Selar vs Paystack- Which is best for you?

Selar vs Paystack

In today’s article, we will discuss Selar vs Paystack and nearly all there’s to know about them.

We put Selar and Paystack side by side and review their overview, features, similarities, differences, pros, cons, etc.

Ultimately, we came out with this content to help you make an informed decision.

So, if you would like to learn more about Selar and Paystack, read till the end of this article.

Let’s jump right in!


Selar Overview

Selar Home page

Selar is a platform that is designed for creators to host and sell their digital courses online to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Selar is well-designed and tailored to beginners who are just starting online and have yet to gain experience.

With Selar, you can host and sell digital products from PDF, membership sites, and subscription services.

It also serves as an escrow between creators and affiliates who wants to promote the products.

Merchants can either set up their own affiliates system, or an individual can apply to be an affiliate on the platform.

For merchants, when you host a course on the platform and you already have emails of affiliates you want to use available.

All you need to do is to go to your dashboard and, access the course you want the affiliate to promote, then start adding them manually.

However, you can only add up to 40 affiliates if you are on the free version. The paid version gives more freedom though.

When an individual wants to apply for a Selar affiliate, they must pay a fee of N2,000, valid for a 365 days calendar.

What it means is that you will need to renew your affiliate subscription if you want to keep using the platform.

The good thing is that N2,000 is minimal money compared to what you can make on the platform if done correctly.

Selar has dedicated customer support who works round the clock to provide answers to all your queries when they arise.

And there’s also a FAQ section on the platforms that can provide and gives you quick answer if you want to do self-service.

Selar Features

Let’s go through Selar’s features so that you know exactly what to expect.

1. Sell all Kinds of Products

With Selar, you can host and sell all kinds of products, including physical products that one can pick up in the store.

Then you can leverage this opportunity by hosting both your digital and physical products on the platform.

Doing so will not only sky-rocket your income but will also keep you organised.

Being organised means focusing on what is essential and leaving what is not.

2. Multicurrency & International Payments

If you have been thinking of selling across the sea without worrying about receiving payment easily, then Selar is for you.

With Selar, you can receive payments internationally and get the equivalent in your local currency.

In addition, Selar also supports and works with some of the popular payment platforms we have around, such as PayPal and Stripe.

So if you are selling to one of the countries where the primary online payment channel is PayPal, then this is good news for you.

You don’t even need to worry about the PayPal ban or PayPal limiting your account. Selar will handle it all for you.

3. Sales Page Builder

With Selar, you can build a high-converting sales page in an hour.

The best part is that you can also use a healthy design template to fast-track the process.

Having a high-converting sales page has the potential to skyrocket your income by 67%. That is because people can easily keep the link to your sales page and reference them to friends and family.

These and more are why you should consider using Selar.

4. Affiliates System

Selar provides an affiliate system for both merchants and individual affiliates.

It works for merchants when you sign up with Selar and hosts a course with them.

Either PDF, video course, or membership subscription.

You can set up your own affiliates system and add affiliate marketers manually.

All you need to do is to add the emails, and an automatic email will be sent to them containing the affiliate link and commission percentage.

If you are an individual looking to promote affiliate products on Selar, you can also sign up; you only need to pay the N2000 registration fee.

The N2000 is valid for just a year. It is a subscription program.

5. Automated Follow-ups

At times at the point of check-out, your potential customers might decide to wait to buy again due to money or side distractions.

A percentage of them may not return to complete the order again because the brain can easily forget.

But with Selar, you can set up an automated follow-up to follow up with prospects even while sleeping.

Paystack Overview

Paystack home page

Paystack is a software designed to help businesses accept credit and debit card payments.

The company was founded in late 2016 by Shola and Ezra Olubi. Shola graduated with a degree in computer science from Babcock university.

Paystack uses the latest and advanced securities to protect you and your customers from online fraud.

With this, you can be sure your money is in very safe hands.

It also has customer support that works round the clock to answer and help you get the best out of the platform.

Since its launch, it has always been the fastest and most straightforward way to receive payments online.

That is because you can sign up and integrate Paystack into your website within 15 minutes or more.

All you need to do is to follow the prompts, and you will be done setting things up in minutes.

One of its advantages is that it costs zero fees for integration, and you pay zero fees for maintenance.

Paystack only deducts a small fee for every successful transaction that you make. This means that Paystack only gets paid when you make money.

The platform also has your customers in mind by letting them make seamless payments and supports various payment options.


  • Card
  • Bank Account
  • Bank Transfer
  • USSD
  • Apple Pay
  • Visa QR
  • Mobile Money

As a result of these great advantages, over 70 thousand businesses currently use Paystack to receive both local and international payments.

If you are starting and don’t have a reliable payment gateway, Paystack is a great place to start.

Paystack Features

Let’s go through Paystack features so that you can know what it entails.

1. Payment Gateway

Paystack is a payment gateway that helps you accept money from your clients across the country.

