OwoDaily Affiliate Program – [Make N245,000 monthly]

In this post, we’re going to learn about the Owodaily affiliate program and how you can make money from it. 

Over the years, affiliate marketing has gotten widespread acceptance. 

Currently, the global market size of affiliate marketing is over $17 billion. It has also been forecasted to increase by 10% annually.

An interesting stat is that 81% of brands rely on affiliate marketing to push sales of their products

This means there’s always room to make money through affiliate marketing. 

I have personally made millions as an affiliate from various affiliate marketing programs.

OwoDaily affiliate program is part of that list.

But as with every other means of making money online, affiliate marketing requires hard work, dedication and commitment.

When done right, affiliate marketing can help you live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Right here, I will break down how you can get started as an Owodaily affiliate and make legit money from it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a model of marketing whereby companies pay a marketer (usually called an affiliate) commissions for selling their products or services.

Let’s assume Company A sells beauty products and has an affiliate program that gives a 20% commission. 

When you sign up as an affiliate on the company’s affiliate marketing portal, for each product you sell, you get a 20% commission.

If the beauty product costs N40,000, you get a commission of N8,000

That’s basically the affiliate marketing model.

What is the OwoDaily Affiliate Program?

OwoDaily is an online micro-job platform that connects advertisers with thousands of people who sign up to get paid for doing small tasks on the internet.

OwoDaily is almost similar to Upwork where freelancers sign up and search for gigs.

On OwoDaily, you can sign up and apply for short gigs and get paid.

jobs on owodaily

Jobs available on Owodaily are grouped into one of the following categories:

  • App review (blog post & video review)
  • Desktop app download and install
  • Mobile app download and review
  • Mobile app download and install only
  • Mobile app download and sign up (email and phone number)
  • Mobile app download, sign up with KYC and complete task
  • Mobile app download and sign up + deposit (with verified platforms only)
  • Mobile app download and sign up (email and phone number) + complete task.

To join the OwoDaily affiliate program, you will have to be a registered member of the platform.

OwoDaily offers two membership packages with different pricing options.

  1. OwoDaily member
  2. OwoDaily+ affiliate

To be an Owodaily member, you need to pay a one-time membership fee of N3,000.

This package doesn’t give you access to Owodaily’s affiliate program. It only gives you access to apply for gigs on Owodaily.

To access Owodaily affiliate features, you need to take up the second membership package – Owodaily+ affiliate.

The membership fee as an Owodaily+ affiliate member is N13,000. 

This is an annual membership fee, but you only pay N10,000 the following year for renewal.

This is so because on signing up as an Owodaily+ affiliate, you pay N3,000 which is the lifetime membership fee to join Owodaily.

The extra N10,000 gives you access to OwoDaily affiliate program

 After signing up as an Owodaily+  member, you are given access to the following:

  • A personal account manager
  • Real-time sales report
  • Cashback on your personal purchases 
  • Access to all offers on the marketplace

OwoDaily Affiliate Offers

After signing up as an Owodaily+  member, you instantly have access to Owodaily’s affiliate offers. These are products listed by members on Owodaily’s marketplace to promote.

Owodaily offers

It might interest you to know that the products listed on the platform for affiliates can be digital products or physical products.

So, there’s no limitation on what you can promote as an affiliate aside from drugs and adult products

OwoDaily in an attempt to ensure affiliates make money from their affiliate program, created sections dedicated to hot products, featured offers and latest offers.

Hot products:

The hot products section shows products selling like crazy.

These products have been proven to convert. This means getting sales wouldn’t be difficult because the products are in huge demand.

Owodaily hot products offer

The featured products section displays products generally listed on the platform. These products already have some traction-meaning there’s a steady demand for these products.

Owodaily featured offers

Latest offers:

These are products newly added to the affiliate offers portal. OwoDaily keeps updating this list as new members join daily. This ensures you – as an affiliate have lots of products at your disposal to promote.

Owodaily latest offers

How to get started on OwoDaily Affiliate Program

The registration process on Owodaily is very straightforward. 

Step 1: Register on the website

The first step is to visit OwoDaily.com

Click “BECOME A MEMBER” or “START EARNING” as shown below:

Owodaily- become a member

After clicking the “BECOME A MEMBER” or “START EARNING” button, you will be taken to the membership registration page as shown below. 

Owodaily member registration page

On this page, enter your details such as full names, email addresses, dates of birth, bank names, account numbers, etc.

