How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria

In this post, I’ll be doing justice on how to make money with amazon affiliate program in Nigeria. I’m sure we all know Amazon to be the giant ranking the e-commerce market in the entire planet.

They’ve been the undisputed e-commerce leader and generating more than $135 billion in revenue just last year alone.

Plus, they’ve been doing this for a very long time working with other people and now is your chance to cash big with them.

Affiliate marketing is one of the prominent ways to make money online and the good thing is, the money keeps flowing on autopilot.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with us how to start amazing affiliate marketing in Nigeria in just 2 ways and make serious income with them.

Not just make money, but how to receive your income in naira from the comfort of your home.


Here’s the thing.

I want you to understand, I’m 110% certain you can make money with Amazon affiliate marketing if you can implement what I’m about to share with you.

I’m not here to sweet talk you into making money with Amazon program in Nigeria.

But as a fellow countryman, I want to teach you proven method, ways, and channel that actually works.

So, that’s it!

If you’re motivated and you believe you can pull this through with all it takes, trust me you’ll be making hundreds of thousands a few months from now.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

The basic understanding of this is that you earn a commission on every product bought through your affiliate link on Amazon.

As we all know Amazon is the top e-commerce store in the entire world and the largest affiliate program. Hardly will you not see a product to promote on the platform.

The basic of affiliate marketing is really simple. All you need to do is recommend products to people and when they buy, you earn a commission.

However, if it’s that simple, everybody should be doing it right?


The basic is simple!

It’s the implementation process that needs work.

You need to understand and know the products to promote as well as how to generate traffics to them.

The affiliate commission cap on Amazon products is 10% commission. This means you can earn up to 10% commission on every product you’re promoting.

Let’s say you’re promoting a product of $200 at the affiliate commission of 10%, your commission is going to be $20.

Not bad right?

Now, let’s assume you were able to generate 3000 traffic per month which is very low and just 30 of them buy the product on Amazon.

Your affiliate commission is going to be $20 multiplied by 30 which equals $600 (N216,000) on a single product.

Now, imagine promoting multiple products and just 200 people are buying through your link every month. That’s 200*$20 = $4000 (N1,440,000) every month and increasing!

That’s just the basic and simple formula to it.

All you need to do is just focus on generating traffic and most importantly choose a nice and less competitive niche you know you can be passionate about.

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria with Eight Simple Steps

As I said earlier, I’m going to be recommending two ways at which you can do this, which is through:

  • A Niche Blog
  • And Amazon Niche Shop

The first will require you to write articles about specific niche products and include you affiliate links.

After educating your traffic with your article and if they decide to buy the products on Amazon through your link. You’ll earn a commission on each product sales.

While the second being an affiliate Shop will require you to install WooCommerce and create an affiliate e-commerce store for Amazon products.

The product is going to include a “buy button on Amazon” which will redirect them to make their final purchase.

So, that’s basically how it works!

Now, let’s look into how we can turn that into a reality, and we can do this with the following steps:

  1. Getting a Domain and Web Host
  2. Setting Up Your Blog Website or Affiliate Store
  3. Customizing Your Amazon Affiliate Site
  4. Choosing Your Product Niche
  5. Creating Content for Your Affiliate Site
  6. Registering for Amazon Associate Account in Nigeria
  7. Promoting Your Site for Traffic
  8. How to Receive Amazon Affiliate Payment in Nigeria

Step 1: Getting Your Domain and Web Host

Getting a domain name is always the first thing to do. You’ll need a simple but catchy name for your website.

This is simply the name your website users will type in their browser to get to your website. For example, or

I usually recommend you go with the first or second name that comes to your mind before you start overthinking it.

So, one’s domain name is out of the picture, you’ll then need a web host to set up your website.

And don’t worry you’ll get your domain name for FREE using BLUEHOST as your hosting provider!

Web Host, on the other hand, is actually what you need to set up your website.

Think of the domain name as the address of the website and the web host as the actual house of the website.

Your web host is where every information, files, data and other things that pertain to your website live online. So, I kind of think it’s very important you choose a very reliable hosting provider.

