Selar Vs Flutterwave- Which is best for you?

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Selar Overview

Selar home page

Selar is an eCommerce platform designed to help digital creators host online courses and accept payments across African countries.

The platform was launched in late 2016 to help Africans share knowledge and get paid simultaneously.

With Selar, you can host and sell all digital products, from PDF and membership sites to subscription services.

Selar is well-designed and tailored to beginners who are just starting online and have yet to gain experience.

It also serves as an escrow between creators and affiliates who wants to promote the products.

Merchants can either set up their affiliate’s system, or an individual can apply to be an affiliate on the platform.

For merchants, when you host a course on the platform and you already have emails of affiliates you want to use available.

All you need to do is to go to your dashboard and, access the course you want the affiliate to promote, then start adding them manually.

However, you can only add up to 40 affiliates if you are on the free version. The paid version gives more freedom, though.

When an individual wants to apply for a Selar affiliate, they must pay a small fee of N2,000, which is valid for a 365 days calendar.

What it means is that you will need to renew your affiliate subscription if you want to keep using the platform.

The good thing is that N2,000 is very little money compared to what you can make on the platform if done correctly.

Selar has dedicated customer support that works round the clock to provide answers to all your queries when they arise.

And there’s also a FAQ section on the platform that can provide and gives you quick answers if you want to do self-service.

Selar Features

Let’s take a look at Selar’s features.

1. Sell all Kinds of Products

With Selar, you can sell physical and virtual products, including PDFs, eBooks, and videos, and be physically present in the brick-and-mortar world.

All you need to do is to list them and make them available for affiliates to promote.

They will help you sell your products, and you will start making sales within the shortest time possible.

2. Multicurrency & International Payments

If you have been thinking of selling to countries other than Nigeria without worrying about receiving payment quickly, then Selar is for you.

You can accept payment across some African countries, and the best part is that it also supports a popular payment system. Popular payment systems such as PayPal and stripe.

PayPal and Stripe are widely accepted across the globe, which means that you can make lots of sales as long as your product is good.

3. Sales Page Builder

You can quickly build a simple yet powerful sales page with Selar.

If you don’t know anything about designing a sales page, you can use Selar pre-design template.

That can help you fast-track the whole process of designing a sales page.

4. Affiliates System

A merchant can set up an affiliate system that allows other affiliates to promote its products quickly.

If an affiliate makes a sale under you, you will receive an email, and the affiliate will also receive an email.

The money is automatically shared based on the agreed percentage.

5. Automated Follow-ups

With Selar, you can easily set up an automatic follow-up to follow up with potential customers.

This is an excellent thing to consider if you want to sky-rocket your business sales because follow-up works great in marketing.

Flutterwave Overview

Flutterwave home page

Flutterwave is an eCommerce designed to provide endless opportunities to every business.

The platform was founded in late 2016 by Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Olugbenga Abgoola, and Adeleke Adekoya.

Its headquarter is located in San Fransisco, USA.

You can sell online, process payments, build financial products, or use business tools designed to grow your business by being a Flutterwave user.

You will be able to generate professional invoices that you can easily send to your customers and get paid.

In addition, you will also be able to create a payment link that you can send to customers to receive either one-off or recurring payments.

Using Flutterwave for your business will give your customers a good experience with your business.

This is possible because Flutterwave has a well-designed, fast checkout system that allows customers to pay wherever it is convenient.

As a result of these excellent services is offering, over 500,000 business currently uses Flutterwave to receive payments across Africa.

500,000 business owners cannot be wrong anyways; the company must be up and doing that is why it has gotten so much attention.

Flutterwave Products/Features

Here, we will be going through Flutterwave features or products so that you can deeply understand what Flutterwave entails.

1. Physical & Virtual Card Issuing

The Flutterwave physical and virtual cards allow you to create and manage cards linking directly to your business.

You have access to create a virtual dollar card, but you can’t create the physical one.

However, you can create a naira virtual card and a naira physical card.

The best part about creating this card is that it’s fast, simple, and instant which is what I like about it.

It doesn’t grow through any long approval stage.

2. E-Commerce Store

Flutterwave also provides you with a stunning eCommerce store service.

Your store will be up and running in minutes without writing a single line of code.

You will also be able to create and send payments link to your customers around the globe.