You’re asked for your account details to enable swift payments into your account when you start fulfilling job orders.

It’s also worth mentioning that Owodaily doesn’t ask for your Bank Verification Number (BVN) to be a member.

After filling in your details, tick the checkbox to agree with Owodaily’s terms & conditions. Then click “SUBMIT & COMPLETE REGISTRATION”.

Step 2: Verify Your Email

After submitting your registration, a verification link will be sent to your email. 

Here’s a screenshot of the email sent to me upon registration.

Owodaily email confirmation

Log into the email you used on the registration page and click the verification link sent to your email.

Upon clicking the verification link, you will be redirected to Owodaily’s login page as shown below:

Owodaily login

Enter the email address and password you used in signing up and click “LOGIN”.

Step 3: Pay The Membership Fee

After you log in to your new account, you will be taken to the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ACTIVATION page as shown below:

Owodaily registration fee

Click “SIGN UP FOR OWODAILY+  N13,000”

To make payments, you are given the option of paying through your debit cards, bank transfer or USSD or by using an Owodaily gift card.

How to Promote OwoDaily Affiliate Products

Now, you’ve learnt about the products listed on Owodaily+ for affiliates. You’ve also learnt how to sign up as an Owodaily+ member to be an affiliate.

So, how do you promote products listed on Owodaily affiliate offers?

I will show you step-by-step how to get affiliate links from Owodaily affiliate program and give you a detailed breakdown of how to sell the affiliate products.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

To promote offers on Owodaily+ as an affiliate, you do so through affiliate links just like every other affiliate marketing platform.

To get affiliate links to products, simply sign in to your Owodaily account and click “OWODAILY+” on the menu.

Owodaily menu

Click “DASHBOARD” on the dropdown menu. 

On the dashboard, you will be shown affiliate offers available on Owodaily+ in the hot products, featured offers and the latest offer category as explained earlier.

I advise you to promote products listed in the hot products section because they are in high demand.

Let’s assume you intend to promote “The Affiliate Accelerator Course”

Owodaily affiliate accelerator

To get the affiliate link for the product, simply click the product name.

After clicking, you would be directed to the affiliate page as shown below:

Owodaily affiliate link

To get the link, simply click “COPY”. You can post this link on your social media pages, WhatsApp status, blog, etc.

STEP 2: Promote Owodaily Affiliate Products

Getting your affiliate links is the first step. Promotion is where the money is.

If you don’t promote the products you won’t make money.

I’m going to make this section as beginner-friendly as possible.

That means I’m going to assume that you are starting from scratch and literally know nothing about selling products online.

Please, take this point I’m about to take seriously because it’s going to be the basis of every means of selling Owodaily products or any other products online.

The only way to sell products online is by driving traffic (lots of it) to your offers.

Kindly read that statement again!

Usually, online marketing gurus would say you need to have an offer that converts before anything.

But Owodaily has done that for you.

They’ve categorised offers that are already in demand. So, all you literally have to do is to drive traffic to hot offers.

How to Drive Traffic to OwoDaily Offers

There are lots of ways to drive traffic. But there are two major ways to do it

  1. Paid method
  2. Organic method

#1. Paid method

This is simply leveraging paid means to drive traffic to your offers or simply put, paying for sponsored posts on advertising platforms.

The biggest social media platforms in the world, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and Snapchat all offer pay-per-click advertising popularly referred to as PPC.

After opening a free account on these social media platforms, learn how to use the ads manager on these platforms and start running ads for your offers.

Another unique way of driving paid traffic to owodaily affiliate offers is through search engines like Google, YouTube, and Bing.

These search engines also offer pay-per-click advertising like social media platforms.

To make this post on Owodaily affiliate program very realistic, I’m going to explain to you how to leverage paid traffic in driving sales of affiliate products.

Driving direct traffic from any pay-per-click platform to your affiliate offers will probably get you banned from their platforms.

This is against their advertising policies.

To get sales, you need to create a landing page.

You may ask…

“What’s a landing page?”

A landing page is a web page an internet user “lands” on after clicking an ad.

The landing page serves two purposes:

  1. To serve as a link between your ad and affiliate offers
  2. To collect email addresses for follow-up

Here’s an example of a landing page from an internet marketing expert, Miles Beckler

 landing page owodaily

The aim of collecting the email addresses of those who land on the page is simply to follow up.

