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How To Promote Expertnaire Products [Make 500k Monthly]

It’s one thing to join Expertnaire and another to know how to promote Expertnaire products.

In this article, we will learn one of the most vital components of succeeding as an Expertnaire affiliate.

If you’re on this page, it means you already know what Expertnaire is, but if you don’t know what Expertnaire is, I recommend you read our comprehensive guide on Expertnaire.

If you an Expertnaire affiliate but still need help generating sales consistently, kindly pay attention to everything in this article. 

The techniques and strategies outlined here have helped me to generate thousands of dollars in revenue from various affiliate marketing programs. I will make this guide as beginner-friendly as possible.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


  1. Top 6 ways to promote Expertnaire products
    1. 1. Instagram marketing
      1. How can I use Instagram to promote Expertnaire products?
      2. Step 1: Create an account
      3. Step 2: Optimise your account
      4. Step 3: Create a content strategy.
      5. Step 4: Use Instagram stories
      6. Step 5: Create lots of reels. 
      7. Step 6: Work with Instagram influencers.
    2. 2. TikTok marketing
      1. How to use TikTok marketing to promote Expertnaire products
      2. Step 1: Create a business account.
      3. Step 1: Research trends.
      4. Step 2: Participate in TikTok challenges.
      5. Step 3: Use the right hashtags.
      6. Step 4: User-generated content.
      7. Step 5: Advertise on TikTok.
    3. 3. Twitter marketing
    4. 3. Starting a blog
    5. 4. Starting a YouTube channel
    6. 5. Facebook & Instagram ads
    7. 6. Build an email list.
  2. Summary on how to promote Expertnaire products.
  3. Top-selling products on Expertnaire
    1. 1. 72 IG program
    2. 2. Amazon KDP For Smartphones
    3. 3. Amazon KDP Passive Income Generator
    4. 4. High Paid Freelancer Premium Program
    5. 5. The No Hassle Naija To Canada Japa System.
  4. Final thoughts

Top 6 ways to promote Expertnaire products

So, having been in the make-money-online space for a good number of years, I’ve outlined the 6 top ways you can promote Expertnaire products:

1. Instagram marketing

The first on our list is Instagram marketing. Instagram has long been a prominent force in social media marketing. 

Instagram has developed and evolved at a similar rate to Facebook in recent years, quickly embracing new features (like Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels) and becoming even more beneficial to merchants and users alike.

How can I use Instagram to promote Expertnaire products?

To promote Expertnaire products on Expertnaire, take the following steps:

Step 1: Create an account

The first step is to create an Instagram business account or creator account. This will enable you to manage your business and brands more effectively than your personal Instagram account.

Step 2: Optimise your account

You need to optimise your Instagram account; this is a great start to kickstart your Instagram account to the next level.

To optimise your Instagram account, You must include your contact information, have a keyword-optimized description (and includes emojis!), and select an instantly recognisable profile photo.

When optimising your account need to include clickable hashtags on your account; you may now add these to your profile description by typing (#) followed by the phrase you want to use, exactly like on an Instagram post. 

Concentrating on your branded hashtag may create a community for you and discover material others have written about you.

You need a clickable profile link; There are numerous ways to use this. You can display your items and online business with just one link by creating a “link in bio” page. Your Instagram bio may now include clickable links to other users. You can utilise a clickable link to send visitors to Expertnaire product/sales pages.

When optimising your account, you need to add a call-to-action button to your profile that directs followers to click the link on your bio. Remember, this link must be your Expertnaire affiliate link.

You can take advantage of various “link in bio” software like Linktree that can allow you to add multiple links to your bio. 

Step 3: Create a content strategy.

This is where the “real” promotion starts. The right content strategy will help you succeed on Instagram.

So, the big question is; “how do I create a content strategy that works?”.

It’s not that difficult. You need to know your audience. This is key to ensuring you succeed.

Since all Expertnaire’s products are digital, you should know that you’re selling to a younger demographic, let’s say, aged between 25-40. 

Creating content for young people would require a different approach to creating content for an older audience.

The type of content you will create is highly dependent on the product you’re promoting.

