Real Estate Affiliate Program in Nigeria [Make N1 Million Monthly]

In today’s article, we will be talking about the real estate affiliate program in Nigeria.

It is a known fact that investing in real estate is a great way to secure an early retirement and an increased income. Real estate allows you to live a debt-free and luxurious lifestyle without too much brain work or constant supervision.

Real estate affiliate marketing is the perfect option to make more money and get the bills sorted. It is a rewarding model that can provide financial stability and a luxury lifestyle. 

Read on to find out more information on how to be financially stable.


What is Real Estate Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the popular money-making process where you refer someone to any product (usually online) through your affiliate referral link and get paid a commission when that person makes a purchase. Real estate affiliate marketing works similarly- you get paid a fee when someone you refer makes the payment for a property.

Are there Real Estate affiliate programs in Nigeria?

Real estate marketing, as it stands, operates using the affiliate marketing model. You can also call it the referral marketing model, where marketers who may not be on salary sell properties owned by the company and get paid in commissions. 

This means anyone can visit any Real estate company and inquire how much commission they will get if they sell any of their properties. 

Real estate companies are always looking for marketers, so they will quickly respond and give information about their properties and commissions on each property. 

In essence, there are no Real Estate affiliate platforms like Clickbank or Expertnaire in Nigeria, but when approached, you can strike a deal with any real estate firm.

Top Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

Having understood what real estate affiliate marketing is, let’s examine some of Nigeria’s top Real Estate firms. Remember, you can visit any of these firms and strike a deal with them.

1. Gtext Homes

Gtext Homes

Gtext homes is a subsidiary of Gtext Global – Africa’s number-one real estate empire. They are the pioneers of the green and smart estate program in Africa and have used the most advanced cutting-edge technology in all their estate developments. 

Their real estate programs are divided into housing schemes (Gtext homes) and landed properties (Gtext Land). The housing scheme covers accommodation properties, while the Gtext Land covers landed properties.

They also have some great programs in place that will enhance the development of the real estate sector and educate their members and audience about the benefits of real estate.

Additionally, they have a popular investment platform called Gvest, which enables you to earn massive investment returns. You can quickly strike a marketing deal with them by visiting their office to discuss the terms and conditions offered.

Contact Information:

Their head office is at – 309 Close, Banana Island, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

You can also contact their representatives at: or with the following phone numbers – +234 704 839 8466 or +234 704 839 8466

2. Adron Homes and Property

Adron Homes

Adron Homes & Properties Limited are a real estate provider helping people secure suitable and affordable housing irrespective of their income level or social class. Their housing models enable you to afford a house regardless of your income. 

Their main drive is to fulfil their goals of increasing their land banks and client base and offering excellent affordable housing products that exceed their customers’ and prospects’ expectations.

They have branches in Nassarawa, Abuja, Lagos, Ogun, and Oyo. You can visit their office to discuss requirements and terms for commissions on each type of property.

For inquiries, contact them at +2349058590355, +2349058590357, or +2349058590356


Or you can visit their corporate headquarters @ 75 Adron Court, Adeyemo Akapo, Omole Phase 1, Lagos.

3. Jide Taiwo & Co

Jide Taiwo & Co

These realtors are experienced in letting, buying or selling properties of any kind. They have years of experience transacting across different markets, such as residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural markets. 

Whatever type of housing you need, their experts are available and ready to meet you at precisely the point of your needs. 

They will guide you from conceptualisation to completion of any model you choose or wish to purchase. Their team works across the different branches found in each geo-political zone. 

Plus, their consultants are always up to date with recent industry trends and developments and will provide you with personalised solutions to acquisitions, ownership, and development. 

The strength of their consulting services lies in the vast number of consultants from different areas in the country, which allows them to serve their clients better. 

To become a marketer with Jide Taiwo and Co, visit their office for a better overview of the terms and conditions required and commission details.

Contact Info:

Their head office is at @5 Banford Williams Close, Victoria Island, Lagos – Nigeria.

Or call them at 07052090118

4. Cappa & D’Alberto PLC

Cappa and D'alberto ltd

Cappa and D’Alberto Ltd is a leading construction firm in Nigeria with decades of experience and an enviable reputation built on history, professionalism and dedication to excellent service.

They offer commercial and private multi-disciplinary contracted services to all their clients to ensure the seamless operation of their new and old facilities. 

Some of these services include daily upkeep maintenance of constructed properties and scheduled routine maintenance in some cases.

With incredibly high operational performances optimised to the needs of each facility, they ensure that their buildings are durable, functional and attractive by providing personalised solutions across diverse areas. 

They aim to build and preserve value by providing excellent and professional facility management services at affordable costs and at the right time – while lessening the financial burden on their customers. 

Contact Information:

Their head office is @Cappa and D’Alberto Ltd, 72 Campbell Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

Their representatives can be contacted using the following:

Tel.: +234 (0)902 322 0000


5. Landmark Corporate Realty LTD

Landmark corporate realty limited

Landmark Corporate Realty Limited is revolutionising the traditional housing model by developing specialised properties that give their clients positive experiences. 

They provide adjunct services, skills, and systems necessary to develop all their properties to the highest quality standards and realise the highest profit performance for all their client.