In addition, you can also create professional invoices that show all about your business.

This alone brings professionalism to your business.

3. Payments

Flutterwave helps you collect payments from your customers across the sea.

You will be able to collect payments in over 30 currencies, including some advanced countries’ currencies.

There’s also a simple yet powerful checkout to enable your customers to make seamless payments.

You will also be able to send money to anyone or businesses, anywhere globally, from the comfort of your bedroom.

4. Capital

The grow capital offers you a flexible and quick business loan to grow your business without collateral.

If you have been looking for a way to fund your business, this opportunity is for you.

All you need to sign to begin is up and confirm your eligibility over there.

You will be presented with various offers; you only need to choose the one that best suits your business.

5. Grow

Flutterwave grows is designed to simplify the process of incorporating a US, UK, and Nigerian business from anywhere by removing all the paperwork and legal complexities.

You are also entitled to a corporate bank account and international business card for signing up with Grow.

The grow products also offer various business tools to help you grow and scale your business to the next level.

It only takes 5 minutes to set the grow product up.

Selar vs Flutterwave: Similarities

  • Both platforms provide eCommerce services.
  • Both platforms help businesses receive money across some African countries.

Selar vs Flutterwave: Key Differences

  • Flutterwave is a payment processing system, while Selar is an eCommerce platform.
  • Selar is little known compared to Flutterwave.
  • Flutterwave gives a business loan, and Selar doesn’t.

Selar vs Flutterwave: Who is it ideal for?

Selar is an online software that hosts digital products, while Flutterwave is an online payment gateway and eCommerce platform. 

This means Selar is ideal for digital course creators, while Flutterwave is ideal for those who have online or offline businesses.

If you want to keep all your egg in one basket and be more organised, go for Flutterwave.

However, if you are a complete beginner and at least need to lay your hand on something, then go for Selar.

Selar vs Flutterwave: Pros & Cons

Here we will go over Selar and Flutterwave’s pros and cons to make this content worth referring to as Selar vs Flutterwave.

Selar Pros & Cons

We will look into Selar’s pros and cons in this section.

Selar Pros

  • Access to Selar free-forever account
  • It can easily integrate with your marketing tools.
  • You can issue course certificates to all your students who completed your course.
  • Clean and beginners friendly interface
  • It accepts payment in different currencies

Selar Cons

  • High charges on international transactions
  • Limited features on free account

Flutterwave Pros & Cons

In this next section, we will look into Selar’s pros and cons.

Flutterwave Pros

  • Accept payment from anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • Allows you to easily make single or bulk transfers to people from your Flutterwave dashboard.
  • You can create a free eCommerce website to start selling right away.
  • Generate professional invoices for your customers and get paid anywhere, anyone in the world.
  • Quickly receive one-time or recurring payments from customers.
  • Create physical and virtual cards.

Flutterwave Cons

  • Customer support reply is pretty slow.
  • No free account

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, it’s time we go through the most frequently asked questions we do get about Selar vs Flutterwave.

1. Which is Better, Selar or Flutterwave?

Both are excellent platforms with lots of great features that are suitable for both beginners and pros.
However, if you have some funds to spend upfront, go for Flutterwave; it offers much more features with an incredible sales page design.

2. Which is Cheaper, Selar or Flutterwave?

Selar is cheaper regarding having a free account, but Flutterwave is more affordable regarding overall pricing structure and features.

3. Selar vs Flutterwave: Which is more Legit?

Both platforms are legit and have good sources we can trace them to. Here, we are sure you are in totally safe hands.

4. What is the difference between Selar and Flutterwave?

Both platforms offer nearly the same services with slight differences. However, Selar is an eCommerce platform for digital creators, while Selar is a payment processor company for entrepreneurs who want to receive payments online.

Final thoughts

Flutterwave is a more advanced platform than Selar. This is because it has some excellent features Selar doesn’t have.

Flutterwave’s design, the countries it operates in, and the currencies it accepts payment make it superior to Selar.

However, keep in mind that Selar is beginner-friendly and has a free version.

If you are willing to test the market, to know whether your product sells or not, then, consider Selar.

It helps you host your course and accept payments- both local and international payments.

With that, we have reached the end of Selar vs Flutterwave. 

Let me know the one you will start with and why in the comment below.

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