How To Create a FREE Blog in Nigeria [Make Serious Money]

In this article, you learn how to create a free blog in Nigeria and make serious money from it.

Here, you learn how to make money from blogging even if you are not ready to invest in it.

If you have a passion for blogging or writing or you just want to make money online through blogging you are still in the right place.

The truth about blogging in Nigeria is that, if you are starting a blog for the first time or as a newbie, I’ll recommend you tweak around with a free blog a while before you proceed to a self-hosted blog.

But if you know what you are doing and want to start the right way, then you can proceed to build a self-hosted blog.

blog potential income
how to create a free blog in Nigeria

Even with a free blog, you can make an income like the image below. But trust me, you’re going to do a hell of a job!

That’s just to motivate you and for you to know it’s possible to make money blogging for free in Nigeria.

But using a self-hosted blog give your blog a professional look and makes it easier to make money quick.

Equally, it still doesn’t mean you can’t start a free blog.

So how can we achieve this? Just stay with me and read through.

How To Create a Free Blog In Nigeria

  • Choose a nice topic
  • Create a blog
  • Edit your blog to suit Google standard
  • Create an article for your blog
  • Make money from your blog

If you can do the above list perfectly and you’re certain you can do it then that’s great.

How to choose a Nice Topic-

Before you start anything about blogging, even before you create your blog. You must have chosen the topic you want to blog about. It’s called a niche, a blogging niche. It could be any of the following:

  • Agricultural business
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Sport
  • Celebrity and gossips
  • Music
  • Technology etc.

These are just a few examples of what you can start with, there are numerous blogging niche out there.

And while choosing your blogging niche you need to put this into consideration

  • Go for topics with lots of searches but less competitive.
  • Topics you have a passion for.
  • Niche with conversions i.e topics you can offer a service for, or with products to sell etc.

If you can easily come up with these then you are a bit closer to making money.

Creating a free Blog

Like I said earlier. You can still tweak around with free blogging platforms to get used to blogging before you proceed to self-hosted.

To create a blog or free blog you should know there are various platforms you can create it with. platforms like Tumblr, TypePad etc.

But for the sake of this post we are going to stick with Blogger.

Blogger is owned and monitored by the big Google itself and for you to make money from this; Google is going to play a bigger part in it.

So, how do you create a free blog on blogger?

To create your free blog you need to visit

Login to your Gmail account or create one if you don’t have one already. Once you logged in you will see create a new blog>>> Enter your blog name.

Next, your blog URL, the address of your blog. For example,

Once you’ve done that, select your preferred theme and click on create Blog.

It wasn’t as hard as you might think it is. Now that you have successfully created your free blog you need to edit it for Google standard before you start making money from it.

Editing your blog to suit Google standard

Don’t worry, we are almost done, all you need to do here is customize and do some changes on your blog.

Create the following pages for your blog:

  • About Us- this is what your blog is all about. When people read this they should know the central focus of your blog.
  • Contact Us- this also is very important. You need to create a contact form page on your blog where people can easily contact you.  Also as a means to receive feedback from your readers.
  • Privacy Policy- am sure you must have seen this on other blogs it’s also very important.  Note: it ’s prohibited to do copy and paste of articles from other blogs. Google takes this seriously.
  • Disclaimer- this also is just like the privacy policy you can check any blog to know more about this.

Once this is all done your blog is already making sense.

Creating Article for your Blog

If you are ever going to get tired of blogging it’s going to be from creating articles.

This is why i pointed it out earlier that you need to have passion for the topic you choose to blog about.

It’s always tempting for new bloggers to do copy and paste which Google will surely penalize them for.

So take time to choose your blogging niche, and make sure its a topic you can easily create an article for.

One of the popular ways to make money with your blog is through Google AdSense.  And for you to get approval, your blog must be clean of content theft and create a rich and original article.

Monetizing your blog

Finally, we are here. I hope it’s all fun from the beginning?

So now, you will know how you going to monetize your blog and make money from it.

But before we start I want you to know that blog is a business. Not just a get rich quick scheme.

This is what most people don’t know about blogging.

They think you can just rush in and make money and go.  No! You have to treat it like a business before its start making you money.

The following are the various means to make money from a blog.

Google AdSense:

this is the most popular way to make money from your blog for free.  Although on this blog I make money mostly through affiliate marketing I will explain it in the next point.

With Google AdSense, you can make from $1-$100 or more on a daily basis. It all depends on your traffic

Affiliate Marketing: 

this is based on the niche you are blogging about. I said earlier that while choosing your blogging niche, try and choose the one with service or physical products.

If you promote any product or service on your blog and people buy or register through your link then you’ve earn a commission.

You can make up to $1000 on a monthly basis but most times you need a self-hosted blog for affiliate marketing.

Create your own product and sell: 

Your product could be eBooks physical product, assistant or anything you can sell so far people are ready to buy it.

But make sure your buyers are getting value from it.

Finally, those are few ways you can monetize your blog.

For you to really make money from blogging you need a standard blog. But don’t worry I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial guide on how to create a blog in Nigeria.

Read and enjoy! let me hear your thoughts on this by using the comment box.

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