How to Make 3k Daily in Nigeria [The Ultimate Guide]

We will discuss extensively how to make 3k daily in Nigeria and how you can make it beyond that.

You will agree with me that making 3k daily on your smartphone or laptop will go a long way.

That is because no job in Nigeria can quickly pay you such an amount of money every month when we add it up.

If you would get the one that can give you that, you must have gotten some high qualifications in school.

Not just that, you must have long legs and hands and even pass through some bribe stage before you are offered the job.

I believe you understand what I am saying, as we are all Nigerians.

What if you don’t have high qualifications, long hands, and long legs and can make up to N100k monthly?

Yes, it’s possible. All you need to do is to pay special attention as you read through how to make 3k daily in Nigeria.

Let’s start!

How to Make at Least 3k Daily in Nigeria

They are many ways to make 3k or more daily in Nigeria. Some of them require huge capital, while some don’t.

To make this content worthy for all categories of users, either those with the capital or not.

We have explained three broad ways you can easily make at least 3k daily in Nigeria.

The three broad ways are:

  • Setting up a small business
  • Offering services
  • Starting an agency.

We’ll cover each in-depth in the subsequent paragraphs. 

So ensure you read through all the contents and don’t miss any vital information.

I promise that if you can take your time to read through all the articles, you will not be making 3k daily but even beyond that.

Let us get into it.

1. Setting up a Small Business

We will be looking at the various small businesses you can set yourself up as an individual.

The small businesses mentioned here are both online and physical businesses.

With that, you can be assured that you will find one that will indeed work for you or can serve as your unique angle.

Let’s take a look at them.

Start a Food Business

The food business is another venture you can venture into to make at least 3k per day in Nigeria.

Starting this business requires little capital, depending on your approach.

And its advantages are limitless, such as:

  • The customer base is huge
  • Nearly everyone is a customer
  • One will always eat even though they’re dead broke
  • There are already existing customers hanging around everywhere
  • Start making a profit right from day one, etc.

However, ensure your business is thriving and stands out among your competitors.

They’re things you need to put in place, such as:

  1. Learn How to Cook: Cooking foods that are not delicious for your customers will make your business fade out quickly, so learn to cook before starting.
  2. Get a Business Plan: It doesn’t have to be significant. Get a small one that states your goals and how to achieve them.
  3. Choose a Nice Location: The location of your business can determine how well you will do it in the long run, so choose a good one.
  4. Register Your Business: You never can tell how big your food business will become in the future, so it’s a good idea to get it registered right from the day so that you’re not building someone else name.
  5. Employ Workers: You can’t be doing all cooking and selling tasks alone, so you need to employ workers even though it is just 2. That will encourage the division of labour and fast forward some steps.
  6. Promote Your Business: You need enough customers to make the maximum profit possible, so you must promote your business and encourage people to help you. If your food is excellent, the promotion will not be a problem.

Note: Everything I have said above is achievable right from day one. However, you might need to forgo some based on your available capital.

And that leads us to the next one.

Perfume Oil Business

Starting a perfume oil business is another quick way to make at least 3k daily in Nigeria.

The beauty is that you don’t need a shop to carry out this business effectively.

Like I mean, you can still make your income in the perfume oil by talking to one or two people daily.

Another thing about this business model is that you can completely start and be running it from the comfort of your bedroom.

Hell, yes, it’s possible!

All you need to do is to leverage social. 

You must post online why people need perfume and why they have to buy from you. 

If you want to sell more, you can also open a free shop online and list all your perfumes there.

People will be coming to check them out and start making purchases.

If you are wondering about the best platforms you can use, you can use Pocket by Piggyvest, and you can also open a seller shop with Jumia.

Suppose you can utilise social media and the two shops; you are on your way to starting to make lots of money daily.

As I have said earlier, the capital you need will depend on how big you want to start your business from day one.

Dry-cleaning Business

Dry-cleaning business is another undeniable industry. You can easily make at least 3k daily in Nigeria.

You can quickly become successful if you know how to clean clothes and iron them the best.

That is because the set of people that gives clothes to dry cleaners are the people who have cash at hand.

Like I mean, none of the people trying to survive will wake up in the morning and take clothes to a dry cleaners shop.