Their full-time staff of well-trained professionals in real estate strives to provide the best service to all prospective and existing customers to make the process as cost-effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

To learn more about their commissions and marketing requirements, contact their representatives on:

+234 915 722 2222, +234 915 822 2222, or +234 915 922 2222

For general enquiries; send an email to –

6. Primerose Development Company

Primrose development company

Primrose Development Company (PDC) is a property development company whose roots date thirty years ago to its parent companies, PrimroseProperties Investment Limited (PPIL) and City Securities Limited. 

Contact them for more information on how to become a marketer:

Their Head office is on the 2nd Floor, First City Plaza, 44 Marina, Lagos, Nigeria.

Telephone: +234 (1) 764-4000


7. Primewater View Limited

Promewater View Limited

Primewater View Limited is a company that is now rated among the best indigenous property development companies in Nigeria. Before it was incorporated in 2005, Primewater View Limited operated as an Investment and real estate company.

It has developed various residential/commercial properties in top VIP areas such as Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Their transition into luxury apartments dates back to 2006. Then, they were responsible for building 3-bedroom flats and semi-detached houses for Exxon Mobil Staff Cooperative society within 12 months in Victoria Island Extension and the recently concluded estate development of Prime water View Gardens Phase I at Lekki, Lagos. 

Contact them to learn more about how to partner with them as a marketer using the information below.

Their head office is at PrimewaterView Limited185, Moshood Olugbani Street, Off Ligali Ayorinde Victoria Island Extension, Lagos.

Their representatives can be contacted using the following

Tel: +234 1-2799486-87, 7611192


8. Cosgrove Africa


Cosgrove Investment Limited – a realtor, shaping new lifestyles by integrating revolutionary technology into residential and commercial real estate using sustainable methods at the forefront of the evolution in the real estate industry. 

They are composed of the industry’s highly experienced leaders passionate about unswerving excellence.

Cosgrove Investment Limited are committed to its promise to deliver value for all its stakeholders and timely delivery of a seamless experience for each Cosgrove customer. 

Due to the increasing need to work from home and a corresponding need for personal efficiency after the recent COVID pandemic, they have developed a new kind of experience to make their customers’ home interactions enjoyable. 

Their homes are designed to give their clients the whole living experience while giving freedom and ease for remote work’s ever-changing needs and demands. To partner with them as a marketer, use the contact information below.

Contact Information:

Their representatives can be contacted using the following numbers:

+234906 000 1553 or:+2349060001552

Their head office is located @4th Floor of Mukhtar El Yakub Building, Zakariyya Maimalari Street, Central Business District Abuja, FCT 900211 Nigeria. 

9. The Havens Home

The Havens Home

The Havens Home are an innovative, commercial, and contemporary-luxury-residential real estate developer in Nigeria. 

They began offering beautifully crafted, unique and luxurious homes in 2006 and have evolved their designs into present-day residential architecture used by other real estate developers – hence their reputation as the pioneers of commercial contemporary luxury homes in Nigeria.

They use their deep market experience, longstanding industrial relationships, and creative vision to acquire and develop commercial properties that stand out from the others, keeping in mind that their customer’s satisfaction is of utmost priority. 

To know more about commissions and requirements to become a marketer with the havens home, contact them using the information below.

Contact Information:  

Their head office is located at Unit 1, Cherry Courts Richmond Gate (Behind Meadow Hall School) Ikate – Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria.


Or you can call them using:08095221146, or 08095221140

10. Sujimoto


Sujimoto is a realtor in Nigeria, fueling the lifelong dream of an audacious young man by questioning the norm and challenging the ordinary. 

Based on excellence and integrity, this dream has been built to answer the question of why a house shouldn’t be affordable for everyone. This dream has become a global reality for Luxury Living in Africa.

SUJIMOTO is popularly known as the Rolls Royce of Luxury Real Estate in Nigeria and Africa’s most sophisticated Real Estate brand – it has become a synonym for Luxury at its peak due to the high standard and quality properties they offer. 

Their business focuses on residential development, mainly in popular neighbourhoods with good features, such as Ikoyi, Banana Island, Abuja, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Dubai; constructed as mixed-used, commercial, and hospitality developments. To become a marketer with SUJIMOTO, contact them for more information on requirements and commissions.

Contact Info:

Transcorp Hilton Hotel, 1 Aguiyi Ironsi St, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

+234 809 8521 646 +234 908 599 9888

Final thoughts on Real Estate Affiliate Programs

The real estate business will continue to be lucrative for years to come. This means the demand for marketers will always be there. 

As explained throughout this article, there aren’t any real estate affiliate programs in Nigeria as elaborate as Expertnaire, Learnoflix and other affiliate programs in Nigeria.

But you can always approach any real estate company and get to know their terms and commissions for properties. Then sell and get paid your commissions.

With diligence and commitment, you can be on your way to N10 million yearly.

This brings us to the end of this article. Will you be a real estate affiliate marketer? I will be in the comment section.

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  1. Yes. I’m very much interested in becoming an affiliate for real estate companies.

    1. Yes.i’m very much interested in becoming an affiliate for real estate companies

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