Royal Q MLM Referral System Explained: [Earn $1071 Daily]

Yea that’s right, and I’m not trying to get your attention!

The Royal Q marketing plan is designed in a way that’s bound to make you money quickly if you’re bent on promoting the platform.

Their referral program is segmented into different levels dedicated to making you passive income even when you stop promoting it.

With just level 4 (V4), you can be making over $1000 on a daily basis with instant withdrawal if you want.

So, in today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you, ways in which you can make a passive income promoting the Royal Q app.

I understand not everyone has the capital to trade with the BOT. Plus the income you’ll make referring people is way juicier compared to trading.

Trading pays you 0.5 to 10% of your trading capital on a daily basis.

But with the first level, you’ll earn an instant $30 commission whenever you refer someone to the platform.

If you don’t know much about the Royal Q bot and you have little to no knowledge of how it works, I’ll suggest you go through my Royal Q bot review

From the review, you’ll be able to understand the whole idea behind the robot and how it trades crypto automatically on your behalf.

But before we proceed with the Royal Q compensation plan or affiliate program, let’s have a brief understanding of what the robot is.

Royal Q Trading BOT Overview

what is royal q bot
Royal Q Invitation Code [VJJPQ]

Royal Q is a robot that trades cryptocurrency and makes a profit consistently without you been involved.

So, technically you could have your other business or career and still be involved in the robot trading with continuous profit depending on the market.

However, to be able to use the Royal Q trading bot, users need to integrate the app with a third-party exchange or trading platform.

Currently, Royal Q only integrates with the following exchange platforms:

  • Binance
  • Huobi

So to get started, you’ll have to Register an account with Royal Q and download the app on both Google play store and Apple store.

To start using the Royal Q app to trade or to get your referral link or code, it costs an activation fee of 120usdt (TRC-20).

$120 for a one-year subscription and then another $20 for gas fuel for those that intend to trade with the BOT.

The gas fuel is a tiny fee the BOT charges whenever it picks trades (Buy/Sell) for users.

The actual trading capital is going to be in your Binance or Huobi account. So there’s limited access to your funds.

In fact, you have total control over your money since they are all inside your Binance account.

The Royal Q app only uses capital in your Binance USDT wallet and the traded profit drops in the pair wallet.

So basically, the only money that goes to Royal Q is the 120usdt activation fee, which is what you’re paid a commission for whenever you refer someone.

Royal Q Referral System or Network Marketing Explained

The Royal Q compensation plan or network marketing is the key factor in the rapid popularity and market success of the app.

It’s designed in such a way that gives you leverage on your referral activeness in the system.

That is, you could refer just 2 people and still get reward and commission based on the people your referral also referred to the platform.

Let have a look at the referral structure…

#1. Royal Q V1 ($30 Commission)

At the first level, you’ll earn a $30 instant commission on everyone you referred and also earn a piece of commission on all of your downline profitable trades.

To achieve the next level, you need to directly refer at least 3 people and indirectly or directly refer 20 people.

#2. Royal Q V2 ($40 Commission)

At the second level, you’ll get a $40 direct referral bonus and a 30% reward bonus from the entirety of your team’s profitable trade.

Additionally, and you’ll also earn $10 commission from every new member activation from your downlines.

From this level, you should be looking at 10 to $100 daily earnings without doing anything depending on your team activeness

#3. Royal Q V3 ($50 Commission)

This level gives you access to a $50 direct referral bonus and a 40% team reward from the whole of your team’s profitable trade.

But to achieve this, you need 5 direct referrals and three V2 (Level two) members from your team, and totality of 100 team members to achieve this level.

At this stage, you’ll get a $20 commission from your direct downline when they activate new members.

And finally, you should be looking at 200 to $1000 daily earnings without doing anything depending on your team’s activeness.

#4. Royal Q V4 ($60 Commission)

This level gives you a direct referral commission of $60 whenever you directly referred someone and a total of 50% team trading profit reward.

To attain this level, you need 8 direct referrals, three V3 (Level three members), and a total team of 300 directly or indirectly referred by you.

