How To Make Money With ClickBank In Nigeria [$300 Per Day]

In today’s post, we’re going to be learning how to make money with Clickbank in Nigeria with just a simple work.

This method work for a complete newbie or even an expert in affiliate marketing.

If today’s is your first day coming across affiliate marketing, trust me this method is going to make you money.

All I need right now is your full attention and the passion to execute what you’re going to learn here today.

For those that are familiar with ClickBank in Nigeria, you’d understand that they are one of the largest affiliate networks in the world.

Plus, there’s no cap on your affiliate income.

I mean, you can make as much as you want to make. The sky is always your limit with ClickBank.

I’ll try as much as possible to make this the last resource you read on how to create a ClickBank account in Nigeria and make money.

That sh*t don’t usually work for Nigerians but don’t worry there’s still some way around it and you’ll be learning everything in this post.

So, let’s get started!

What Will You Learn In This Post? 

What is Clickbank

Actually when you hear the name Clickbank, what usually comes to your mind? Affiliate network right?

Well, Clickbank isn’t just an affiliate network it’s a marketplace where sellers/makers/vendors of products and buyers/consumers/affiliates come together to exchange transaction.

This simply means you can equally create a product and list it for sale on the ClickBank network.

This way, affiliate interested to sell your product can equally promote it for you and make a commission from it.

Think of it this way, Clickbank is the middleman between creators of digital products, such as ebooks, video, and so on, and people who can sell those products, i.e. affiliate marketers (which is me and you).

How Clickbank Works In Nigeria

Clickbank basically works in any part of the world and Nigeria is not an exception if you’ve SUCCESSFULLY created your ClickBank account.

How does it work, you may ask?

Based on your stand on the platform, Clickbank constitute of two parties:

  1. Affiliate Marketers (Me and You)

As an affiliate marketer, you can jump right in, create your unique affiliate links for thousands of products and start driving traffic right away to start making money from your sales.

This usually free for anyone to join, but I don’t understand the beef between them and Nigerians.

They kind of screen Nigerians from the registration process.

But even at that, it still doesn’t stop Nigerians from signing up which is part of what you’ll also be learning in this post.

  1. Vendors (Owners of Products)

Vendors are product owners and as one, you can add your product to the database of ClickBank.

They will take care of all the checkout and payment integration aspect, as well as affiliates promoting the product.

To become a vendor on Clickbank, you will be charged $49.95 one-time activation fee, for becoming a seller on Clickbank.

This is usually great if you don’t want to handle the technical part of things but you have to know that the platform will take quite a bit of money off your sales $1 + 7.5% of the sales.

How To Open A ClickBank Account In Nigeria

Follow this simple procedure to create your Clickbank account in Nigeria. But before that, there are some certain requirements that are needed of you.

Requirements to Creating Your Clickbank Account In Nigeria

  • Strong VPN (Premium if possible)
  • Install A New Browser
  • New Gmail Account (One You haven’t Used With ClickBank)
  • Fake Name Generator (
  • A Payoneer Account (Sign Up here If You Don’t Have One Already)

Once everything is in place, you can then proceed to create your Clickbank account.

Step 1: Activate Your VPN

Getting started, make sure your VPN is activated, and your IP is completed shield, to be sure, make sure you’re using a premium VPN, then check your location.

Next, visit the Fake Name Generator site.

The site is going to create a new identity for you as well as home address and number that’ll be needed for activating your account.

On the site, you’ll need to choose your gender and country, US or UK will do. After that, you just need to copy the generated details and you’re good to go.

Mind you, the only needed details here are the phone number, city, postal code and street address.

Step 2: Create Your Clickbank Account

The next thing to do here is to visit the ClickBank website. After that, click on “Create Account” button.

Next, enter your first and last name as it appears on your Payoneer account on the columns available.

Mind you, this isn’t the name generated from fake name generator site; it’s your real name.

You only need the phone number, city, postal code and street address which will be entered on the address column respectively.

The next page is about your banking Information. This is where you will need a payee name which is your original name.

Enter your name as seen on your Payoneer account and proceed to the next step.

This step is where your country your bank is located. If you choose UK as your country, the following bank will do, Citibank or Barclays bank.

Next, accept the terms and conditions then enter the captcha word! BOOM!

And you’re done.

How To Choose ClickBank Product To Promote

It extremely important you do your research on a product before you start promoting it. The product you choose is going to determine if you’re going to be successful or not.

This is because we have good product and bad product. So, how can you spot the good one and stay away from the bad ones?