For this, there’s no better one than BLUEHOST and here are the reasons:

  • Free Set-Up
  • Pre-installed WordPress (No Experience Needed from You)
  • Loads Crazily fast
  • Cheapest you can get for their value
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Established company with a reputable online presence
  • 30Days Money-back guaranteed
  • And 24/7 customer support
  • And many more…

Plus, they are officially recommended by WordPress and they meet all the requirements for choosing a reliable web hosting provider.

Since everything is in place, the next thing is to set up the website using the recommended BLUEHOST.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Blog Website or Affiliate Store

To get started you’ll need to head over to, then click on the “Get Started” button to begin.

bluehost web hosting

The next page will prompt you to choose a plan. Since it’s a new website you can go with the basic plan.

Select hosting bluehost package

Once you’ve chosen your plan, you’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll enter your domain name.

Enter your domain name and if the one you choose is already taken, that means you’ll need to enter another domain name.

choose domain

Peradventure you’ve gotten one with another provider, just enter the name at the second box at the right hand side.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to create an account with your personal information before checking out.

bluehost account billing

Next, choose your account plan based on your budget. This is based on the duration of months you choose. It could be 12, 36 or even 60 months straight.

The longer the months the cheaper you’ll pay.

Also, make sure you don’t tick any extra add-ons. They are totally not necessary except for the domain privacy that cost $0.99

bluehost package

Finally, enter your payment details to purchase it and make sure you tick the “Terms of Service” button and hit the “Submit” button.

You can pay with your normal Visa or MasterCard, the dollar equivalent will be charged in naira on your card.

bluehost billing

Congrats, you’ve just got yourself a domain and reliable web hosting account. The next thing is to set up your site with WordPress.

This is one of the advantages of using BLUEHOST, you don’t have to worry about the WordPress installation because it’s automatically done for you.

Setting Up Your Site with WordPress

By now, you should have received a welcome email from BLUEHOST, head over to your email address and set up your password for easy login.

The next steps will prompt you to choose a theme and other few things, please feel free to skip them as you can always choose a better one in your WordPress dashboard.

pick blog design

Next, you’ll see a welcome to WordPress page, at this page choose what your blog is going to be used for and proceed to the next page.

Bluehost WordPress Dashboard

Here, give it a title (domain name) and a brief description of what the domain will be all about. Once that’s done, you can now log in to your WordPress dashboard from your Bluehost account.

Congratulation, you now have a complete website for Amazon affiliate marketing. Next, we’ll go over how to customize it for faster result.

Step 3: Customizing Your Amazon Affiliate Site

It may look overwhelming to you most especially if you’re still new to WordPress but don’t worry it’s very simple and straight forward.

You just need to familiarize yourself with the WordPress admin areas and before you know it, you’re a master already.

Now, let’s go over the basic things we need…

As I said earlier, you can easily log in to your WordPress area from your Bluehost dashboard.

Once you’re in the WordPress area at the left-hand side, scroll down and click on “Appearance” >>> “Theme” >>> “Add New” to install any of your choices.

installing your new theme for your new wordpress website

There are thousands of free themes to get started with and as time goes by you can change to a premium theme.

After finding a theme of your choice, just click on the Install button and activate the theme. To see how the theme looks on your website… just type your website URL on another browser to look at the new theme.

If you like it cool and if you don’t you can easily change to another theme for free.

Installing The Necessary Plugins for Your Amazon Affiliate Site

Next, we’ll go over the necessary plugins needed for your site and how to install and activate them.

Below are the basic plugins you need to get started for better and faster results. They include:

  • Yoast Plugin: This is needed for the over SEO of your website and integrating your website with Google Analytics.
  • Thirsty Affiliate Plugin: For cloaking your affiliate links
  • Contact Form 7 Plugin: Needed for receiving messages on your website
  • Social Share Button: This is needed for sharing your post on social media and for readers to easily share them too.
  • UpdraftPlus Plugin: This is needed for backups of your website content. In case anything happens this will help restore your contents.
  • WP Super Cache Plugin: This helps reduce unnecessary junks on your website that might want to reduce your site speed.
  • JetPack plugin: this allows you to monitor your site stats, like website visitors, country and traffic location etc.
  • Classic Editor: you’ll need this to have a simpler user experience when writing articles on your website.