Then you’ll get an extra $30 commission when your direct downline activates new members.

From this level, you should be looking at 1000 to $3000 daily earnings without doing anything depending on your team activeness

#5. Royal Q V5 ($65 Commission)

This level earns you a commission of $65 and 55% team reward from the whole of your team’s profitable trading.

At this level, you must have directly referred 12 people and three V 4 (level four members) plus a total team member of 800 directly or indirectly referred by you.

You’ll also earn an instant $40 whenever your downline refers someone new to the team.

You should be looking at over $3000 daily earning without doing anything depending on your team activeness

#6. Royal Q V6 ($70 Commission)

This is the zenith of the Royal Q referral system and to attain this level, you must have directly referred 20 users of the bot.

Your instant referral commission at this level is $70 and you’ll also earn an instant $50 whenever your direct downline refers new users to the platform.

Also, you earn a 60% team reward from every profitable trading of your total team on a daily basis.

Finally, at this stage, your daily and passive earning will be unimaginable. And personally, I think you can retire from work if you want at this level.

So if you are interested in promoting Royal Q, Here’s the Sign-Up Link. And if you’ll like to join my team after signing up with this link, chat me up from inside the app, so we can help build your business together and add you to our VIP group. Or reach me personally on WhatsApp at +2348127302386

To start promoting the Royal Q app, you’ll need to activate your account with either 100usdt or 120usdt if you’re going to be trading with the app.

You can register for free, but you won’t be able to copy your referral link or code if your account hasn’t been activated.

To get started, click on the Sign-Up link here… then fill out the form as seen in the image below!

royal q registration

Note: Don’t download the app first before you register because they’re so many looks alike apps on Google play store and app store. Sign up first here and download the app later on the official website just like the arrow is point above.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the steps you need to take as explained in the screenshot above.

Enter your email address, after that, click on send verification code to receive the code in your email address.

Once received, enter it in the verification code box and enter your password. Once you’re done, click the Register button to proceed.

At the next page, you will have the welcome page which is in slides showing you what royal q bot offers.

You can either skip or click on get started button to activate your Royal Q Bot account right away as shown below.

Royal Q Welcome page

For this tutorial we will be using the get stated button since that’s why we are making this content.

Quick One: You should have download the app by now and your account logged in. You will still have the same option provided you are using the app for the first time.

Next thing is activating your account.

Royal Q Account Activation

Once you click on the get started button, it will take you directly to the page to activate the app. With activating your account, you will not be able to perform any trade.

And if you have already skipped it by mistake, here’s what you need to do.

To activate the app from the home page, go to ===> ‘Mine’ at the extreme right-hand side below (footer of the app).

After that click on, click on the “Activate Button” at the right hand side of your profile as seen below.

royal q account activation

Upon clicking the activate button, you will be redirected to the page below which you will be get the wallet address to send the USDT to just like this one below.

wallet deposit

Just click on the copy button to copy the wallet address and go to Binance or any exchange you currently uses to send 140 USDT (TRC-20) to the address.

And then click on the “Verify Wallet Balance” after the transfer in order to verify the status of the transaction.

Next, you’ll see something like the image below, leave it that way and click on activate to activate the account.

royal q activation fee

After that, go back to the app home page, you’ll see “Invite friends” click on it to copy your link to start promoting the app.

However, if you would like to trade with the app or teach your referral how to activate it for trading. Here’s how to do it…

Activating Royal Q For Trading

To activate the BOT for trading, head over to your Binance account. From there click on more…

Binance biding

After clicking on it, you’ll need to scroll down to the “Others” section (Last section) and click on API Management to create one for Royal Q and copy it.

Royal Q api binding

Once there you’ll need to create a new API key by giving it a name. After that click on create.

Next, click on edit on the new API you just created and set restrictions for the API.

The ONLY box you’re going to enable is the “Enable Reading” and “Enable Spot & Margin Trading” leave the remaining box unticked. Then scroll down to API access restriction.