You have to screen them. Screening products is a big part of the process.

Here are few things we should look for when it comes to screening products to promote:

  • Low-cost initial offer with up to 3 Upsell
  • Video sales pages & “native” sales pages (pages like articles)
  • Products with good reviews online
  • Gravity above 20

Ways To Promote Clickbank Products And Make Money IN Nigeria

There are several ways at which you can promote this and actually make money. But I believe most people reading this are complete newbies with less capital to get started.

This is why I’m going to be sharing this source with you; you don’t have to worry about traffic or wasting your money for paid traffic.

Everything is done for you; all you need is to follow my exact steps.

But before we get started, you need a simple website for landing pages. Head over to Bluehost and get one.

Or contact us From This Page and lets us create one for you for free!

However, you do need to buy your hosting >> through this link<<, it comes with a free domain name.

Once you’ve purchased it with this link, contact us and we’ll create your simple blog website for you.

Now that we have a website let’s proceed to the main business.

How To Make Money With Clickbank In Nigeria

As I said earlier there several ways you can do this, but I’m only going to share with you the easiest and cost-effective way to this.

This means you can literally make money with ClickBank in Nigeria for free.

For this, to work we’re going to be making use of Questions and Answer website.

Why Question & Answer?

Well, this is probably because you’re basically helping people out with their problems.

When someone is dealing with a problem, they need a solution fast. And ‘Q and A’ sites are the best places to find answers as quick as possible.

How do you come in? You come in by solving their problem through your affiliate products. Don’t worry, initially, you might not have answers to the problem.

But not to worry, I’ll teach you not to long now on how you can be a solution provider to these problems and at the same time make your cool money.

Target audience (with problems) =>> Q & A Site => Your Answer =>> $$$

This method WORKS if you want an instant sale. It Works.

Why? Because these people need their answer fast. All you need to do is provide an answer and you’re making your money.

I’ll show you how to do it on this awesome site called QUORA.

Step 1: Create An Account Quora

Upon arriving at the website, do NOT directly sign-up with your Gmail or Facebook. Always sign-up by clicking ‘Continue with Email’.

Note: Don’t forget to check your email after signing-up with Quora as there will be a confirmation link that needs to be clicked.

If you can’t find that link in your inbox, just check your spam folders

Next, you’ll be redirected to choose topics that you want answers to and also another page of topics you think you can create answers to.

Choose the topics around your niche and hit the continue button.

Step 2: Set-Up  Your Profile Account 

You’ll need your profile account to look professional for this to work. To do this, just click your profile name then hit ‘Profile’

On your profile page, you need to focus on this three-part as seen in the image below, it’s very important for your account.


#1: Photo:

It doesn’t need to be you. Any photo from Google image will do just fine will do.

Example: If your target niche is health, then a picture of a healthy fit person would work great.

#2: Biography

The ‘Biography’ will be your profession; just type in a profession relevant to your target niche.

Example: if your target niche is health, then a good profession will be ‘Weight Loss Instructor’ or a ‘Fitness Teacher’ or a ‘Nutrition Specialist’.

#3: Description

On your ‘Description’ add something that relates to your profession.

Example: “Since 2017, I have helped my clients reach their personal fitness and health goals; the most prominent being weight loss and the attainment of lean muscle mass… blah..blah and blah”.  Just be creative.  

Key Note: You need to Make the above steps 1, 2 and 3 as realistic as possible as this will appear on your profile when answering a question just like this example below:

how to make money with clickbank in nigeria


You need to understand that we are marketers and marketer’s needs to be flexible at times. We sometimes do things that are out of our comfort zone but in return, we get good results.

It’s like helping someone but being anonymous. That is, not disclosing your identity. I have up to three different accounts on Quora.

If in any case, you don’t like the method shown above, you can always use your own photo, biography and description.

Having a proper profile increases the chance of your answers being ‘Upvoted’ resulting in higher rankings and more traffic in Quora’s algorithm.

This also increases Trust making your click-through-rate (CTR) to your landing page higher.

Your ultimate goal here is to add value, build a credible presence and aim for your answers to be ‘Upvoted’. How can I do this, you might say?

Just by focusing on your niche and answering related questions under the same category.

Now that we’ve settled that…

We are going to find questions that need to be solved using your affiliate products and I will show you how to do it perfectly.

Step 3: Find Questions On Quora

When finding questions to answer on Quora, you’ll always see questions with so many answer results from fellow Quora users just like you.