Let’s assume you are promoting the 72IG implementation program by Toyin Omotoso. The program is a beginner’s type of course on making money online.

Your content strategy should revolve around how to make money online. It’s that simple.

Ideally, you should group your content into categories. For the “how to make money online” niche, we could group our content into: 

So, your job is to create content around these topics and share it on your Instagram page. 

Another way to view it is to think of content your audience would be searching for online and create content around it.

Step 4: Use Instagram stories

You may get user-generated material from Instagram Stories in several different ways. You could, for instance, include calls to action asking customers to upload photos of their most recent purchases or use poll stickers to solicit feedback and produce instant social proof.

Step 5: Create lots of reels.

As of the time of this post, Instagram users creating reels regularly are crushing it. Consider reels as an “organic form of sponsored ads”.

The amount of views you get for each reel is insane. Instagram wants users to create short-form videos in response to Tiktok.

If you took the time in mapping out your content strategy, you simply need to create lots of reels to get exposure.

The more exposure you get the faster your chances of getting sales.

The best part about reels is that people don’t expect overly stylised or elaborately produced videos. You just need to be yourself and create helpful content for people.

Step 6: Work with Instagram influencers.

In exchange for free goods, or cash, Instagram influencers will recommend your product to highly engaged audiences who trust what they endorse. It is one of the fastest ways to grow on Instagram and amass sales.

2. TikTok marketing

The second method on our list of how to promote Expertnaire’s products is TikTok marketing 

TikTok began as a medium to share amusing short films and has now developed into the fastest-growing social media platform in the world.

How to use TikTok marketing to promote Expertnaire products

The secret to expanding your brand’s visibility on TikTok as a small business is to produce engaging TikTok marketing content. 

As an Expertnaire affiliate, using TikTok as one of your marketing mediums is a smart move because TikTok is a platform mainly used by the younger demographic. 

Before exploring TikTok, you need to have a content strategy in place to help you attract the right set of audience.

So, let’s go step-by-step through how you can promote any Expertnaire product on TikTok.

Step 1: Create a business account.

Just like Instagram, you need to create a business account. This enables you to view your analytics to analyse your account’s data.

Another thing is to write a good bio that explains what you do and place a link that directs to any Expertnaire product of your choice.

You can use Linktree to achieve this.

Start on the TikTok app if you need help finding where to look for content ideas. Search for popular hashtags and content on the Discovery page.

TikTok will automatically offer relevant hashtags when you begin typing a keyword into the search bar, depending on what you have written. 

The TikTok algorithm ensures consumers will find your content if you create a video based on a current hashtag.

Step 2: Participate in TikTok challenges.

Participating in a TikTok hashtag challenge is one way to be sincere and display the lighter side of you

Because audiences can find hashtags linked with challenges, challenges are an excellent method for marketers to reach millions of individuals.

On TikTok, creating branded content is different from doing so on other social media sites. Users of TikTok, also known as “TikTokers,” typically don’t care how popular an account is as long as it creates engaging content. If your content is engaging and entertaining, it has a good chance of going viral.

Imagine what happens if one of your content goes viral. Your chances of selling your products increase right?

But it won’t always be the case. Your content might never go viral. But as long as it reaches at least 100+ people per day, you have a good chance of making sales every month.

Step 3: Use the right hashtags.

 You must consider TikTok search engine optimization if you want people to find your content (SEO). Adding hashtags is the simplest way to accomplish this.

If you need help deciding what hashtags to use, enter a pertinent keyword in the search field, and TikTok will provide a list of relevant hashtag suggestions.

Although there is no restriction on how many hashtags you may use, a video’s caption only allows 100 characters. It’s best to use two to three hashtags, and you can still describe your video.

Step 4: User-generated content.

Encourage your followers to utilise a custom hashtag you’ve created and frequently repost the finest posts using it. Your supporters will value it.

Step 5: Advertise on TikTok.

TikTok advertising is a fantastic way to promote your company.

You can spend little effort on audience development while using TikTok advertising. You’ll typically be able to connect with your target demographic within 24 hours of setting up your advertising campaign.

These ads can include:  Short video called; In-feed video displayed on the “For You page”.

