What is Expertnaire? The Unbiased Review

What is Expertnaire

What is Expertnaire? In this article, we will show you an unbiased review of all you need to know about Expertnaire.

Many Nigerians are sceptical of Expertnaire because of the unbelievable earnings of affiliates on the platform. 

Expertnaire has become one of Nigeria’s best affiliate marketing programs. Right here, you will learn all you need to know about the platform and how many young Nigerians are making it big time through the platform.

Are you ready? Let’s go.


What is Expertnaire? When was it created?

Before going further into this unbiased review, it’s crucial to know what Expertnaire is and when it was created.

Expertnaire was created on May 10, 2018, by Toyin Omotoso after learning that many Nigerians, particularly young people, desired to make money through affiliate marketing but had the knowledge to do it.

The platform serves as an online marketplace for purchasing high-valued digital goods.

Being a marketplace, the platform doesn’t own products sold on it. 

If you understand how Bolt, Uber, and Airbnb work, you should have no problem understanding Expertnaire as a marketplace.

Bolt, for example, is an app that links drivers to passengers. Bolt doesn’t own any car used in transporting passengers. It just serves as a marketplace for passengers and drivers.

That is precisely how Expertnaire works.

Its purpose is to assist producers of digital products in increasing their sales through efficient and productive affiliates. 

Who is Expertnaire for?

Having learned about the platform, what it indeed does, and when it was created, let’s answer this critical question; “who is Expertnaire for?”

The Expertnaire platform is for those who produce digital goods for consumers. By consumers, I mean people like you and I.

Let’s take a deeper dive into Expertnaire’s target audience.

1. Vendors

The first category of those that use Expertnaire is vendors.

They are the product owners. Remember, Expertnaire doesn’t own any product listed on their platform. Vendors own the products listed.

Vendors choose which products to sell and what income they will receive. They can decide to list a product at N50,000 and decide to give 50% as commission, meaning they take home N25,000. The amount to be given as commissions is entirely up to them.

Vendors are paid bi-monthly by Expertnaire.

To become a vendor, all you need to do is sign up. However, they demand that you pay a N25,000 non-refundable fee that must be renewed annually. You lose your vendor membership if you don’t pay by the deadline.

2. Affiliate

The next set of people Expertnaire caters to its affiliates. Affiliates recommend products listed by vendors to potential buyers. Whenever any of the persons they refer buys, they earn a specific commission for the product as stated by the vendor.

Unlike vendors, affiliates are paid every Friday of the week.

3. Consumers

These are the ones who buy the product listed on Expertnaire. You may wonder, what kind of products are even sold on the platform? As we proceed, I will give an overview of the high-quality products available on the platform.

But, before we proceed, let me quickly clear the air on this vital question asked regularly online in the next section.

How does Expertnaire work?

Most people think Expertnaire is a Ponzi scheme popularly called the “bring two people” kind of business.

This isn’t true in any sense. Here’s how Expertnaire works:

Promote goods to others and get your commission when they make a purchase. 

That’s the crux of how Expertnaire works. The platform allows you to recommend high-quality products (owned by vendors) to people or consumers. This is called affiliate marketing.

When these people buy, you get a cut from the purchase. This cut is referred to as a commission.

For more information about how Expertnaire works, I advise you to read the article “Is Expertnaire a Ponzi Scheme?” In the article, you get further clarification on how the platform operates.

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How to start affiliate marketing on Expertnaire

In this section, I’m going to explain the entire process of how you can start an affiliate marketing business on Expertnaire.

Contrary to what some say online, Expertnaire isn’t a Ponzi scheme or a network marketing company.

It’s a platform that allows you to sell other people’s products and get paid for them, and that’s the simplest way to explain what affiliate marketing entails.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, I advise you to check my definitive guide on how you can start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Back to Expertnaire. Here’s a summarised version of how to get started on Expertnaire:

  • Visit Expertnaire’s website.
  • Sign up or register on the platform.
  • Pick any digital product of your choice.
  • Get your product’s affiliate link.
  • Use any digital platform to spread the word about the product (e.g., a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.). Remember, the products are digital, not physical. This means you have to promote your affiliate product links.
  • You get paid a commission when someone purchases through your link.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of some of the processes of getting started.

1. Expertnaire registration fee

To join Expertnaire, you have to pay a registration fee of N10,000. This is different from other popular affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria, like Jumia and Konga, where intending affiliates can join for free.

There are two ways to about the registration fee.

Method 1:

This method is the default way to register or sign up on Expertnaire. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Expertnaire website.

2. To register, click the Affiliates button on the menu.

3. Click the “Sign Up” button.

4. Use your ATM card or a mobile transfer to pay the NGN 10,000 registration fee. This fee is an annual fee. You need to pay N10,000 every year to access products listed on Expertnaire.

You will be registered in less than 12 hours if payment is successful.

When it is finished, you should keep an eye on your email until you have your login information.

Learn more about Expertnaire’s registration and sign-up fee.

Method 2

The second method is by purchasing the 72-Hour Income Generator program. The program costs N62,500.

The 72-Hour Revenue Income Generator Program, also known as the 72IG Implementation Program, is a system that aids affiliate marketers on Expertnaire and other affiliate marketing platforms to raise their affiliate sales starting 72 hours after applying the approach.

Purchasing this program gives you full one-year access to Expertnaire. The course was created by the founder of Expertnaire, Toyin Omotoso. 

You may be wondering…why do I need to pay N62,500 when I can have access to all of Expertnaire’s products by paying the normal registration fee of N10,000?”

