Owodaily Registration Fee: How To Register Owodaily Account

Want to register on OwoDaily but don’t know the OwoDaily Registration Fee? No worries, in this article I’ll walk you through OwoDaily registration and everything you need to know.

Right here, you will learn how to register an Owodaily account and also make money from it within 30 days.

If you’re yet to know, Owodaily is a digital job-sharing platform that connects advertisers with thousands of people who sign up to get paid for doing small tasks on the internet.

You can liken the platform to Upwork, where freelancers sign up to apply for gigs and get paid. OwoDaily is proven to make you money because they millions to both thier users and affiliate. 

So be sure you’ll make money if perhaps you’re still skepitcal about the platform.

Before we dive deeply into how much it costs to register an Owodaily account, let’s learn a little about the platform.

How Much Does Owodaily Pay Per Task?


Task on Owodaily all have different pay rates. Pay is highly dependent on the member posting the job. Below is a screenshot of jobs available on the platform and their pay rates.

As you can see above, pay rates for tasks could be as low as N10 and as high as N400

What matters is how determined you are to make money off the platform.

Keep reading to learn how you can make more money on Owodaily.

Jobs available on Owodaily are grouped into one of the following categories:

  • App review (blog post & video review)
  • Desktop app download and install
  • Mobile app download and review
  • Mobile app download and install only
  • Mobile app download and sign up (email and phone number)
  • Mobile app download, sign up with KYC and complete task
  • Mobile app download and sign up + deposit (with verified platforms only)
  • Mobile app download and sign up (email and phone number) + complete task.

These are simple tasks, you probably do on a daily basis. 

Now imagine how much you would have made if every task you do daily on your smartphone was paying you.

This is the opportunity Owodaily offers – the opportunity of earning daily by doing simple tasks.

OwoDaily Registration Fee

Is Owodaily free?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the platform.

Owodaily isn’t free.

To join the platform, you need to pay a registration fee.

Owodaily’s registration fee differs because the platform offers two types of memberships;

  1. Owodaily member
  2. Owodaily + affiliate

Owodaily Member

The Owodaily Member is the basic package available on the platform.

This membership offers the opportunity to complete digital jobs and earn bonuses through referrals. 

This package allows you to fulfil simple tasks like downloading mobile apps, following Facebook pages, liking and commenting on Instagram posts, Facebook pages, etc. 

Some of the costs of the job are as low as N15, while some cost up to N400

Personally, I have made money from this platform without giving it 100% of my time.

Here’s a screenshot of my earnings so far.

Owodaily withdrawals

April 2022, I was able to make a withdrawal of N180,000 from Owodaily. This was after fulfilling jobs on the platform.

You just need to put in the work on a daily basis to make money from the platform.

The sign-up fee as an Owodaily Member is N3,000. This is a lifetime membership fee. 

Meaning you will never have to pay again to use Owodaily as a member.

Owodaily+ Affiliate

Owodaily+ Affiliate offers everything in Owodaily Member while giving members the opportunity to earn commissions from products and services on the platform’s marketplace. 

As an Owodaily+ affiliate member, you get commissions on sales when you promote hot products (products that are already in demand) on the platform.

If you have a business, you can list your products or services on the platform’s marketplace. This opens up your business to thousands of members to promote on your behalf.

 After signing up as an Owodaily+ Affiliate member, you are given access to the following:

  • An account manager
  • Real-time sales report
  • Cashback on your personal purchases 
  • Access to all offers on the marketplace

Owodaily+ Affiliate registration fee is an annual subscription fee. 

This means you have to pay yearly to keep having access to benefits attached to the Owodaily+ package.

The yearly renewal fee as an Owodaily+ Affiliate member is N10,000, not N13,000.

 This is so because on becoming an Owodaily member, you pay a lifetime access fee of N3,000.

Registering and joining is relatively inexpensive when you compare it to how much you can make daily, weekly, or monthly.

How to register an OwoDaily account

The registration process on Owodaily is very straightforward. Just follow the step-by-step procedure provided below and your account will be set up in no time. 

Step 1: Register on the website

The first step is the website. 

Click “BECOME A MEMBER” or “START EARNING” as shown below:

Owodaily- become a member

After clicking the “BECOME A MEMBER” or “START EARNING” button, you will be taken to the membership registration page as shown below. 