You are working not just for people without cash but office people and those doing a little well in life.

However, getting lots of work might require a connection or recommendations from people.

If people keep recommending you and you are providing quality services.

In no time, your dry-cleaning business will grow, and you will have a vast customer base.

From there, you can consider extending your working place, opening a branch, and getting workers to work under you.

POS Business

POS business is another booming and trending business in Nigeria right now.

It’s what most of our graduates are now venturing into just to make ends meet for themselves.

However, saying “ends meet” doesn’t mean the business model isn’t lucrative.

I have a friend who currently does this business and makes around 10k daily.

Learn how to make 10k daily here.

Yes, 10k, and you can easily make even more than that daily.

However, because I said it’s possible doesn’t mean you can do it.

They’re several factors that make it possible for me, factors like:

  • He’s in the right location where lots of people pass daily.
  • He has enough capital to run the business. You can start small, although.
  • He does pay utility bills for people.
  • He already has existing experience in how the business work. You, too, can learn it.
  • We, as friends, supported and encouraged him, etc.

If you take a closer look at the points above, you will discover that they’re not something serious.

It’s what you can pick yourself up and build yourself on it.

If you want to start, you can apply for a POS machine from PalmPay. It’s N30k, and you will need up to N70k to run the business and an additional 20k to secure a space, even if it’s for six months.

Quick one: If you don’t have money for the POS machine, you can apply for it in Access Bank. It’s free. T&C apply.

Then prepare your mind for success after getting what’s stated above.

Bolt/Uber business

Everybody is now entering bolt/uber, so if you also have a car, this would be an ample opportunity, to begin with, this business model.

Uber charges based on the distance one is going. It means that the farther you take people daily, the more you can make.

With uber business, you can easily make way more than 3k daily.

The amount of money you make will depend on your availability, your registered network, and the categories of people in that area. 

If you are in an environment full of low-class people, people complain before they can enter the regular public bus.

Then you might not do well with this business model.

The location that fits this business model must be a popular area with quality people.

Anything apart from that will affect your income negatively doing uber business.

If you already have a car, you are in a good location and ready for business.

Then, register on uber/both networks so people can start boarding you.

Car wash business

Starting a car wash business is the last on the list for starting up a small business to make 3k daily in Nigeria.

The car wash business requires enormous capital, and that is because you need to buy land, build in car wash look, buy gen for water supply, etc.

So, this business model may not be for you if you are an average person or on a tight budget.

The main reason why I said that is because of the capital.

Getting the land alone in a roadside space would require money.

That money alone can be used to start three or more businesses mentioned on this list.

However, if you have the money and are interested, that is fine.

You can make lots of money daily if you are in a good location and if it’s a roadside car wash.

Having learned the various small businesses, you can embark on to make at least 3k daily, let’s pivot into services that can make you money daily.

2. Offer Services

The next thing you can do to make at least 3k daily in Nigeria is to offer services online.

However, you must have a skill before you can offer service online.

The skill is what you will be selling remotely from the comfort of your bedroom.

As of today, they’re so many services you can offer online and make money with them.

The one you don’t even believe is inclusive; if after listing these services and what you know that can be considered service isn’t listed, use the comment section below to ask us about it; we will be happy to help you.

Some of the services that can be offered online are:

  • Graphics Designing
  • Content writing
  • Web Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Management
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Customer support
  • Data entry
  • Social media management
  • Video editing, etc.

This list goes on and on. It’s up to you to offer any of these services and make money from them.

If you don’t have any, I encourage you to learn first.

If you don’t have money to learn, they’re free resources online that you can use to learn. Some companies will even offer you an internship online.

That is, you will be learning under them, working for them along the line, and they will pay you. The money you will get might not be that much, but it’s worth it as you will gather the skills you need to make the big bucks later.

Making quick research of companies that offer internships about so-so service will pop out bunches of them.

It’s, however, necessary you are careful about your selection.

With that being said, let’s look at some platforms you can offer online services and services that can be offered on those platforms.

Let’s start.


Owodaily is an African platform that connects micro workers and businesses on its platform.

Either you’re a new entrepreneur with big goals or an established business owner.

OwoDaily will give you the necessary tools and support you will ever need to grow your business and supercharge your earnings.


