Can You Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Spending A Dime?

Wondering if you can actually make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime or investment?

Or maybe you came here in search of some ‘legit’ opportunities to make money online for free without committing anything upfront.

Well, guess what?

I do have both GOOD and BAD news for you.

The good news is:

You’re not in the wrong place. This is the right place to be right now as we’re going to cover quite a few of your worries and give you access to what you need to make money online.

How about the bad news?

Sorry to disappoint you so early my friend – but you CAN’T make money online without spending money (a little at least), without hard work, without commitment, without putting in the time or effort to learn.

Yes, that’s right.

Let me give you some of the reasons quickly before we go into the good part. I think the majority of the people reading this right now would love to know, read, and take into action on.

Why You Can’t Make Money Online Without Investment

Ever since I’ve been in the online marketing space, I have never seen (I MEAN NEVER SEEN) anyone who’s successful online and got there without investment.

Without cash or sweat.

Making money online without spending much time and money doing it is one of the myths involved in making money online.

At the beginning stages, it’s always hard, requires a huge learning curve and dedication – even though you have hundreds of thousands to invest.

Sadly, you still have work to do.

Or let us flip it the other way. You have tons of time and ready to put in the work in every way possible – however, if you have no dime to work with, it’ll take you an extra sweat to get there.

In most scenarios, you’re likely to get there.

The better route I’d recommend is mixing both hard work and money for a greater “make money online” experience.

Some Make Money Online Opportunities Without A Dime

Having said all that – here are a few business opportunities you can start without investing a dime:

#1: Sell You Skill on Fiverr

Are you a student looking to make money online in Nigeria, or just a graduate or working-class individual searching for online business opportunities that pay in Nigeria?

Fiverr is one of the best places to start and make money without investment.

Though I didn’t start my online journey by helping people do tasks on Fiverr. But some of my marketing friends began on Fiverr.

It’s free, worldwide and easy to sign up.

This platform lets you offer any kind of services (even the oddest) that you’re good at or capable of, then get paid.

The only thing it requires here is your skill. No dime required to start.

Other platforms you can offer services include:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

#2: Create a YouTube channel

What do you think it requires to make money from YouTube?

Okay, let me tell me you.

Nothing but creativity, smartphone, and data.

YouTube is a free video platform anybody can get on and have their own educative or entertaining channel, then monetize it via:

  • Display ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate marketing

To attain the level to be able to monetize your YouTube channel – you must be consistent with your uploads, promote your channel, have decent video views and subscribers.

#3: Article Writing

Becoming a content writer costs nothing at all. All that is needed is your writing skills.

Which can be gotten by constant practice and learning.

There a few platforms you can apply for free to become a writer and get paid.

You can check out Hirewriters and iWriter which are dedicated content writing platforms. You can get writing gigs on places like Fiverr and Upwork as well.

My Best Method of Making Money Online

The paths I listed above are free to start without any investment BUT STILL needs and requires some sort of mental or physical investment.

Like getting good at what you do and setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Which kind of eliminates the idea of making money without spending a dime or putting anything to work.

We at SmartBizFreedom have been into this space for quite a long time (and achieved great success) to be able to tell what works and what doesn’t.

Learned from best and implemented tons of things in the online marketing space.

Our recommended method of making money online is the value-based method. Meaning we believe in adding value to people’s lives and getting paid in return.

It doesn’t really matter what route you decide to take. As there are over dozens of ways to make money online.

What matters is the number of problems you’re trying solve and lives you’re uplifting and making money in return.

Be it as an affiliate marketer, agency owner, dropshipping, eCommerce. Name it. Just focus on ways to alleviate pain.

Then making money online becomes so easy.

What Now?

Since you came in search of means to make money online Nigeria without a dime, I can’t recommend a better way other than you looking for a way to start your own blog.

Blogging was the way we started and we still make a decent income blogging and it’s never too late right now.

This is more proven than the methods we discussed above and it’s what we do all the time and has helped hundreds of students with it.

No, starting a blog isn’t free. It requires you to pay for domain and hosting.

Again no, it doesn’t cost an arm and leg, as we already partnered with the best hosting company to get you the best deal. Free domain and pay cheap for hosting.

Claim your free domain from Bluehost. Then select your hosting duration. You can follow our start a blog guide if lost in the process.


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