How To Make Money Online In Nigeria As a Student (2023)

Interested to make money online in Nigeria as a student?

Don’t worry as you’ll see the various ways and methods of making legitimate money from the internet as a University, secondary or part-time student.

In Nigeria and beyond.

And I’m excited for you right now as you’re not looking for illegitimate means to make money. Seeking such a path wouldn’t take you anywhere in life.

Fraudulent or manipulative ways are ways to destruction. Trust me.

Enough preaching already Khris…

Yeah, I understand that a typical student’s and a teenager’s day-to-day school life in Nigeria is HARD. I know because I’ve been there and lived it.

I think the only difference between the both of us was that during my school days I had no exposure to the online business of any sort and never for a day thought of ways to make money online as a student…

But luckily for you – the opposite is the case ?

Because in a few minutes you’ll be able to see for yourself the different options for making money online and start implementing them today.

To make a living from the interwebs.

Shall we get started already?

5 Proven Ways To Earn Money Online As a Student in Nigeria

Now, let’s start with the ways to make money online in Nigeria as a student.

 #1: Make Money Blomagging

How to Start a blog in Nigeria

I do get this question every now and then:

Does blogging still pay?

And I always smile with a simple response – “YES IT DOES!”

And blogging isn’t dying anytime soon as long as the internet lives on and Google stays in business.

But seriously, the old way of blogging no longer works, that’s why thousands of people who were making some money blogging 5-10 years ago are nowhere to be found.

And I think they ran out of ideas or got lost in trenches, as they were unable to catch up with the modern-day blogging strategies and trends.

Let me explain.

Actually, back in the days, bloggers were known to be internet writers who share about their lifestyles on blogs, posting about their day-to-day activities and all that.

But it’s NO LONGER that way!

When starting out blogging – you have to put into the following into consideration:

  • Make sure there is a money-making opportunity (easy monetization means)
  • There are lots of organic search potential
  • There are other blogs writing about that topic
  • Not finding it difficult coming up with contents about your blog niche

Blogging is a great way to make living online as a Nigerian student, if you can take things step-by-step, understanding it’s a process, exercise patience, learn from the right mentors (we’re here to help btw).

So, you don’t make costly mistakes.

When starting out make sure you get a free domain name and pay for a self-hosting from Bluehost (our recommended blogging hosting solution). Then install and customize your blog.

You can read our comprehensive guide on how to start a blog in Nigeria to get the whole tutorial.

We highly advise you to stay away from a free blogging platform like Blogger,, Wix, etc. You won’t make any serious money from those free blog platforms.

Through a self-hosted blog, you can:

  • Do affiliate marketing and make money
  • Promote any business you want
  • Make money from Google ads
  • Land sponsorship deals etc.

#2: Make Money Dropshipping

how dropshiiping works
Source: Shopify

Dropshipping simply involves selling products that belong to another company and you making great profits in return.

Here is how it works:

  • Get your product or product idea
  • You set up an online store or landing page where you advertise your products
  • The customer places an order for a product from your online store
  • You (the retailer) automatically or manually forwards the order and customer details to the dropship supplier
  • The supplier packages and ships the order directly to the customer in your own name
  • You make cool money from the profits

This is actually a nice business model, very lucrative. As it eliminates the need for you as a store owner to have a physical business location or warehouse that stores the goods.

You do everything via online mediums.

if you’re starting out as a Nigerian student – then I think you should check out this guide on how to dropship on Jumia.

#3: Make Money Through Freelancing


Another great way to make money in Nigeria is by becoming a freelancer – helping people carry out several special activities and in return get paid.

Being a freelancer lets you work online as a student from anywhere you like.

Although, I’d have to admit that most of the popular freelance websites where you can make good money with your creative skills are limited to Nigerians, while some only a few dollars because of the nationality.

But that shouldn’t discourage or stop you, as I know a lot of Nigerian freelancers who still make their full-time income from doing online jobs.

As I will also list sites freelancing sites you can register now and start getting clients who need your skill set.

Remember that you must have one or more skills. Like:

  • Writing
  • Language translation
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Bookkeeping
  • PowerPoint expert
  • Programmer
  • WordPress expert
  • Video editing
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • And lots of tasks

Something tells me you can find your way of helping people with any of the above.

You don’t really need to be perfect at what you do. Just make sure to deliver at your possible best so you can increase your reputation, get more clients and retain satisfied clients on these platforms.

Freelancing platforms for Nigerians

#4: Make Money Trading Forex


If there has been one type of online business that has always been on my radar for months – it is getting into Forex. Foreign Exchange.

