Is Selar An Affiliate Platform?- Here’s What you Need To Know

In today’s content, we will answer the question “Is Selar an affiliate platform” and answer all there’s to know about the Selar affiliate platform. 

Selar provides a way for digital creators to sell their digital products and receive payments across borders and as well serves as an escrow between affiliates which are willing to promote digital products that are listed on its platform.

With Selar, you can be an affiliate and a merchant simultaneously without any issues.

As we dive into “Is Selar an affiliate platform,” you will learn more in subsequent paragraphs.

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Selar Affiliate Network

Selar affiliate network is one of the most extensive affiliate networks in Africa.

It’s dominated by top-notch digital products. It currently has over 2,000 affiliates doing well on the platform.

With over 30,000+ digital products, it guarantees you’ll always see digital products of your choice to promote regardless of your chosen niche.

Selar affiliates have earned over N40 million since it came into existence. It shows that the merchants on the network have good products to offer.

So, whether you are a beginner or a pro affiliate.

Selar will always be an excellent place to promote a wide range of products and make good sales. 
However, it requires a tiny fee to access the Selar affiliate network.

The cost of accessing the Selar affiliate network is N2000 – Keep in mind that it’s not a one-time payment; the N2000 is valid for 365 days calendar.

To continue being an affiliate on Selar, you must renew your subscription after a year.

Quick one: Selar also has a free plan on its affiliate platform. However, It is for merchants and not individual affiliates.

Also, you are pegged to add up to 40 affiliates if you are on the free plan.

Having just 40 affiliates to promote your product will significantly limit your sales on the platform.

Individual affiliates who have signed up and paid N2,000 will have access to all the products on the platform.

As said earlier, you will need to pay N2,000 to become a Selar affiliate.

Selar affiliate program: How Does it Work

Let’s go through how the Selar affiliate network works so you can understand what to expect.

To answer the question of how Selar affiliate works, it will depend on the category you fall into, either a merchant or an affiliate.

1. For Merchant

The way Selar affiliates work for more merchants is simple.

Before anyone can become an affiliate under you, you need to add them manually.

It means you first need to have the email addresses of all the affiliates you want to promote your product.

These people could be the set of people that have purchased your course.

You could also set it so that every user that takes your course should automatically become an affiliate.

With that, you don’t need to start adding them manually.

Either you add them manually, or it’s set to automatic, and an email will be automatically sent to the affiliate with the unique link.

When the affiliate makes a sale, an email is automatically sent to them and you.

Then, the money is automatically divided between you and the affiliate as agreed on the sharing ratio.

2. For Affiliate

To begin as an affiliate on Selar, visit Selar’s affiliate network and sign-up.

You will be asked to pay N2000 to begin. After making a successful payment, you will be asked to provide your details, including your name, email, and bank account details.

After signing up, you can start browsing around products and start applying to join.

When you apply to join and are approved by the merchant, you will be able to access your unique affiliate links to the products you are eligible to promote as an affiliate.

Learn more: How to make money with Selar

How do Affiliates get Paid?

The main reason for signing up as an affiliate is to make money and get paid.

So, this content would not be worth referring to as “Is Selar an affiliate platform” without this section’s inclusion.

Let’s look into it!

When you sign up as an affiliate on Selar and make sales through your designed custom affiliate link.

Your commission will get credited into your Selar wallet at the designed time.

The designed time depends on the currency the sales are made through. 

You will get paid once currency conversion is made to your local currency.

After the profits are credited to your wallet, you can withdraw the funds to your bank account.

You will receive the withdrawal within 24 hours of placing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s go through the frequently asked questions we get from our blog users about the Selar affiliate network.

1. How Legit is the Selar Affiliate Platform?

Selar affiliate network is 100% legit because it has been paying for a long time. Besides, Selar does real business and not any form of Ponzi scheme.

2. How do You Promote Selar Products?

You can promote Selar products in many ways, including social media ads, blogging, email marketing, etc.
Check out this definitive guide if you need an in-depth breakdown of how to promote Selar affiliate products. You will learn how to set up a Selar account and promote it there.

3. How Do I Get an Affiliate Link on Selar?

To get your affiliate link on Selar, you first need to sign up with a Selar affiliate; after joining, log in to your account and see all the links of the products you are approved to promote. 

4. How Much Can I Make on Selar as an Affiliate?

The amount of money you can make on Selar as an affiliate will depend on the efforts and marketing strategies you put in place.
If you put enough effort into it, you can make around N200,000 – N500,000 every blessed month.

Final thoughts

Selar is a unique platform for affiliates and digital creators.

As you can see, Selar is not just an affiliate network; you can also use it to host your digital products online and get other affiliates to promote them.

The best part is that you don’t pay a dime to host your digital product when you are just starting.

So whether you are an affiliate or digital product creator, Selar will be an excellent platform to use as leverage.

With that, we have reached the end of “Is Selar an affiliate network.”

Let me hear your thought using the comment section below.

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