Royal Q API Binding

Click on the second box above that says “Restrict access to trusted IPs only (Recommended). After go back to Royal Q then copy the IP address from Royal Q and paste it in the space there and click confirm.

To do this, head back to the Royal Q account, at the home page, you’ll see “Invite Friend”

api binding with binance

Click on the API binding and choose the exchange you want to bind. For Binance users, click on Binance to paste the keys respectively.

royal q binace binding

Finally, go and copy your API keys and Secret Keys one after the other from Binance and paste them accordingly in the space provided in Royal Q. As you can see from the image above.

After pasting them, click on “send” verification code and copy the code sent to your email address by Royal Q and paste it inside the space provided for it.

Next, click on the risk box and click on Bind.

Now to start trading, go to quantitative and choose a coin and start trading it.

How To Promote Royal Q and Make Money

Before you start promoting Royal to make additional income, you need to understand how their marketing plan works.

Knowing this will help you understand how to promote the robot better without struggling to make sales.

Royal Q marketing strategy is an affiliate program that uses network marketing or multi-level marketing as a means to enlarge its tentacles.

So technically, you could start a business with Royal Q by growing your team of marketers to promote the robot and make unimaginable passive income.

So how can you promote Royal Q to make money? Below are potential ways you can engage as your promotional plan.

#1. Create a Dream List

Make a list of 100 people you know physically or online and start contacting them about your new business.

These contacts can include family, friends, acquaintances, neighbours or fellow employees, or friends online that you haven’t seen physically.

While making your list, try to vet them by giving more advantages to potential leaders. That is, someone that’s more likely to refer others too.

This way, your team will be able to grow much faster.

#2: Offline Seminars or Online Webinars

Seminars and webinars are one of the best methods marketers have been using for ages to close sales.

If you have a potential client try as much as possible to invite them for the daily zoom meeting held in Royal Q.

Or perhaps, if you could hold an offline seminar, this could also help to convert your potential client to an active customer.

Better still, you could create an evergreen webinar about the robot and drive your traffic there.

#3: Engage Social Media

Social media is a marketing tool that assists brands and individual businesses in building their visibility.

A social network helps you build a two-way connection with customers or potential clients. Social media can become a powerful tool for your business success if used appropriately.

Let’s look at social platforms and ways at which you can use social media to promote Royal Q.

  • Facebook Groups

Most of us are already familiar with how Facebook groups work. All you need to do is create a Facebook group around Cryptocurrency and introduce the Royal Q bot as a way to make more money.

You’ll need to portray yourself as an expert in this field and offer free valuable content. Then as a solution to make more money with cryptocurrency, you can then introduce the Royal Q app with your referral link as a solution.

This can really go a long way when you provide highly engaging content with your group members and interact almost on a daily basis.

  • WhatsApp Groups

This works similar to Facebook groups but on a personal level.

If you can get people to join your WhatsApp group or add potential clients yourself, you could warm them up with posts and close the sales there.

People are more comfortable these days with WhatsApp, so try to add as many as possible potential clients you can get.

When your group starts getting filled up, you can move up to telegram but before then, WhatsApp can do a good job.

  • Run Google Ads

For those familiar with ads, you’d understand Facebook ads won’t work for Royal Q because of the cryptocurrency involve.

But what you can do instead is to run Google ads. Look for similar keywords or how to make money online keywords to drive traffic to your page.


Making passive income via Royal Q network marketing is very achievable but only in the right way. Take the above points into consideration and also be creative yourself.

Most importantly, try to be on the move constantly and keep up with the trends. Learn from others’ mistakes and try being innovative as i said earlier.

When you focus on using the right strategies to build any business, you generally come out as a winner. An individual with a lot of energy and extremely good sales skills can create a profitable business with Royal Q.

So if you are interested in promoting Royal Q, Here’s the Sign-Up Link And if you’ll like to join my team after signing up with this link, chat me up from inside the app, so we can help build your business together and add you to our VIP group. Or reach me personally on WhatsApp at +2348127302386

Royal Q Referral System

That’s it on the Royal Q referral system, let me know what you think about it using the comment section.

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