Is Expertnaire a Ponzi Scheme? The Unbiased Truth

Is Expertnaire a Ponzi scheme? In this article, we’re going to answer that question.

Many Nigerians are sceptical of Expertnaire’s legitimacy because it is a rapidly expanding affiliate marketing organisation.

Due to numerous complaints about the reliability of the company’s affiliate marketing program, the Expertnaire platform has been a focal point of debate among Nigerians on social media.

A percentage of social media users have tagged the Expertnaire platform as a Ponzi scheme due to the aggressive marketing nature of certain affiliates.

These affiliates focus on selling the popular 72IG course and do anything they can, including forging fake alert receipts to get people to purchase the course from them.

In this post, we debunk the theory of Expertnaire being a Ponzi scheme and show you how it works.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

What is Expertnaire?

Let’s have a brief overview of the Expertnaire platform. This will helps us to understand if Expertnaire is truly a Ponzi scheme.

Expertnaire is an online marketplace for digital products that are primarily knowledge-based. It serves as a platform for affiliate marketing. The majority claim that it is steadily growing into Nigeria’s largest marketplace for digital goods (books, tutorials, courses, etc.).

Many familiar with Nigerian affiliate marketing refer to it as the “Clickbank of Nigeria”.

With the help of Expertnaire, you can promote things you did not develop and earn money online. Affiliates have access to advertising the products featured on the site using special affiliate links for each item.

Digital product developers can sell their items on Expertnaire. The platform links digital product creators with affiliate marketers who handle the task of selling the products. 

Who owns Expertnaire?

Expertnaire is owned by a Nigerian marketing specialist Toyin Omotoso. He also owns 7 Star Systems, which hosts the 72IG Implementation Program.

Toyin Omotoso was a Botany student who sought to make a living for himself after taking a series of teachings on how to create and sell information products by the late Dr Sunny Ojeagbase. 

Dr Sunny Ojeagbase was the first person to publish sports news in Nigeria and also paved the way for famous internet marketing gurus like Akin Alabi.

Years after Toyin Omotoso had experienced success as an internet entrepreneur, he founded Expertnaire- which is claimed to be an N100 million per year enterprise.

How does Expertnaire work?

Expertnaire is a typical affiliate marketing site that mainly lists digital goods from vendors, like eBooks and online courses (content creators).

Similar to other affiliate marketing platforms you may have used or heard of, Expertnaire operates similarly.

The platform links digital product designers with affiliate marketers who handle the sales of the products. So, as a maker of digital goods, you have to publish your goods on the site and let the marketers handle everything else in exchange for a commission.

Digital product makers, particularly those in Nigeria, can link online with affiliate marketers worldwide through Expertnaire, who can sell their products on their behalf.

Without creating original content, the platform also provides affiliates access to high-performing digital goods they may market for a commission.

The merchant, the affiliate, and the client are the three parties on Expertnaire.

The individual who owns the item that is being sold is referred to as the seller.

Affiliates are salespeople who introduce customers to the platform’s products in exchange for a commission when those customers make a purchase.

Customers are merely individuals who buy the goods that Expertnaire is selling.

Affiliates are not taught how to sell things by Expertnaire.

They oversee the platform to ensure that it benefits the three parties involved.

However, interested affiliates can employ a variety of online sales training programs from various providers.

You can suggest a product or course on Expertnaire, such as the popular 10x eCommerce Blueprint program, which allows you to earn 50% commission on a product or course that only costs N25,000.

The wonderful thing about Expertnaire is that, even if you have no sales experience, you can still benefit from their assistance in turning visitors into paying clients and earning luscious commissions.

Is Expertnaire a Ponzi scheme or another MMM?

No Expertnaire is not a Ponzi or a quick-money online scheme. 

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investing scam that promises high rates of returns with little risk to investors. If you remember how MMM worked back in the day, you should know how a Ponzi scheme works.

There are usually no products sold in these schemes. The vast returns on investment are funds deposited into the scam by new investors. The system crashes when there’s a shortage of new investors, making it challenging to pay older investors.

Expertnaire, on the other hand, is a digital product marketplace where affiliate marketers sell products and get commissions on each sale. This type of transaction happens every day around us.

Expertnaire, since its inception, has never promised unbelievable returns without making it clear that you need to sell digital products on its platform to make that money. While both are forms of referral marketing, you need to have solid digital marketing skills to succeed on Expertnaire.

How to start affiliate marketing on Expertnaire

I believe you are now convinced that Expertnaire isn’t a Ponzi scheme. Let’s quickly learn how to start affiliate marketing on Expertnaire.

Registration fee

There are two ways to register on Expertnaire.

The first option is to pay N10,000 yearly to become a member. The other way is to purchase the 72IG program by Toyin Omotoso. The program gives you one-year free access to Expertnaire.

If you have no prior experience with affiliate marketing, 72IG grants you automatic membership to all digital marketing courses.

This premium membership course costs N62,500 as of right now.

Choose a product to promote

Your login information will be emailed to the email address you provided when signing up and paying the registration fee.

After that, you may log in and choose the products you intend to promote.

Make sales and get paid out by notification with a N5,000 threshold.

You will be notified through email that you placed a “successful order” and the profit you made after successfully promoting a product on Expertnaire.

Get paid your affiliate commissions.

After completing your first sale on Expertnaire, if you meet the minimum barrier of N5,000, you will get paid straight to your bank account every Friday.

This means you must have a balance of at least N5,000 to receive payment on Expertnaire.

You will receive an email stating, “You just received a payment”, as well as a bank alert containing a description of the Expertnaire following payment.


With all the information you have read about Expertnaire in this article, you can now understand that Expertnaire is not a Ponzi scheme or an investment program. 

Expertnaire operates a marketplace for digital goods and a platform for affiliate marketing. Their business strategy is straightforward. Using affiliates, they assist vendors with beneficial solutions in reaching out to customers who require them. 

The platform provides a legit way to make money online. After signing up as an affiliate, you can promote any digital product on social media through paid methods and organic methods. You can also build a blog around the product you’re promoting.

This brings us to the end of this article. Let’s know your thoughts. Are you an affiliate of Expertnaire?

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