Most people who click through your ad to your affiliate offer won’t likely buy.

Usually, a small percentage of those who land on your page will buy. 

The conversion rate could be 1%. Meaning for every 100 visitor that sees your landing page, only one person would buy.

What happens to the 99 others?

You have their contact information!

You can easily follow up to get them to buy later.

Pros of the paid method

  1. It’s the fastest way to drive traffic to your preferred Owodaily offer.
  2. Ability to target the right audience for sales

Cons of the paid method

  1. It could get really expensive if you’re a beginner

Organic method

Promoting your offers organically i.e., without paid ads is a consistent, long-term strategy. 

This is the best way to promote your offers if you don’t have money for running paid ad campaigns.

The process of driving organic traffic starts with building an audience online.

Without an audience, you won’t be able to promote any offer from Owodaily.

You may ask…

How do I grow an audience that will buy my affiliate offers?

Here’s how:

Step 1: Have a niche

If you try selling to everyone, you end up selling nothing.

This means you need to have a niche. 

Let’s assume I want to promote the Real Estate Money Course on OwoDaily affiliate program.

Owodaily real estate

To promote this product effectively, I have to be known as the REAL ESTATE GUY.

Meaning my niche has to be real estate.

It would be difficult to sell a real estate course to ladies interested in natural hair.

Some may buy, but definitely not all.

But if you successfully build a list of people who are interested in growing their real estate business, selling the Real Estate Money Course to them will be easy compared to natural hair lovers.

Step 2: Create the content on your preferred platform

This is where the real work starts.

To build an audience, you need a platform.

For most beginners, you will most likely start with your social media accounts.

It could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or even TikTok.

Whatever platform you choose doesn’t really matter. The only exception is LinkedIn because the platform works for B2B businesses.

After choosing your preferred platform, you have to publish content regularly to grow your audience.

How fast your audience grows depends solely on how frequent you publish content and valuable your content is.

The best type of content is usually: how-to content, ultimate guides, listicles etc.

Aside from social media platforms, you can as well publish YouTube videos or even start a WordPress blog.

Starting a YouTube Channel or WordPress blog is the best way to build an audience organically.

This is because, after the initial work of publishing videos on your channel or content on your blog, your audience grows exponentially over time even when you stop posting regularly.

To grow on any social media platform, you need to publish content regularly else growth might stop.

To learn how to start a blog and make money with it, read this post.

Step 3: Promote your offers

When you’ve grown your audience, you can start promoting your offers.

This way, you have people who already know, like and trust you, making it easy for them to buy from you.

Pros of organic method

  1. It helps you build an audience that knows, likes and trusts you for life
  2. You spend less money on building your brand
  3. With an engaged audience, you can keep promoting different offers within the same niche to your audience.

Cons of organic method:

  1. It takes time and effort to make it work 


OwoDaily affiliate program presents an easy way for Nigerians to make money online.

With lots of hot products to choose from, making money from the affiliate program should be achievable for you.

In this post, you learned:

  1. About OwoDialy Platform
  2. OwoDaily Affiliate Offers
  3. How to get started on Owodaily affiliate program
  4. How to promote Owodaily affiliate products/offers
  5. How to drive traffic to Owodaily affiliate offers

You have no excuse whatsoever on how to make money with the OwoDaily affiliate program.

So, visit OwoDaily to sign up on Owodaily today and start making cool cash online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Owodaily legit?

Yes, Owodaily is legit. I have made over N1 million with Owodaily. According to Crunchbase – a platform that allows people to discover early start-ups, Owodaily was founded on 24th July 2020 by Chigozie Imachukwu.

Is Owodaily still paying?

YES! OwoDaily is still very much paying its members in 2022. As you can see below, my last withdrawal was on May 27th, 2022. The withdrawal was approved and paid directly into my bank account.

Is Owodaily free?

OwoDaily isn’t free. OwoDaily offers two membership options to new users.
The OwoDaily member: N3,000 (lifetime membership)
OwoDaily+ : N13,000 (Annual membership fee of N10,000)

OwoDaily minimum withdrawal

Withdrawals are processed every Friday and paid into the bank account you used when signing up on the platform. The minimum amount of money you can withdraw at any given period of time is N5,000

How much can I earn on Owodaily?

You can make as much money as you can. The only limitation is you, Here’s a screenshot of how much I’ve made on Owodaily.

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