Now, for you to install the plugins, head over to your WP (WordPress) dashboard, then click on “Plugins” >>> “New”. You’ll see it on the left-hand side of the WP dashboard area by scrolling down.

adding your plugin

Using an SEO friendly URL will allow you to easily rank for certain keywords you’re promoting. The default permalink on your WordPress isn’t SEO friendly.

It looks like this: while the SEO friendly URL should look like this:

You need to change this even before you start writing any article, because once you publish your first article you can unchanged the link for that particular article.

So, it’s very important you change your permalink to the right one even before you start writing any articles.

To do this, go to “Setting from your WP dashboard then “Permalinks” then choose “Post name”. After that, you need to save it for it to be updated.

choosing your permalink for your wordpress amazon affiliate website

Step 4: Choosing Your Product Niche

Choosing a profitable niche is one of the crucial steps to achieving success with the Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria.

A niche is a group of related products under the same product category.

Choosing a Niche with less competitive product keywords will allow you to start generating much traffics compared to highly competitive product keywords.

Think of it as being a big fish in a small pool rather than being a small fish in a big pool. Chances are you’ll get eaten by the bigger ones.

Let’s say you want to create an Amazon niche site around computers.

Your niche site is going to include every product related to computers and your articles will target keywords around computers.

keywords ideas for computer niche site:

  • Best mouse for HP laptops
  • Or best HP laptops below $200
  • Prices for cheap computers
  • Best HP Battery to buy
  • And many others…

Those are just examples of keywords based articles because they are what people are actually searching for.

So, for example, let say you want to write an article for “Best HP Laptops below $200”.

What you need to do is find several laptops below $200 on Amazon, you could list like 20 of them and include your affiliate links in every single one of them.

For this, your article title could be “Top 20 Best HP Laptops Below $200” or “20 Amazon HP Laptops Below $200”.

Do you get the idea?


Now, you’ll have to do your own research and think about the product niche on amazon that you can easily create content about.

If you can’t write articles, all hope is not gone. That’s mean you’ll be willing to invest money in writing.

You could source sites like:

… for your articles!

Doing Keywords Research for Your Blog Post

Once article writing is settled, you now need to focus on how to generate keywords ideas for your chosen niche.

For the process to be easy I’ll be recommending tools that can help you get started and start ranking as fast as possible.

These tools include:

  • Long tail Pro (Premium Tool)
  • Keywords Everywhere (Free Chrome Extension)
  • Google Auto Suggest

#1: Long Tail Pro

Before I go about this tool (Long Tail Pro) I think it’s necessary you understand how long-tail keywords work and why you should target them.

Long-tail keywords are SEO friendly keywords most especially for a new site like your own. This is because they are less competitive and little or no blogs are targeting them.

A good example of long-tail keywords is … “best HP laptops below $200 on amazon” while short tail keyword is “HP Laptops” or “Best Laptops

Long Tail Pro, on the other hand, is a fantastic tool for keyword research that allows you to generate these long-tail keywords within a few seconds.

You can generate hundreds of keywords suggestions that you can target and rank for even as a new affiliate and start making money as fast as possible.

The gimmick behind this is that, if nobody has a content on a particular keyword and people are searching for it.

Google will have no choice but to rank your website higher for it even if your blog is a week old.

#2: Keywords Everywhere (Free Chrome Extension)

The Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension is a plugin that you’ll install on your Chrome browser and allows you to see keywords idea on all your searches.

For example, in the image below, I did a Google search of “best HP laptops under $200” and it brought out all the related keywords I can also target as well as the search volume for each of the keywords.

keyword everywhere chrome extension

This is also an amazing tool for keywords research and the good thing is it’s free!

You can still get started for this and as time goes by you can upgrade to a premium tool like LONG TAIL PRO.

#3: Google Auto Suggest

Google auto-suggest is the suggestions Google pop-ups when you’re searching for a particular thing on Google search engine.