It can also come in Branded hashtags. Businesses request that TikTok users videotape themselves doing something, such as a choreographed dance, lip-sync video, or challenge, and then publish it with a particular hashtag. 

At the top of the “Discovery page” is the advertisements. Users can access a selection of videos from the challenge by clicking the hashtag.

Top View ads: TopView ads are full-screen, 60-second advertisements that play after the app has already started running.

Branded effects: Similar to the branded Snapchat or Instagram filters, TikTok users may add unique stickers, filters, and lenses to their videos. Branded products are offered for ten days.

Brand takeover: These are short, three- to five-second videos that appear as soon as an app is opened. A hashtag or website link may be included and appear in the For You feed.

Note: The in-feed video ads are preferred by most small businesses because the other varieties are better suited to organisations with more considerable advertising expenditures.

TikTok marketing is still underutilized by so many Expertnaire affiliates, this is the best time to jump on it.

I advise you to take action today.

3. Twitter marketing

The third promotional strategy we have on our list is Twitter marketing.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for businesses because of its 353 million users and interactive nature. Your audience, lead generation, engagement, traffic, and conversions can all increase with the help of a Twitter marketing plan.

To get started on Twitter marketing, you need to start by

Step 1: Create a Twitter business account and create a bio that matches what you do and what you sell.

Step 2: Create a content strategy

Just as we explained earlier, your content determines the type of audience that would interact with your content.

Ensure you create content around products you intend to sell. If you’re selling the Amazon KDP product, your content should mostly revolve around making money online.

If you’re selling the weight loss product on Expertnaire, your content should revolve around diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle tips.

Step 3: Tweet regularly and when it’s appropriate.

Keep consistency in mind when you plan your Twitter marketing strategy. A tweet every couple of days won’t grow your following. Make a strategy for Twitter that keeps the information coming in regularly.

And to ensure that more people see your content, consider Twitter’s busiest times by keeping an eye on your analytics dashboard. Tweet at times you will have high engagement.

Step 4: Engage other users

If you have less than 1,000 followers on Twitter, the best way to grow is by engaging with accounts with a huge following. This will give you lots of exposure. 

Here’s how to do it. Get a list of 20-50 large accounts in the same niche as you. Turn on notifications for each of these accounts.

Whenever they tweet, leave thoughtful comments on their tweets. Rinse and repeat this for 3 months and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve grown.

Step 5: Visuals are essential.

According to Twitter, videos increase engagement by 33%, and GIFs increase it by 55%. To increase the likelihood that your followers will see your tweets favourably, make sure to include a picture in your tweets.

Step 6: partner with other Twitter users

By collaborating with other Twitter accounts, such as a non-profit or an influencer, you can increase the reach of your engagement. Engaging with new audiences and drawing greater attention to their profiles are advantages for both accounts.

You can collaborate with micro-influencers via Twitter spaces and talk about a topic that would help your audience. This can drive thousands of eyeballs to your page.

Things to Note: When you’re learning how to use Twitter for business, standard social media etiquette still applies, which means:

  • Check your spelling before submitting anything.
  • You shouldn’t treat your business account as a personal account.
  • Limit who has access to your Twitter business account.
  • Have a solid content strategy. There are a lot of brand failures, and you don’t want to be one of them.
  • Use hashtags and popular topics responsibly.

3. Starting a blog

This is a very lucrative way to promote your Expertnaire products; You need a systematic approach to accomplish this. Through blogging, I’ve built an empire for myself and I’ve documented the whole process in this guide.

Starting a blog and creating material that appeals to your target audience is one of the best methods to get long-term and valuable visitors.

This is simple if you have a website by setting up a section for articles.

How to Promote your Expertnaire products by starting a blog:

  • Set goals for your blog.
  • Establish a baseline for the results you want your business blog to achieve.
  • Always Write with your audience in mind.
  • Sort your content by category
  • Research keywords
  • Create your content. Create valuable and educational stuff.
  • Make eye-catching images to go with your content.
  • Promote your blog.
  • Use social media for advertising your blog.
  • Submit your blog to the community and forums.
  • Check and track the effectiveness of your blog.
  • Adapt your content
  • Refresh your blogs regularly to keep them current.
  • Whenever you produce fresh content, link back to it.