But it’s just the time.

It requires a lot of time, learning and practice. Just like every legitimate hustle out there. But I don’t have time to involve myself in another online business for now.

I rather stay in my blogging and affiliate path. No distractions.

As a student in Nigeria who is in serious search on how to make money online – I still recommend you trading Forex with all my heart. As I have peeps who make a KILLING doing it full-time.

You might be wondering what does trading Forex means, right?

Let me explain:

Forex trading involves buying and selling foreign currency to make money off an international foreign exchange market. That’s the basic explanation.

There is a lot more though.

Step #1: The first step to making money as a Forex trader is learning about the Forex market itself and the terms.

Step #2: Then learn to do your own analysis

Step #3: Finding a good and reliable Forex broker

Step #4: Start trading with a demo account

Step #5: Keep learning

Step #6: Begin trading with your real money

#5: Start A Profitable YouTube Channel

YouTube channel

Creating your own YouTube channel can actually make you some nice cheese from the comfort of your home zone. Or the school zone. Whichever ?

Can you guess how much some of these Nigerian YouTubers make on a daily basis?

Especially those who post comedy skits. Talk about Mark Angel Comedy, MC Lively, Sirbarlo and the rest.

The guys all started with shooting a few minutes video from their mobile phones. Now they make thousands of dollars on a monthly basis from YouTube.

No! don’t get me wrong, please.

I don’t mean you should go into comedy on YouTube, my friend.

You can post just about anything on your YouTube channel, but making sure it’s of great value to a set of a particular audience.

It can be cooking, doing reviews of your favorite products and services, street interviews, your hobbies, etc.

Don’t complicate things, just use your smartphone and start recording.

For some pointers – starting a profitable YouTube channel and making money from starts follows the below process:

Step #1: Decide on what you want your channel to be all about (critical)

Step #2: Set up your channel and add your branding elements

Step #3: Start posting your videos and optimize for YouTube SEO

Step #4: Syndicate and share your YouTube videos to various platforms

Step #5: Get enough views and solicit for subscribers from your network

Step #6: Monetize

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to make money as a Nigerian student?

To be frank, there is really “best” way to make money online both as a student or as a graduate. It doesn’t matter what aspect or category of ‘make money online’ you decide to pursue.

See, everything works!

I recommend starting with the method that motivates and resonates with your goals and passion. Remain in that path until you start making money, as long as you avoid jumping from one stuff to another.


The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It is greener where you water and nurture it.

However, if you want my opinion – I’d recommend starting a blog over all the methods mentioned in this article.


Because that’s what I do and been doing for years. I’m sound bias I know lol.

Can I make money online as a student without any investments?

Great question!

I understand your situation as a Nigerian student without much funds even to feed and settle other expenses. Yeah, been there, done that.

Coupled with the hardship in the country, right?

But you’ll agree with me that where there is a will, there is a way. Obviously!

You landing here, read till this part shows that you’re WILLING. Unfortunately, nothing goes for nothing, my friend.

You’ll need a little bit of investment upfront, lots of work (yes you heard that!), and patience. Some of these online hustles may not really require any direct investment but investing in skill acquisition, data, web hosting, etc.

What is the easiest way to make money fast as a student?

This is a bit funny question I must admit. But there is no easy way to make money online. If I’m to list some easy ways to make money online – then I’ll be deceiving you.

And you could go to such sites, wasting your precious time checking them out and trying to make quick money online. You’ll NEVER make a dime!

So, stop looking for EASY, find what is proven to work, and try replicating other’s successes and go do the WORK.

If making money online was that easy, then everybody would have become a millionaire by now. Hard entry into an opportunity means there is great potential right there.

Do you get the point?

Play the long-term game and win at last, instead of playing a short-term game that’ll crash you sooner.

Final Thoughts on Making Money Online As a Nigerian Student

One of the biggest advantages of making money online from the above methods is that you don’t need to have any requirements.


  • Special gifted super-powers (it’s real o)
  • Certifications
  • Academic degree
  • Have an international citizenship

In fact, you don’t have to travel outside the country to make money online. You can do it from the comfort of your home. In any location in Nigeria.

Of course, with a decent internet connection at least.

You can pick any of the ideas listed above and RUN with it. I mean to get addicted and hungry to prosper with it. I’m talking about obsession here.

That’s a vital key to having success in any pursuit.

I hope this guide on making money online as a student gives you a clearer perspective on the possibilities of making a living online?

If you’re a job hater like me (with a passion), then feel free to be my friend by taking action, and lets make some MONEY.

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