Owodaily member registration page

On this page, enter your details such as full names, email address, date of birth, bank name, account number, etc.

You’re asked for your account details to enable swift payments into your account when you start fulfilling job orders.

 It’s also worth mentioning that Owodaily doesn’t ask for your Bank Verification Number (BVN) to be a member.

After filling in your details, tick the checkbox to agree with Owodaily’s terms & conditions. Then click “SUBMIT & COMPLETE REGISTRATION”.

Step 2: Verify your email

After submitting your registration, a verification link will be sent to your email. 

Here’s a screenshot of the email sent to me upon registration.

Owodaily email confirmation

Log into the email you used on the registration page and click the verification link sent to your email.

Upon clicking the verification link, you will be redirected to Owodaily’s login page as shown below:

Owodaily login

Enter the email address and password you used in signing up and click “LOGIN”.


Step 3: Pay the membership/registration fee

After verifying your email, the next step is to pay the Owodaily registration fee.

After logging into your new account, you will be taken to the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ACTIVATION page as shown below:

Owodaily registration fee


To make payments, you are given the option of paying through your debit cards, bank transfer or USSD or by using an Owodaily gift card.

Owodaily payment options

To purchase an Owodaily Gift card, you will have to purchase it from their agents. Follow this link to purchase a gift card from a verified Owodaily agent.

How to Make Money on Owodaily

There are various ways to make money on Owodaily, Lets explore them together

As a business owner:

Owodaily can provide great value to businesses. Business owners can sell their products through Owodaily’s marketplace to thousands of members. 

Sellers can list their businesses in eight categories on the marketplace:

  • Autos & car essentials
  • Beauty & cosmetics
  • Books & education
  • Consumer electronics
  • Digital services
  • Gadgets & tech
  • Health & wellness
  • Home & Real estate

As an affiliate marketer:

Affiliate marketing has grown in popularity over the past few years and is increasingly becoming the way many young marketers make money online.

FSigning up on Owodaily+  makes you an affiliate for products listed on the platform’s marketplace.

This means for each sale you make, you get commissions.

Owodaily makes it easy for you to identify hot products by categorizing them.

Owodaily affiliate hot products


As a digital marketer:

A digital marketer’s job is to promote businesses online. 

If you have businesses that require digital marketing or social media management services, you can charge them for your services and post the job on Owodaily.

This way you create more jobs for members while keeping a part of the profits yourself.

If you have between 5-10 different businesses interested in your services as a digital marketer, you can easily make more money than the average Nigerian while creating jobs on Owodaily platform.

As a network marketer:

Making money online using the network marketing model is still a very viable option. This model is only available to registered members on Owodaily. 

As an Owodaily member, you earn N1,600 when someone signs up through your referral link and N200 when your downline refers another person.

If you’re able to get 20 people to join Owodaily through your referral link every week, that amounts to N32,000 per week. For Owodaily plus, you earn N3,000 per invite and earn N200 when your downlines refer other people.

You also earn a 3% commission on all deposits your invites. I have successfully invited over 500 people to join Owodaily and have earned over N1.6 million.

Learn more: How to make money with Owodaily (earn up to 1k daily)

How to withdraw money from Owodaily

When you’ve worked hard to earn money, you would undoubtedly want to withdraw it as soon as possible, especially if you’re new to making money online.

Withdrawing your hard-earned money from Owodaily isn’t a difficult task.

Simply login to your account on Owodaily.

Click on “Wallet” on the menu. Go to “Withdraw”

You would be directed to the page below:


Owodaily request withdrawal



Doing so would trigger the pop-up shown below:


Owodaily pop up for withdrawal


The platform processes withdrawal requests every Friday and deposits the funds directly into your bank account.


Conclusion – Is OwoDaily Registration Fee Worth it?

Owodaily registration fee is nothing compared to how much you can make on the platform.

A one-time-payment payment of N3,000 or an annual subscription fee of N10,000 can get you started on a journey of earning multiple 5-figures per week or monthly.

Owodaily offers a unique opportunity to make money online in Nigeria without the nuances of dealing with foreign freelancing platforms especially when it’s time for withdrawal.

Let me know your thoughts on Owodaily.

Ready To Get Started? 

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