A blog is a valuable tool for promoting Expertnaire products when done well. Ensure you check out my blogging blueprint which gives you details on how to make money blogging.

4. Starting a YouTube channel

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. Starting a YouTube channel might seem daunting at first, but the moment you know what to do to get started, it becomes easier.

To promote Expertnaire products on YouTube, take the following steps: 

Step 1: Create a YouTube channel.

I have a detailed guide that can help you set up your YouTube channel in less than 10 minutes.

Step 2: Create compelling content.

For inspiration, look at other well-known content producers in your niche. What about their videos do you like best, and what would you change? 

Step 3: YouTube descriptions.

This is where you write what the video you are uploading is all about. A very smart move is to place your affiliate links here. That way, anyone who watches your video can easily follow your affiliate links and buy any Expertnaire product you’re promoting. 

Step 4: Customize your thumbnails.

Your video’s thumbnail gives viewers their first impression, and as we all know, first impressions are irreversible. Create a distinct, alluring thumbnail that will entice people to click on your material to capture their attention.

YouTube thumbnails that stand out frequently combine the elements listed below:

  • High-quality pictures
  • A face (humans naturally focus on faces when it comes to photos)
  • Bright contrasting colours
  • Action shots
  • Bold text of no more than six words

Step 5: Promote your channel on social media

 Use social media to follow and interact with content producers, industry leaders, and other well-known figures. Finding online groups relevant to your niche will help market your channel to the appropriate demographic.

Step 6: Cross-promote your videos on YouTube; Always use the “cards” function of the YouTube platform in every video you upload. You can use this function to spread the word about a video across all your videos. 

This works by inserting a tiny symbol linking to another video or playlist in the corner of your video. The length of time the card should appear can be specified using the duration setting. An end screen in your videos is another approach to cross-promote them.

Step 7: Collaborate with other creators.

This is another instance of cross-promotion that benefits all parties and can broaden your audience. Find a YouTuber whose viewers are similar to yours for a successful collaboration.

Step 8: Create playlists for your YouTube videos.

By organising your content into playlists, you give people the option to binge-watch your videos.

Playlists will make it easier for viewers to find the pertinent content they’re looking for on your channel, and after they’ve finished binge-watching your videos, they’ll be more likely to subscribe.

When developing content, keep your playlists in mind. Consider the video’s classification and the playlist it would belong on.

Step 9:  Embed your YouTube videos; A excellent strategy to increase conversions and draw followers to your channel if you run a blog or website is to embed your YouTube videos in the blog post or product page. Your video may perform better in search engine results if it is linked to an article or website.

5. Facebook & Instagram ads

Running Facebook and Instagram ads helps you promote your Expertnaire products to a broader audience.

To run Facebook and Instagram ads, follow these steps.

  • Create a New Campaign
  • Choose a Campaign Objective
  • Select a budget and schedule
  • Create or select an audience
  • Under Placements, select ‘Manual placements.’
  • Under platforms, select InstagramFinalisee your ad and hit Publish.

6. Build an email list.

This is the best way to promote Expertnaire products without paying for ads. If an affiliate has an email list, the affiliate can keep promoting products to that list forever.

How to build an email list

One of the best things you can do for your business is to learn how to expand your email list.

99% of consumers, according to the Data & Marketing Association, check their email daily. In a similar research from the Content Marketing Institute, 40% of marketers believe email marketing is essential to their success with content marketing.

The best and easiest way to build an email list is by using a lead magnet.

To build your email list using your website, you can follow these strategies;

  • Place sign-up forms all around your website.
  • Every blog post should have a call to action.
  • Use a notification bar to advertise a lead magnet. Your website’s announcement bar is an excellent spot to advertise your lead magnet.
  • To help you segment your list, provide various incentive types. Segment your email list using various lead magnets based on your members’ interests or future purchases.

You can also build an email list using your social media accounts. To do this, follow these steps;

  • Put a link to your landing page in your Instagram bio to promote it.
  • Your Facebook page should have a call to action.
  • Livestream while mentioning your lead magnet
  • Promote your most recent newsletter campaign and get them to subscribe.
  • Include Share Buttons on Thank You Pages
  • Run a contest. This can boost your engagement rate and also gain new followers.

