Chipper Cash Referral Code: [5B7ZG] Get Instant Bonus

If you need an instant sign-up referral cash bonus, then you are in the right place.

We will cover all there’s to know about the chipper cash referral bonus and a code you can easily use to get one right away.

When you sign up to chipper cash using this referral code 5B7ZG, you’ll get a #400 instant bonus in your Chipper cash account.

So sign up here and use this Chipper Cash referral Code (5B7Z6) to get instant bonus up to £20 if you are in the US or UK and few other countries…  

It gets more enjoyable when you know that you can get up to £20 for referring residents of the US and the UK.

The best part is that you can get this bonus over and over again provided you keep referring people using the chipper cash referral code.

Here’s one you personally need to use right away 5B7ZG and you will get the sign-up bonus, and cash-back bonuses for doing so.

Let’s look into what chipper cash is and some of its products.

What is Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash

Chipper cash is a fintech company that provides sending and receiving of money across African countries, the US, and the UK inclusive.

The fintech company has so many popular company stocks available on its platform for sale and it uses the official exchange rate if there’s a parallel market in your country.

It helps businesses that sell internationally receive money with ease, both online and in-store payments.

Paying bills on the fintech app is within a minute and lots of billers are available on it. Reducing the stress of going far to make bill payments.

The fintech app is backed-up by so many reputable companies around the globe and is currently worth over $2 Billion as of the time of writing this content.

Chipper cash is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies because it has some amazing features.

Let’s look at some its products.

Chipper Cash Products

  • Sales of Airtime: Purchasing of airtime within the app is done instantly and you get some cash back bonuses for purchasing on the app.
  • Sales of Stocks: Investing in companies’ stocks around the globe has never been easier than the way the chipper cash has made it be. With just a few clicks, you will be done investing in companies’ shares.
  • Virtual Visa Card: The company provides both your local currency visa virtual card and dollar virtual visa card.
  • Bill Payments: It is very easy to pay all your utility bills within the app. This is possible because it has a very good user interface.
  • Business Payment Solution: There are integrations and APIs for businesses wanting to partner with chipper cash in terms of receiving payments.

How to Download Chipper Cash App and Sign Up

The first thing you need to do is to follow this link and input your phone number.

A download link will be sent to the number you have provided.

Follow the link to download the app on your smartphone.

The next thing is to create your chipper cash account and then verify it.

For easy comprehension of how to set up a chipper cash account and get it verified within minutes. Check out this post.

It’s a detailed step-by-step tutorial with screenshots of each step you need to take. After successfully signing up and getting your chipper cash account verified.

The next thing is to get your personal chipper cash referral code. Let’s look at the next headline.

How to Get Chipper Cash Referral Code/Bonus

The first is that your account has been created and successfully verified as well.

Now login to your chipper cash account and click the earn tab at the bottom of the app.

Chipper Cash Referral Code

Tab enter the referral code.

And enter this code 5B7ZG into the space provided for that.

After that, send any amount of money to another chipper cash account user, either locally or internationally.

You would get your referral bonus credited to your account within 24 hours. It is that simple.

Chipper Cash Referral Code Terms and Conditions

There are certain requirements that need to be met for you to be able to receive the Chipper Cash referral bonus.

If you follow the term and conditions below strictly, you’ll be able to receive it in no time within 24 hours.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign with this link or use this referral code (5B7ZG)
  • Create your Chipper Cash Account with your mobile number or email address. But preferably a mobile number.
  • Read our Guide on how to sign up with Chipper Cash and create your account the right way
  • After creating your account, make sure to verify your account with the necessary details required of you.
  •  Send money to another Chipper Cash account, a minimum of N400 will do.

After all this, your Chipper Cash referral bonus will drop.

How to Withdraw your Chipper Cash Referral Bonus

Once you have a Chipper Cash bonus available in your wallet the need thing you need to do is withdraw them.

Withdrawing the bonus is easy, it going to take you just a few minutes and you have it withdrawn from your local bank account.

Below are what you need to do:

  • The first thing you need to do is open your Chipper Cash Wallet
  • After that, click on Cash out
  • Next, enter the total amount of money you want to withdraw and click cash out.
  • Once done properly your bonus should enter your bank account within few minutes.

Chipper Cash Referral Bonus FAQs

Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the Chipper Cash referral bonus

How do I get a chipper cash referral code?

Simply log in to your account and click on the “earn” tab inside your account, after that, click on the “share link to earn money” and your referral code will display

Does Chipper cash give referral bonus?

Yes, Chipper cash gives referral bonuses, however, this is limited to certain countries like Zambia, Kenya etc.

How long does it take to receive Chipper cash referral bonus?

The Chipper Cash bonus is paid automatically after 24 hours of registration and when your account is verified.


The first step to getting your own referral bonuses is by starting with one and that is why you need to use this 5B7ZG now.

After that, you can start referring others and put them through on what to do and how to do it.

I believe we are able to give you a chipper cash referral code, if so.

Do us a favor back by sharing this post on your social media accounts, some might need to read this.

Got questions in mind? Use the comment section below.

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