These suggestions are terms that people are actually searching for and you can equally target them to create an article.

What you need to do is search for any products on Amazon and check out the suggestion Google is going to bring out.

You can use this suggestion as an inspiration to write another affiliate article targeting amazon products.

For example, in the GIF below, I typed “best summer clothes for” on Google search bar and I let Google suggest the ending.

Google Suggest

So, this suggests that people are actually searching to buy clothes that complement their body type. If your blog targets the fashion niche, you could start writing articles about clothes for different body types.

And you’ll earn a commission on every cloth bought on Amazon!

So, that’s pretty much everything about Amazon niche keywords research. And now you need to start putting up content for your chosen keywords.

Step 5: Creating Content for Your Amazon Affiliate Site

Now that you understand how to generate keywords to write about, it’s time to start putting up the actual content.

I know this is the scariest part when it comes to affiliate marketing using a blog. I usually get tons of messages about readers asking me if they can start affiliate marketing without writing articles.

Some even say they don’t know how to write and some says they can’t keep up that it’s too much of work!

Now, this is one of the reasons I said you need to choose a niche you’re passionate about because you’re going to enjoy the process.

However, if you can’t write or probably you’re very busy like me, don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

First Option: Using AI Robot

do you know you can have Article AI (Robot) generate articles for you?

All you need do is enter the topic of what you want to write and a little explanation about the topic and this AI software will generate the article for you.

Sounds too good to be true?

Watch the video below and see me generate an article using the software.

Learn More About The AI Writer Tool

Second Option: Outsourcing the Content

But the thing is, you must be willing to pay for articles written for you.

Once you’re willing to pay, all you have to do is head over to

With HireWriter you can pull up tons of articles targeting specific keywords with a reasonable and affordable price.

Their article writing cost the following:

  • 150 – 300 words = $1.50
  • 700 – 1000 words = $5.00

However, if you want extremely good articles you must be willing to pay more.

Below are my recommendations if you plan on using HireWriter:

  • Request that writers should use a tool like Grammarly to spot errors in writings before final submission
  • Make sure you save your favourite writer for next time
  • Always be precise on what you want the writer to get done for you

With this, you’re on to a good investment that’ll make you passive income on a monthly basis with the Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria.

Writing Articles, Yourself!

This isn’t so much difficult as you think it may be if you use the Yoast SEO plugin I mention earlier then the writing is made easy for you.

The plugin will guide you through how to create an SEO-friendly article and how to do On-Page SEO for ranking your article.

Yoast dashboard

The plugin indicates just 3 lights:

  • Red: which is bad
  • Yellow: this means OK
  • Green: which is what you should focus on getting

The green light indicates your article is SEO optimized and that you can rank for the certain keywords you’re trying to target.

Step 6: Registering for Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria (Amazon Associate Account)

The only hindrance to this is that you’ll need a US Phone NO to get verified for amazon associate. That used to be a barrier but not anymore.

I’ll show you how you can do it for free!

To get started, head over to the Amazon Affiliate program website and hit the “Join now for free” button

amazon associate

After that, you’ll be asked to log in to your existing Amazon account. If you didn’t have one already you can just create a new one.

amazon associate sign in page

The next page will ask several questions that you need to answer! Just follow the on-screen instruction to complete your profile…

creating your amazon associates account

Next, after you’ve must have completed the sign-up process, you’ll need to be verified on the Phone before you can be activated.  And this can only happen on a US Phone No.

To get your US Phone NO, download the TEXTPLUS App on Google plus.

text plus

You’ll be giving a free US number upon Set-up.

Enter this number on the required place on the amazon affiliate registration page and click verify.

Once you do that, an automated call will come in via your number on the TEXT PLUS App.

After this, your account will be verified and you can start promoting Amazon products as an affiliate.

Step 7: Promoting Your Site for Traffic

As you already know that without traffic your site can’t make any money so you need to start promoting it. This should be your #1 focus if you really want to make money with the Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria.

Being a new blog you need to put in the effort by pushing it because even Google won’t start ranking you immediately.