Summary on how to promote Expertnaire products.

We’ve covered a whole lot on how to promote Expertniare products. One recurring point was to create a good content strategy.

Without good content, you won’t be able to promote your products and this might frustrate your efforts.

Then, ensure you pick any of the platforms I mentioned above and start. It’s not advisable to go all in all a blog, youtube, Twitter and all other platforms. You will burn out if you do so.

Pick one most convenient for you. 

If you love writing, start with Twitter or a blog. Prefer blogging? Utilize the teachings in my blogging blueprint to grow.

If you love talking, start a TikTok or YouTube channel. Utilize your strengths and succeed before pivoting to another platform.

Top-selling products on Expertnaire

Having learned my best promotional tactics, the best way to close these articles is to reveal to you the top-selling products on Expertnaire. 

One of the hacks in business is to sell what’s trending. So, I don’t just want to show you how to promote Expertnaire products and leave you, I will reveal to you the best products to sell so that you succeed with ease.

Now, I want you to understand that I didn’t just pick these products because I feel that were selling well, this information was given by the founder of Expertnaire, Toyin Omotoso.

So, are you ready? Let’s go.

1. 72 IG program

The first on the list is the 72IG program.

72 IG is a popular product on Expertnaire that teaches you how to SELL affiliate products on Expertnaire and how to make money online. It comes with a wealth of resources to ensure your success. Toyin Omotoso, CEO of Expertnaire, is the course’s seller.

The 72IG product costs N62,000. Affiliate marketers who sell the 72IG program will earn a commission of 50% or N31,250.

2. Amazon KDP For Smartphones

The Amazon KDP for smartphones is a step-by-step manual that explains to your audience how to make $200–$1,000 per month from Amazon using only a smartphone and knowledge from secondary school.

The seller of this product is Abraham Aiyejinna.

While the product is sold for $15,000, affiliate marketers get a commission of 50%, or $7,500.

3. Amazon KDP Passive Income Generator

With the Amazon KDP income generator, you can make money simply by publishing books. You may self-publish eBooks, paperbacks, and hardback books for free using KDP.

The Amazon KDP business is easy to start because there are no up-front costs. The default royalty rate is 35%, and if you price within a specific range, it increases to 70%. It also grants worldwide sales rights.

Even at 35%, the royalty rates are better than you’re likely to receive from a traditional publisher. Still, you want your book to be financially successful. In that case, you’ll need to take care of the editing, cover art, advertising, promotion, and all the other tasks that a traditional publisher typically handles yourself (or by hiring the right people).

The Amazon KDP product costs N29,999.00, whereas affiliate marketers receive a 50% commission or N14,999.5.

4. High Paid Freelancer Premium Program

By providing a service to customers, you can work for yourself online through freelancing.

Freelancers typically operate as self-employed individuals who provide their services on a contract or project basis, as opposed to being employed by an organization.

In this freelance product by Enyinnaya Walter, students are taught how to earn no less than $500–$5000 per month by only working for or with foreign businesses

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative product is marketed for 50,000, and affiliate marketers get a 50% commission, or 25,000, on each sale.

5. The No Hassle Naija To Canada Japa System.

A popular product on Expertnaire is Oluseyi Obasi’s No-Hassle Naija To Canada Japa System. This offering explains to potential customers how to move to Canada through the Study Routes.

The No Hassle Naija To Canada Japa System product is sold for N40,000, and affiliate marketers get a 50% commission, or N20,000, on this sale.

You receive a 50% commission as an affiliate in exchange for promoting it to your audiences.

Final thoughts

In this article, I covered virtually everything you need to promote Expertnaire’s products. From social media marketing to starting a YouTube channel to blogging, I gave recommendations on how you choose which platform to begin with.

All these methods work. I have generated millions through blogging using the blueprint I created. I also have considerable success with social media marketing. If I can do it, you can do it.

Take action today.  

This brings us to the end of this article, if you have any questions, do well to leave them in the comments section.

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