The platform is the fastest-growing industry platform, with over 63 thousand members.

With Owodaily, you can work as a micro worker to perform simple tasks online and earn in return.

The more tasks you can perform daily, the more money you can make.

You can also work as an affiliate on this platform, whereby you will be able to promote other people’s products and every money for every sale that comes through you.

One of its advantages is that you can earn as much as 50% commission on every sale that comes through you.

Owodaily has good customer support that works round the clock to answer its users’ questions when they arise.

However, it’s not free to join the platform, and a small fee applies to you if you want to join. However, the registration fee is a one-time payment.

As of the time of writing this content, Owodaily has two plans:

  • Owodaily Membership: This plan allows you to work with business owners across African countries. You don’t need any skills to join this. You will pay a one-time fee of 3k to join.

If you are starting online in Nigeria to offer services, I strongly recommend you start with Owodaily.

Some of the services that you can render on Owodaily are

  • Social media following
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content writing
  • Voting for music/contests
  • And some digital marketing services.

As of the time of writing this content, they’re not many services like that, but we hope they increase it soon.

Learn how to make N245,000 monthly on Owodaily here.



Upwork is one of the most popular platforms that connect skilled individuals and people who need it together.

It has different categories of all sorts of services you might have ever imagined.

The platform helps professionals find projects and get paid very well.

Over 60% of people who quit their job to start as an entrepreneur online begins on Upwork.

When you first sign-up on Upwork, you will be given some tutorials on how you can stand out among your competitors.

You will also be shown examples of some of the skills and profiles currently doing well on the platform.

One of the exciting parts is that they process payments in dollars, and you can get your money at the black market rate.

You need to create a dollar account with Payoner here to start receiving your dollars.

With Upwork, you can make some excellent fortune.

Services that you can render on Upwork are listed below.

I have listed the skills below based on popularity, and you can find out more on the official website.

  • Content writing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Email Communication.
  • Phone Support.
  • Email Support.
  • Communication Etiquette.
  • Online Chat Support.
  • Answering Product Questions.
  • Data Entry.
  • Administrative Support.

Let’s check the next one.



Fiver is the number one platform for offering services online. Like I mean, it has enormous numbers of freelancers and customers based.

You can offer any service you know on the platform and still make good money.

You don’t need to have an existing experience before making money on Fiverr.

That is because they’ll always be a need for your level of expertise.

However, you must keep in mind that the more quality the service you can offer on Fiverr, the more clients will hire you. More clients equal more money; that is just it.

Fiverr charges a 20% fee for all services you can deliver.

The 20% is nothing when you start making huge dollars daily.

Some of the services that you can render on Fiverr are:

  • Freelance web research.
  • Design eBook covers.
  • Sell your social media skills.
  • Write on a freelance basis.
  • User testing.
  • Teach your hobbies.
  • Content writing]
  • Web Designing
  • Logo creation
  • Web development, etc.

If you take a closer look at the services listed above, you will see that some of the ones I used to begin are easy tasks.

That is to encourage you that you can still do little things on Fiverr and make at least #3k on every blessed day.

And that leads us to the next one.



Toptal is an excellent network of top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, etc.

The statement above shows that you must have good skills before working on the Toptal platform.

The reason is that companies worldwide use Toptal for their most notable projects. If you love Toptal and wish to work on the platform, you can visit Udemy to learn some of the skills I will learn below.

The advantage of using Udemy is that you will be offered a certificate for completing the course.

You can present on demand, which will also be an added advantage.

Some of the services that you can render on the platform are:

  • Software Developer
  • Designer
  • Finance expert
  • Products manager,
  • Project manager.

Let’s check the last one!

People per hour

People per hour

If you are following this section, it means you are really in for business, and you can make times 10 of 3k daily if you are really in for business.

With this platform, you are paid based on the hours of numbers you work daily.

It has dedicated customer support that works 24/7 to answer all your questions should be in case anything isn’t clear to you.

And you can earn between 5-20$ per hour depending on your level of professionalism.

If that sounds like what you would like to earn, you need to take a course on one of the services on the platform, and you will be good to go.

Some of the services that you can render to people per hour are

  • Vector logo
  • Branding
  • Amazon store management
  • WordPress management
  • Php developer
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • 3D design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video editing, etc.