You can easily integrate Paystack into your sales page, blog, website, and link within minutes.

It costs you nothing to set it up on your sales page, which is one reason why I like it.

Being a free platform, it offers you customer support that works round the clock to help you should be in case you find anything problematic.

2. Storefront

Paystack storefront is a product that is designed to help merchants create a simple, beautiful online store for Africans.

Creating a stunning online store with a Paystack storefront takes minutes.

You can use a pre-built template to make your store or the drag-and-drop feature. You need to pick the item that you want and position it in the right place.

The Paystack storefront is tailored to big and small businesses. So if you are an established business or just starting out, then you can always leverage on Paystack storefront.

3. High Success Transaction Rates

Businesses that use Paystack as their payment processor typically enjoy a very high transaction rate.

This is because Paystack automatically routes payments through the most optimal channels.

That ensures the highest transaction success rates in the market.

So, if you are a marketer and your customers usually don’t pay at the point of check-out, you might need to consider using Paystack to start making more money off your efforts.

4. Security

Internet fraud rates are becoming higher daily, in Nigeria especially.

Paystack has advanced fraud detection to protect you and your customers.

It protects it in the sense that the customer’s credit card information is safe at the point of check-out.

And that is worth praising! Because if your customers’ card details leak it would hurt your business because nobody will buy again from the website if they get scammed.

5. Seamless Payments

Let’s be frank, nobody likes to buy from a platform that lets you go through hundreds of stages before checking out. I won’t buy from it either because I don’t like stress.

Paystack provides simple yet powerful seamless payment to your customers.

This will also add to the reputation of your business because if your customers can pay quickly, it gives them a good experience.

Selar vs Paystack: Similarities

Let’s go quickly go over the similarities between Selar and Paystack. 

The similarities are as follows:

  • They are both payment gateway platforms. Using either platform, you can get paid for your service anywhere as an African Creator.
  • Your customers can be redirected to an external platform after payment is confirmed on both platforms.
  • Buyers can know more about your products on these platforms before purchasing.
  • Both platforms help you keep customers’ records, e.g. name, Phone Number, Email Address, etc after purchase.
  • Both platforms charge fees on every transaction made in your store.

Selar vs Paystack: Key Differences

Let’s go over the key differences between both platforms.

  • Selar is an eCommerce platform, while Paystack is an online payment gateway.
  • Selar provides an opportunity to host all types of courses, including videos, while Paystack does not.
  • You can build a store from scratch on Paystack, but you can’t do that on Selar.

Selar vs Paystack: Who is it Ideal For?

The Selar platform is designed to enable digital creators to share knowledge across African countries and get paid for it simultaneously.

While Paystack is an online payment processor company. It processes payments across the globe.

So, Selar is a good idea for digital course creators, while Paystack is a perfect fit for those who have online or offline businesses.  

So, to answer the question of who it is ideal for would depend on you.

If you are a digital course creator who needs a reliable platform to host his or her products. Then go for Selar.

If you already have a business, you just need a reliable payment platform to help you process the payments. Then Paystack is a good idea.

Selar vs. Paystack: Pros & Cons

Here, we will be going through both platform pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

Selar Pros & Cons

Here, we will be looking at Selar’s pros and cons. The pros come first.

Selar Pros

  • Seamlessly integrate Selar with your favourite marketing tools.
  • You can easily receive payment from anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • It allows you to easily issue course certificates to your students.
  • You can set up your affiliate marketing channels in minutes.
  • Structure curriculum and drip content.
  • It is beginners friendly.

Selar Cons

  • The free version has a minimal number of features.
  • The 10% charge for receiving international payments is high.

Paystack Pros & Cons

Here, we will be looking at Paystack’s pros and cons. The pros come first.

Paystack Pros

  • Simple, and easy payments.
  • High phenomenal transaction success rate.
  • Advance fraud protection for you and your customers.
  • Detailed reporting for accounting, reconciliation, and audits.
  • It is easy to set up and beginners friendly.

Paystack Cons

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us go through the most frequently asked questions we do get from our blog users.

1. Is Selar Better Than Paystack

Selar is better than Paystack because Selar is for online courses, while Paystack is a payment processing company. That is two different businesses.

2. What is the Difference Between Selar and Paystack?

Selar is a platform for hosting your digital courses, while Paystack is a payment processing company.

3. How safe is Selar and Paystack?

Both platforms are cause they have been around for a long time and use advanced latest securities tactics to protect the users.

Final thoughts

Selar and Paystack are two different platforms entirely but have few similarities.

If you are a digital creator looking for a reliable and safe platform to sell your digital products, then Selar is for you.

Paystack, on the other hand, is a good and reliable payment gateway that you can set up and integrate into your website in 15 minutes.

Both platforms are great and you can always rely on them for your course hosting and receiving payment.

With that, we have come to the end of “Selar vs Paystack”.

Which one are you getting started with?

Selar or Paystack?

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