Where To Learn Blogging In Lagos (DON’T MAKE A MISTAKE!)

Welcome to my today’s post on “where to learn blogging in Lagos, Nigeria,”.

You’ll be amazed at what I’m about to tell you in this post. Though, I want to tell you that whatever you post, advice, recommendation, and review we do on this blog…

Please follow it and implement with all your heart.

As SmartBizFreedom is run and maintained by marketing experts who have been in this industry for quite a long time.

So, we KNOW our stuff to the core!

Now to answer your question on where to learn blogging and become a blogging expert in Lagos, Nigeria…

Where Can I Learn Blogging in Lagos?

Let me first start by saying that you don’t need a physical tutor, lesson or coach to teach you how to blog or become a successful blogger in Lagos, Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

This is a soft skill you can learn and start your own profitable blog from and in the comfort of your home.

So, why look for a place to learn blogging in Lagos?

That doesn’t make sense, my friend.


Blogging requires no special in-house training. No! You don’t need any degree of any sort to be called a certified or professional blogger. Your skill, your experience, and contents will speak for you.

Let me back this up a bit.

The thing is:

No matter the level of training you will receive both online and offline – if you don’t practice blogging constantly – there is no way you’d become a great blogger.

If you practice something enough, you’ll eventually be able to do it perfectly. It is like learning how to ride a bike. You’ll have to fall a few times to be able to master riding.

Get the point?

Even though we’ve covered a lot lots of topics about blogging on this site – I’m going to take you through the core processes of starting, building or creating your own blog in Nigeria.

Steps to Starting Your Own Blog

Starting a blog is actually more than a straightforward act than most people think. Even if you’re not a tech-savvy fellow – you can knock out your own blog within a very short while.

Let’s go!

Step #1: Choose a blogging niche (if you don’t have one yet).

Step #2: Choose your blogging domain.

Step #3: Pick your blogging platform (WordPress.org).

Step #4: Signup for a hosting account. We recommend Bluehost. (comes with a free domain).

Step #5: Install WordPress from your Bluehost dashboard.

Step #6: Pick your WordPress blogging theme.

Step #7: Install the necessary plugins for your new blog.

Step #8: Customize your blog the way you want it to look like.

Step #9: Start publishing your posts.

Following the above steps will get your blog up and running. And another good thing is that if you get stuck during the setup process (which is unlikely) – your hosting company – Bluehost is always there to assist you at every stage.

So, this isn’t a part of the blogging process to be scared about.

You should be scared about what happens after setting up your blog.

Yes! Because there is more to building and running a successful blog.


Key Points to Running a Successful Blog

There are lots of variables involved for you to have a great blog you could monetize through several means to stand the test of time.

Like having social media pages for your blog, promoting them on several platforms, interlinking your blog posts, keyword research, networking with other bloggers, building your email list, formatting your blog posts appropriately, on-page optimization, link building and lots of other things.

However, it will require another blog post to cover and break-down all these strategies.

But let me discuss on only two (2) which I think you will need as a new blogger:

Let’s go!

#1: Don’t Neglect Keyword Research

Show me a blogger who writes a post and runs a blog without performing keyword research – I will show you a blogger who has failed woefully as a blogger.

In fact, there is no way you’re ever going to be successful and make money blogging without proper keyword research.

Let me ask:

How are you going to know what people want to read or searching for if you don’t carry out keyword research?

This is a core SEO task that involves identifying popular words or phrases people enter into the search engines to find and get the questions they are looking for.

Once you discover these keywords, then you can go further to analyze them (searching for them on Google to see results), before writing about them.

There are different ways you can find keywords – but the starting point for me is putting the head keyword into a keyword research tool like (Keywordtool.io), then see the suggestions, prepositions, and questions about that particular keyword.

For example, Your niche is fashion wears:

Then it brings the above keyword suggestions about “Fashion wears”.

Keyword ideas fashion

You can check the questions and prepositions related to the keyword. Here are the questions.

Then go ahead and to target each one of these keywords in separate posts.

Another easy way to find keywords is by using Google autosuggestion itself. All you need to do is type in “fashion wears”, followed by an alphabet (a, b, c…) or whatever comes to mind.

In this case, I tried “a”

Blogging fashion kw ideas

It’ll auto-fill the search box with some suggestions. And those are potential keywords to cover on your blog.

One HACK TIP for also finding cool keyword ideas for your blog is going to Quora to input your initial keyword to see things people as asking.

Quora keyword ideas

Here is an advanced keyword research guide by Backlinko to help you master this art.

#2: Format Your Blog Posts Properly

Want your visitors to enjoy your posts and stay longer on your site?

Then you need to cultivate the act of formatting your posts to please your users.

Let it not be a surprise to you that a large percentage of web visitors don’t read everything on your post word for word.

In today’s world, the average internet reader skims written content.

People are so protective of their time. Too much content and no time to go through them all.

Having said all that…

Here are some pointers to help you format your posts well:

  • Make use of all the heading and subheading tags in your posts where necessary.
  • Always use short paragraphs (not more than 3-5 lines)
  • Add images in between your texts (at every 300-500 words if possible)
  • Use pattern interrupts on your texts (Bold, underline, italics, etc.)
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists to improve user experience


Final Thoughts on Where to Learn Blogging in Lagos

Becoming a self-made successful blogger in Lagos or in Nigeria as a whole requires a lot of work upfront.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies the way a lot of online marketers and bloggers make it sound. Blogging is a great way to make money online and live life on your terms.

That’s true, quite alright.

But the beginning is always though, just like all things worth doing to be genuinely made in life.

You can follow the advice on this post and start your own blog right now! Without looking for a physical location in Lagos, Abuja or anywhere to learn how to blog.

Remember to reach out to (Bluehost.com) your hosting provider (that’s if you choose them). Or preferably contact us so we can help you get things rolling.

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