And that leads us to the next section.

3. Start an Agency

Before starting an agency business, you should have some good skills.

You must have worked as a freelancer to gather experience, which will help you do well with your agency business.

That is because an agency business is ahead of freelancers. Only those who have passed through the freelancing stage can do it.

Take it as some who has not passed junior secondary school and wants to do WAEC. Is it possible?

Obviously no.

It will take one to be an extraordinary genius to make that possible.

I believe you understand it now, sure you do!

So if you feel like you have a skill and are good at it, starting an agency business might be good for you.

Let’s look at some agency businesses you can start and make 3k daily in Nigeria.

Let’s start!

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media agency is another good way to amass wealth online.

Starting a social media agency isn’t the type of social media you browse around daily to chat with friends and family.

But you are using it to help businesses and organisations reach their business goals online.

If you are wondering what social media agency does precisely, some are:

  • Channel-specific social media services.
  • Strategy planning.
  • Account/profile creation and branding.
  • Content creation.
  • Content publishing.
  • Research and analysis.
  • Education and consulting.
  • Campaign and community management.

So if you are sure you can help businesses around the world reach more potential customers, make more sales.

Then starting one will be a great idea.

Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency interacts with potential customers through all possible means of communication online such as:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Email
  • Social media, etc.

So if you feel like you are good at doing this, then starting a digital marketing agency is a great idea.

What is required of you as a digital marketing agency are:

  • Support sales efforts
  • Build brand awareness
  • Gain more market share
  • Grow company reputation
  • Bring in more sales leads, etc.

Let’s check the next one.

Content Marketing Agency

When you’ve been writing content for years, you’ve mastered everything there is to know.

Then starting a content agency is another way to supercharge your income online.

You will provide content marketing services to many businesses as a content agency company.

To help them make an impact, reach customers organically, and grow the customer base with the power of content.

The five essential elements of becoming a successful content marketing agency are:

  • Audience Personas
  • Brand Positioning
  • Owned Media Value Proposition
  • Business case
  • Action plan.

If the elements I have listed above are already in place, then prepare your mind for success.

And you will become successful more your wild imagination with a content marketing agency.

And that leads us to the next section.

Affiliate Marketing: The Easiest Way to Make 3k Daily in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing remains the most straightforward way to make at least 3k daily in Nigeria.

If you have this research, “How to make 3k daily in Nigeria”, you must have come across the word “Affiliate Marketing”.

Whether a beginner or a pro, it remains the best and easiest way to make money online.

This business model can potentially make you succeed more than your wild imagination.

It means you would make 3k daily and make enough money to transform your financial life.

Let me explain if you don’t know what the business is about. Affiliate marketing means selling other people’s products, services, and software and making a commission for every sale that comes through you.

When you sign up on an affiliate network, you are given a unique link that belongs to you alone.

When someone visits your site and makes a purchase or purchases the product anywhere through your link, you will be given a commission for every penny the company collects.

Do you know the best part? You need little capital to none to start affiliate marketing.

That is the trick behind affiliate marketing.

However, you can’t just wake up one day and say you want to start making huge money with affiliate marketing.

It would help if you had a blueprint from someone doing well with it.

Such a great example is Olusola David, founder of Torchbankz

You can read his guide on affiliate marketing in Nigeria here.

If you want to make a fortune over time, build your house, travel worldwide, get your dream car, etc.

Then affiliate marketing is the best you can start in Nigeria right now.

The business model is perfect for all people, either introverts or extroverts. If you want to learn how to earn at least N500,000 monthly through affiliate marketing, check out this guide.


As you can see, there are many ways to make 3k daily in Nigeria and beyond.

All the possible options and requirements of you have been listed below. It all now depends on you to select your unique angel.

Yes, it has to be your unique angle and what you want to do.

You want to earn alone if you have selected based on the revenue.

Then you might feel frustrated in a short time if things aren’t working to your expectations.

But if you go for what you love from the list, you can do it for months or years, and you will still not consider it as if you are working.

That is the power of working on your passion.

With that, we have come to the end of how to make 3k daily in Nigeria.

If you have a question, use the comment section below, I will be there to answer you.

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