Is Blogging Still Profitable in Nigeria 2023?

A few years back just like yesterday when lots of people desired to be heard and known via blogging.

And they also want to make some crazy money blogging.

They would just go ahead and sign up for a free blogging platform either on or Google’s own Blogspot, then start writing.

They would write about their personal life, hobbies, poems or how the economy is treating them badly. This was about 5-10 years ago when things weren’t as good as these.

This was how most of the top bloggers started in Nigeria back then – until they found their voice.

It’s no longer like that in 2020.

Blogging has changed a lot over the years.

In fact, it was so easy getting traffic to a free blogging platform and monetize it via Google AdSense.

But now – Never ever think of creating a free blog and hope to become the next online millionaire. That would be a joke of the century my friend.

Don’t be surprised when I tell you that blogging is still profitable in 2020. It is!

Just that lots of things have changed and it longer looks the way it used to be. There are lots of blogging tactics that don’t work any longer.

These old blogging strategies made blogging unprofitable for anyone who adopts and employs them in their blogging journey.

We shall talk about some of them and how you can make blogging work for you. Starting today.


Is Blogging Still Profitable in Nigeria?

With a resounding, bolded, underlined and capitalized YES. Blogging is still very much profitable in Nigeria and when you follow the latest blogging trends and implement the right blogging strategies – you’ll be capable of making your fulltime income from blogging.

Without having to worry about a job nor money throughout your entire life.

But there are some proven blogging strategies you must follow to become a profitable blogger in Nigeria and beyond.

Starting from:

  • Choosing the right blogging niche
  • Targeting the right keywords
  • Learning the ins and outs of SEO
  • Applying the perfect monetization strategy
  • Continuing with the right mindset (HUGE!)

And tons of other cool tactics to make blogging profitable for you.

The reason why thousands of Nigerians are still finding it difficult making good money from blogging is they miss one of the above points.

And they might not even be aware that has been the factor hindering their successes.

What Makes Blogging Profitable in Nigeria?

Starting from the first one:

#1: Choosing the right blogging niche

If you’ve read our guide on starting a blog and some of our blogging related posts, then you’ll find out obviously that this the very first step in building an online publishing business. aka blogging.

You choose the wrong niche or stuff to blog about – everything that follows will seem like throwing watery pap to the wall.

Just make sure you go with a niche in between the lines of your interest, passion, skills, and experience.

Honestly, that’s the best way to go about this.

#2: Targeting the right keywords

First of all, you wouldn’t want to write on a blog topic off your head, then publish it and hope people find it useful. Please don’t do that.

This is a great blogging mistake people make. Then they go about saying blogging doesn’t work.

It is because they write something people aren’t searching for in search engines. Brutal.

Carrying out proper keyword research and writing your content based on that is where your success starts in the blogging space.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t end there. You also need to perform thorough competitive research and analysis to make sure you won’t be swimming in a red ocean.

Meaning going after a super-competitive keyword where ranking and getting traffic wouldn’t be hard.

So, the aim is to identify the right keywords, then make sure those keywords are less-competitive, then write on them.

#3: Learning the ins and outs of SEO

SEO is such a tricky subject the weakens the souls of many bloggers and those aspiring to be one. But it doesn’t have to be.

Understanding the basics is enough for you to start making money from your blog. Only if you’re consistent.

The last part (Targeting the right keywords) is also a part of Search Engine Optimization. But that’s where it all starts.

Google is a value-content based platform. Just understand that.

Focus on producing the best helpful content on the planet to your users (backed by keyword research of course), following these on-page guidelines.

Then watch how Google is going to reward you.

Though SEO doesn’t end here. However, kicking off with imperfectly this way will definitely set you up for your first traffic and blogging successes.

#4: Applying the perfect monetization strategy

We wrote a piece on how to monetize your blog here and I think that post will give you all you need to apply the right blog monetization strategy.

Though, let me add that not all industries are monetizable through affiliate marketing, sponsorship and even display ads.

All you need to do is analyze some other similar blogs in your niche or related and see how their blogs are monetized.

That would at least give you some ideas on how to make money from your own blog.

#5: Continuing with the right mindset

Generally speaking, mindset has always been the KEY to massive success in business. if not in all business but IT IS for every form of online business.

  • The mindset that it’s not a get rich quick scheme
  • The mindset that it takes time and requires patience
  • The mindset that it takes a huge amount of hard work and consistency
  • The mindset that it’s not a bed of roses. There are, failures, ups, and downs
  • The mindset that it’s a compound effect
  • The mindset that it pays on a long-term and can set you free financially for life
  • The mindset that learning and implantation never ends

You get the point?

Starting a blog and becoming profitable is just as difficult as starting a business. No sugar-coating here.

It’s all about hard work and not giving up when all seems like it’s not working. This is the more reason why you need to stick to it and be among the few people reaping the benefits.

Finally, remember that if blogging was easy and there was an easy entry – every single being on earth would be blogging millionaires.

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