To start generating traffics in no time you need to focus on the following:

  • Sharing post on social media
  • Answer Questions on Quora
  • Focus on getting Backlinks
  • Collecting Email on your site for re-visit
  • Promoting Your Site Through Sponsored Ads

#1: Sharing Post on Social Media

I won’t dwell much on this because I believe everybody should be used to this already. However, you can’t just go on sharing a post on social media anyhow.

You need to do it ethically. Join your niche related groups on social media and share your website link when necessary.

Also, avoid being spammy about it else you’ll get kicked out and blocked by Facebook.

Other platforms for this include:

  • Pinning on Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • And many others…

#2: Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is still by far the best way to generate traffic to new blogs. People ask thousands on questions on a daily basis on Quora.

What you need to do is look for question-related to your blog niche and provide answers to it but make sure you include your site link in the answer to redirect them to your blog.

Try as much as possible to answer as many questions as possible. And before you know it your site will start generating traffic and Google equally ranking you.

Getting backlinks is an entire course on its own. However, here’s a complete guide by Brian Dean and he has completely done justice to it.

The more backlinks your site get the more authoritative your site will become. And Google acknowledges authoritative site over the lesser ones.

#4: Collecting Email for Site Re-Visit

Look for a means to get your site visitors email address and send an email newsletter to them whenever you publish another content.

You can use GetResponse to get started. They have a free 30Days trial to get started. I equally use them and their service is awesome.

#5: Promoting Your Site Through Sponsored Ads

This is usually the easiest way but it going to cost you some funds. You can decide to run a Facebook ad to drive traffic to your site.

There are some many platforms to do this:

  • Pop Up ads
  • Native ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

Step 8: How to Receive Amazon Affiliate Payment in Nigeria Using Payoneer

I equally receive many questions about this as regards the amazon affiliate program in Nigeria. Nigeria isn’t in the payout section, so people tend to think they can’t get paid if they are in Nigeria.

However, it’s quite simple if you have a Payoneer account, and if you don’t you can simply create one here. Or watch the video below on how to create it.

Once you’ve been able to set up an account with Payoneer you can now start using your Payoneer US account to receive payment on Amazon.

And that it… you’re fully set up!

However, probably you’re wondering how the money is going to reach your NGN bank account once you have funds in your Payoneer account, don’t worry.

I’ve also created the video below to walk you through how you can withdraw your Payoneer money finally to your Nigeria local bank account. Watch the second video below and see how it’s done.


So, that’s it on how to make money with Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria. If you enjoy this post, please share on your social media.

Perhaps you have a contribution or question please use the comment section I’ll attend to it in minutes.

Summary on how to make money with Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria:

  • Choose a niche you can write about or use HireWriter to get it done for you
  • Get Your Free Domain name and Buy Your Hosting with BlueHost
  • Set-Up and Customize your Website Using WordPress
  • Do your keyword research… You could Long Tail Pro (Paid Tool)
  • Register with amazon affiliate program in Nigeria
  • Publish your content
  • Start promoting your content

However, if you prefer the Amazon affiliate niche store, I’ve written a case study using the Jumia affiliate store you can as well check it out!

I also have free training on how I did over $200,000 with Affiliate Marketing with my partner.

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  1. Oke afis folorunso says:

    Good day sir. I just go true step by step explanation on affiliate marketing on Amazon, a new to this business, I don’t even know how to do all what I have read on your post, please if you can put me true to all the process easy for me. because I so instead in making some money on line.??? Please sir.

    1. Olusola David says:

      That’s why I created the content in the first place. Take it a step at a time so as not to get overwhelmed with too much information.

  2. When setting up an amazon affiliate account, for a Nigeria student living overseas, how can i solve the issue of tax ID

    1. Olusola David says:

      use your Nigeria details

  3. Hi Dude good quality information for people interested in Amazon affiliate biz. I only have one comment Payoneer does not work for Nigerians because they send your dollar earnings to a naira account and it bounces back to them. The Nigerian govment only allows domiciliary transaction which Payoneer does not seem to do. Speaking from experience, before the ban you can receive in your naira account, not anymore.

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