cash?

Chipper cash is a fintech company that is backed up by venture-capital entities that deal with the sales of stocks and provide cross-border payments in parts of African countries, the US, and the UK.

Chipper cash provides solutions for businesses and merchants that want to process online payments and in-store payments, locally and internationally.

The fintech company enables you to invest in stocks globally with over 1000 popular companies’ stocks available for sale on the platform.

Chipper cash gives free and instant peer-to-peer cross-border payments in some parts of African countries, including the US and the UK.

With chipper cash, you can pay all your utility bills within a period of minutes. This is possible because chipper cash has an easy and beginner-friendly user interface.

In addition, you can buy cryptocurrencies on the platform but very few cryptocurrencies are available for sale as of the time of writing this content.

How To Create A Chipper Cash Account

Here, I’ll be walking you through a simple guide on how to register a chipper cash account from the beginning to the end. Let’s start!

Chipper Cash Registration: Step #1

The first thing you want to do now is head over to CHIPPERCASH.COM to create a free account for yourself.
Chipper Cash Once you’ve registered an account for yourself, Install the app on your mobile phone and let’s go through how to set it up on your mobile phone. After it has been successfully installed on your mobile device, the next thing you need to do is to launch the app. Upon successfully launching the app, you will be redirected to the homepage with the tag “Welcome to Chipper”. You will have two options, either to log in to an existing account or create a new one. Since you are just starting out with chipper cash, click on the “open free account” or click log in if your account has been successfully created.
Chipper cash homepage
The next page, will ask you to sign up with either an email or phone number, by default, we have a phone option but you can easily switch by clicking on the “Use Email” button on the left-hand side. Now, put it your email or phone number and click next as you can see below.
chipper cash sign-up 2

Chipper Cash Registration: Step #2

A 6-digit code will be sent to the number or email, get the code and put it on the box provided for that by chipper cash. It will automatically verify if the code is correct and the next page will ask you to select your primary purpose for using the app. You have an option to select 1 minimum and 3 max. I personally selected 3 options as you can see below.
primary purpose for using chipper cash
After your selections, click on next and the next page will ask you to put your legal name as it appears on your government-issued ID. You actually need to put the correct names as they appear so that it won’t affect you when you want to get your account verified. Put the accurate names and click next then you will need to supply your birthday date on the next page. Upon successfully supplying your birthday date, the next page will ask you to supply your chipper tag. The chipper tag is your identity on the platform. You can also refer to this as a username that you supply when you open your social media accounts.

Chipper Cash Registration: Step #3

After that, click next and you will be asked to put in your current home address if you don’t want to type this. Just click on “Use my Phone Location” as shown below and the address will be filled up. You on the other hand need to confirm if everything is correct and click on the Next button.
On the next page, you will be asked to put in your nationality, the city, and the gender that is on your ID like the one below, and click on next after supplying that.
The next page will ask for your unique 4-digit pin, put in that, and confirm it by typing it again. The next page will ask if you want to add additional security methods like fingerprint or face ID unlocked. You either click enabled or click “Not Now” and the next page will show you a welcome message. Boom, you have successfully created a chipper cash account but it is not verified yet.

How To Verify Your Chipper Cash Account Easily

The first thing you need to do is to log in to your account and click on the profile icon at the top left-hand of the app, just like the one below.
How to verify chipper cash account - 1
Then, you need to stroll down to the bottom of the profile and click on “Get Verified”. The next page will show you the benefits you stand to gain if you verify your chipper cash account. Hit the “Verify My Account” button and the next page will ask you to take a selfie within the app. This is for chipper cash to confirm who you claimed to be.
Hit “let’s do it” and follow the instructions while positioning your face on the camera. After your selfie has been uploaded successfully, you will get a message that says “Thanks, you’re good to go”. Click the next button and the next page will ask you to input your identity number. For example, if you are verifying in Nigeria, you will be asked for your BVN (Bank Verification Number). If it is the US, you will be asked for your SSN (Social Security Number) and the list goes on like that. Input the one that is requested from you and then you will get a message that says “Thanks for your submission”. Give the team some minutes to review your information. You will be notified by email that verification is successful if everything has been done correctly.

How To Create a Chipper Cash Account: Summary

As you can see, that’s all there is to creating and verifying your Chipper Cash account. The app offers so much functionality as it also makes it possible to invest and make money. Creating your chipper cash account shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes except when you’re trying to verify your accounts. The verification process usually takes around 24 hours to be fully verified. Perhaps you have further questions on how to create your Chipper Cash account pls feel free to use the comment section and I’ll get back to you immediately
Click Here To Create Your Chipper Cash Account 

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