Is Selar Legit? [Everything You Need To Know]

Yes, Selar is 100% legit. Every digital creator needs a platform to share knowledge, attract visitors, educate them, and sell products. That is precisely what Selar provides.

Selar has no element of scams or false promises. You can either join the platform as an affiliate or a vendor.

We have come to this conclusion from a series of research across the web, which we will discuss in subsequent paragraphs.

So, if you do like to know why we rate Selar 100% legit. All you need to do is to keep on reading till the end.


What is Selar?

Selar homepage

Selar is an eCommerce platform that helps content creators and entrepreneurs get paid from the comfort of their bedrooms.

With Selar, you can sell courses, including digital, membership, physical products, etc.

The company is also passionate about helping entrepreneurs sell internationally, and help you get paid quickly.

These and more show how legit the platform is; you will learn more in the subsequent paragraphs.

When was Selar Established?

Selar was established in late 2016 after realising that Africans are very entrepreneurial.

The founders also see that Africans have so much knowledge to share, but are limited due to technology.

Before Selar, software available to sell digital products was expensive due to the dollar/naira difference. Most software applications were priced in dollars.

These and more are why Selar created a platform to help individuals share their knowledge and get paid.

That shows that the platform was founded by smart brains.

And since its launch, it has been operating extensively and gets featured on many reputable platforms.

How Safe and Secure is Selar?

For any business, security is very paramount, especially when it comes to online business.

We will discuss the website’s securities and some elements that prove the platform’s legitimacy.

Selar has a valid SSL certificate (Site Secure Layer) which is the first thing that shows a website is secure. It’s secure because hackers cannot easily penetrate the site and steal the user’s information.

The platform provides dedicated customer support. You can always reach out to them when you feel like you are lost.

Does Selar Have an Office?

A company having a physical office one can visit to clear their doubt is a great idea. And it is a huge added advantage to the platform because it proves its legitimacy of the platform.

It also keeps you safe if anything goes wrong, especially if that involves money. You do have a place to visit and fight for your money.

Luckily, Selar has an office with the address; Selar, Lekki Phase 1 106104, Lekki.

The office is located in one of the most respected cities in Lagos, where the wealthy and influencers live.

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Selar Features

So, let’s take a look at the features of Selar for you to be entirely sure of what to expect.

1. Sales Page Builder

A sales page can break or determine how well your business will perform online.

Well-detailed and descriptive sales pages derive more conversions. This is why you should pay attention to them.

With, you can create a sales/landing page for your products within an hour.

The best part is that you can also use a template to fast-forward the process if you are a beginner and don’t know how to create it.

Your product will be hosted by having your sales page on the same platform. It keeps you organised.

2. Multicurrency & International Payments

One of the best ways to make more money off your efforts is to sell across the border.

With Selar, you can sell across the ocean and receive payments in your local currency without hassle.

Selar supports eight currencies and multiple payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, and local currencies across African countries.

A platform that offers this type of feature shows that it operates in a country and across some African countries.

A business that is not legitimate will not go across the border anyways.

3. Sell all Kinds of Products.

I love this feature because it allows you to sell various products.

If you own a physical shop and aren’t making enough sales, you can easily list your physical products on the platform.

You can make good sales after listing your products. Even though you don’t know how to promote digitally.

Affiliates help you promote your digital products; all you need to do is make them available for affiliates.

Products you can sell include:

  • Digital Products
  • Ebooks
  • Courses & Memberships
  • Event Tickets & Training
  • Services
  • Physical Goods

So, regardless of the category, you fall under. Selar will always be a good fit for you.

4. Automated Follow-ups:

At the point of check-out, your potential customers might decide not to buy again due to money or side distractions.

With Selar, you can set up an automated follow-up to follow up with your client even when you are sleeping.

Follow-up has the potential to increase your sales by at least 30%, which is reasonable enough.

5. Affiliates

You will make low sales if you decide to promote your products alone.

That is because you will reach a minimum number of people and will only sell within your communities.

But with Selar Affiliates, you can set up an affiliate system and let other people promote your product for you.

Using affiliates to sell your products can increase your sales by 70%.

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Selar Pricing

Let us look into Selar pricing.

Selar has three different pricing systems, which we will look into in detail now.

1. Starter / Free Account:

Selar’s starter account is free forever. With this plan, you can start selling any product for free.

However, they’re some limitations to this that you should keep in mind;

  • You won’t be able to host a video course
  • You can’t host a webinar course
  • You don’t have access to PayPal and stripe
  • You can’t integrate with your favourite marketing platform, etc.

The starter account is cool if you are starting on a very tight budget.

2. Pro / N8,000 Monthly:

This plan is suitable for small businesses or if you are just starting and have some money to invest.

I suggest you go for this plan because your business will be innovative from scratch.

Let’s check the last one.

3. Turbo / N15,000 Monthly

This is the platform’s last and highest plan.

With this plan, you own everything Selar has to offer, including

  • Webinar replays
  • Membership sites
  • Uploading unlimited videos
  • Hosting more courses, etc.

The plan is suitable for both small and big businesses.

Individuals can also sign up for this; it helps you do more.

How to Get Started on Selar

Here, we will look at how you can quickly get started on Selar.

To make it easy, we have included screenshots of every step.

Let’s start!

1. Create an Account

Let us take a run-through of creating a Selar account from scratch to the end.

The first thing you need to do is to go, and you will be redirected to the homepage.

All you need to do is click on “Start Selling”.

Then you will have the page below where you need to fill in your pieces of information.

Create Selar account

After correctly filling in pieces of the information, you click on create an account, and you will have the dashboard next.

2. Add a Product.

Take it from where we stopped when you have the dashboard. You will have two options: to set up your bank account or add a product.

Add product

Click on add product, and the page below will display next. This is where you will fill in all your product information.

Fill product details

Repeat the same process to add more products.

3. Publicise the Product

After filling in your product information, the next thing is to publicise it to make it known to the general public.

Give out excellent and catchy information about your product to gain a market share.

Promote effectively and make lots of money possible.

Final thoughts on “Is Selar legit?”

As you can see, Selar is legit because the platform has been around for quite a long time now.

And it has enough proof for us to say it is legit. In addition, here at SmartBizFreedom, we also use Selar.

That tells you that we are not talking out of the experience; we are saying it’s legit because it has always proven to be.

Also, Selar is trusted by over 300,000 people across the African continent.

I believe 300,000 people cannot be wrong.

Be bold enough to host your digital product with them or even sign up as an affiliate.

That is all for “Is Selar Legit”. Do let me hear your thought using the comment section below.

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