Answering questions with multiple results on Quora already will add you at the bottom of the previous answers. Which new visitors are likely not going to read.

So how do I find questions with less to no answers, you might ask?

Well, this is where Google comes in!  Let’s say your target niche is ‘lose weight’.

What you need to do is head down to and copy and paste this ‘search string as seen below: “niche/keyword” 

See image below:

how to make money with clickbank in nigeria


  1. Input your target niche in between the double quotation marks.
  2. Click ‘Search tools’
  3. Click ‘Any time’
  4. And then choose ‘Past 24 hours’

You’ll now have the latest and newest questions with less to no answers! If you want to search more questions related to your target niche, then just change the keyword in between the double quotation marks.

how to make money with clickbank in nigeria


Choose a question that you feel is a perfect match for your affiliate on Clickbank and provide an answer for it.

Step 4: Answer Questions On Quora

If you want your answer to be seen by most people you need to make it detailed. Not only will your readers enjoyed it, but you might as well get upvoted for it.

So how do you provide an answer to questions you yourself know little or nothing about?

It’s very simple, Google as all the answer already.

What you need to do is go back to Google and search for the question you want to answer. In this case, let’s assume you want to provide an answer to a question on “how to lose weight”

As you can see, there are several answers to the subject matter already. What you need to do next is open them on a new tab each and copy the one you feel is well explained.

Please don’t copy and paste!

Before you use them as the answer, you need to re-write them. But don’t worry, you don’t have to manually re-write them, there’s a tool that can do that for you.

This tool is called Spinbot, you just need to copy the content and paste on Spinbot then spin it. The re-written article will be displayed in the lower box.

After you have your re-written content, copy and paste it on Microsoft word and do quick editing you’d want to proofread it and get rid of some mistake there before you publish it.

Now that you’ve done that, copy the first quarter of the article as your answer on Quora. Then, at the end of the answer add something like … “to learn more” or “also read this”…or “see the number one trick to lose weight” etc.

I’m sure you get the idea, try and use words that are enticing that will want them to click your link to your landing page.

The landing page is where you will insert your affiliate links within the words as contextual links.

Creating Your Landing Page

This is not difficult to do if you have a site already, for those that don’t you can get started with Bluehost.

Once your blog site is up and running, you need to create a new post on your blog that’s going to contain the whole of the answer to the question you answered on Quora.

To do this, head over your blog and from your WordPress admin dashboard, click on “Posts” in the left sidebar.

This will populate a list of your blog entries in descending order. Since we’re working with a fresh install, you won’t see anything here, so click “Add New”.

You’ll be brought to the editor where you can add your article.

Now, you can just paste the edited copy of the answer, and your ClickBank affiliate link and publish it.

It’s the link of the published answer on your blog that will be added to your answer on Quora, so if they want to read the rest they will be redirected to your blog where they can click your ClickBank affiliate link.

Remember, the more question you answer the more chances of making more with ClickBank.

Final Thought On How To Make Money With ClickBank In Nigeria

As you probably guessed, the scope of this strategy is slightly larger than ClickBank itself. You can use this in other affiliate programs or even for your own products to promote.

There are several other ways to make money with ClickBank in Nigeria and this is just one of them, I’ll be updating this post with other methods.

However, before then, let me hear what you think about this using the comment box or let me know if it worked for you.

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  1. Great job Sola!

    I already have a clickbank account opened, two questions I need you to clarify are
    1. Must I always use a VPN wit UK or US to access my Clickbank account or I can use any network here in Nigeria since I already have my clickbank account.
    2. How do I get my commission from clickbank here in Nigeria. How does clickbank pay, thru PayPal, western union or how do I get the cash here in Lagos?

    Hope to read from you!



    1. Olusola David says:

      Hi Daniel

      To be on the safer side, since your account is open with a VPN, I’ll suggest you open it with one. And for your commission, you’ll receive them via Payoneer.

      Hope that helps?

  2. Do you offer online training?

    1. Olusola David says:

      Yeah… we do but not at the moment

  3. Hello Mr David thanks for this educative insight, can I use a domain name hosted on free blogger to build a landing page will it be as effective as the one you mentioned above?

    1. Olusola David says:

      Yes…you can try that too.

  4. You are the only one that can give details like this. When I saw your name I wasn’t surprised at all.
    God bless you.

    1. Olusola David says:

      Thanks Sheila, I’m glad you like it!

  5. Olanrewaju Ayuba says:

    Good evening, how does it work?

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