Let me explain.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, the 72IG Implementation Program will assist you in getting started.

The program gives a detailed program on selling anything online; this includes all the digital products listed on Expertnaire. 

Except you have experience selling products online, you should probably opt-in for the 72IG program.

As an extra incentive to encourage people to purchase the program, Toyin Omotoso throws in a free one-year membership as a bonus.

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2. Choose a product to promote

So far, we’ve covered how to register on Expertnaire. To become a successful affiliate marketer, you must choose a hot-selling product to promote.

Here are some tips for choosing the right products to promote.

1. Before you begin marketing, you must select and master one specific product at a time.

2. Demand and trends should also be considered when choosing a product to market.

3. You shouldn’t try to offer a product that makes people feel like they can get rich quickly since everyone will assume it’s a scam.

4. It would be challenging to sell a product if it did not provide you, the marketer, with value.

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Products on Expertnaire

You can choose from a variety of products in the product marketplace below.

Most of the Expertnaire products are educational courses, known as Expertnaire courses, and they come from videos, books, and blueprints.

All of them are digital goods, so if clients pay for them, they may immediately access them.

Below are the top 15 most-selling products on Expertnaire:

1. The 72IG Implementation Program:

This is the most popular product on Expertnaire. The program teaches beginners how to sell products online. The comprehensive course discusses various digital marketing strategies to make money online. Emphasis is placed on the creation and list building.

2. Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders:

The program instructs students on how to safely invest in Bitcoin and other smaller cryptocurrencies.

3. Sports Betting Affiliate Commission Machine:

This teaches you how to make money through sports betting.

4. YouTube Profits Blueprint:

You may learn how to create a profitable YouTube channel by following the instructions in The Youtube Profits Blueprint.

5. 30-day Affiliate Commissions Challenge:

Affiliate marketers are ideally suited for this task. They were joining it will teach you how to use free traffic to make between NGN50k and NGN400k in 30 days.

6. Turning Skills Into Cash:

Nigerians keen to learn lucrative skills for free can enrol in this course. The program gives you admission to the Irish Academy, where you will spend four weeks getting high-paying digital skills.

7. Work From Home – How to Land Your First Remote Job:

Anyone can learn how to get a 6-figure work-from-home dream job from The Work From Home Guide and your family and friends how to accomplish the same.

8. Amazon KDP Passive Income Generator:

This teaches you how to generate $0 – $5000+ per month using the WRITING WITHOUT WRITING FORMULA to create and publish a daily book.

9. 28-Day Body Transformation Program:

With the help of a special Nigerian diet, this program demonstrates a novel technique to lose weight and eliminate extra belly fat.

10. Freelancer Success Guide:

You need to read this article if a freelancer has trouble converting offers and getting pitches, you need to read this article. As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can earn up to $1,000 per month online without a website.

11. SkyRocket With Facebook Course:

Facebook is one incredible platform anyone can help users to generate money online in Nigeria. Benahili teaches individuals how to earn up to NGN200,000 per month solely through Facebook comfortably.

12. The Foreign Copywriting Initiative:

Copywriters will undoubtedly find this course to be interesting. It demonstrates how to secure copywriting gigs with international companies.

13. Toyin Omotoso’s Sales & Marketing Package:

This package is from the owner of Expertnaire. The sales and marketing bundle gives you legal access to all the top sales and marketing resources that Toyin Omotoso has personally amassed for ten years.

14. The Millionaire Facebook Group Program:

With this method, free of charge, anyone can grow a Facebook group from 0 to 300,000 members within six months.

15. Google Display Ads training:

Do you struggle to get visitors who will convert well to your blog? This program is appropriate for you.

Promoting these products can easily make you six figures monthly as an affiliate marketer. 

So, tell me, which product would you like to promote?

How does Expertnaire pay affiliates?

Earning your affiliate commissions is the last puzzle in affiliate marketing promoting Expertnaire’s products. Once you are done promoting your products, you get paid your commissions. 

Expertnaire uses bank deposits to pay both vendors and affiliates. Vendors, however, only get paid on Fridays every two weeks, while affiliates get paid every Friday.

Make $3,000 monthly from an affiliate marketing blog

How to list products on Expertnaire?

If you have a product and don’t mind giving a cut of sales made to affiliates as commissions, then listing your product on Expertnaire is one of the most brilliant marketing moves you should make. This is because the platform is arguably Nigeria’s most prominent affiliate marketplace.

This means thousands of people are willing to sell your products for you without you doing anything. In my opinion, this is an example of what it means to work smart.

To list your products on Expertnaire, you must first read the terms and conditions for participating as a Vendor on Expertnaire. This gives you an overview of what is expected of you as a vendor on the platform.

Here are details of what you need to send to Expertnaire. This information should be forwarded to their email- vendors@expertnaire.com. “Request For New Vendor Application” should be the subject line.

1. The product’s sales page’s URL. This could be a Google doc link that contains what the product is all about

2. Access to the product’s delivery system. This is for them to ascertain if it will be easy for people to download the product after purchasing it from you.

3. The amount of commission you want to give affiliates for each copy sold. 

4. The details of your customer service department, where customers can quickly contact you for assistance if they have problems using your product. 

After sending all of these details, you will be notified to create a vendor’s account if it meets their requirements. Then a sales page for your product will be generated on the platform.

Vendor registration costs N25,000 per year, and it is non-refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s go over some of the questions that keep popping up about Expertnaire.

Is Expertnaire an MLM or Ponzi Scheme?

Expertnaire is an affiliate marketing website where you may earn money online by promoting goods you did not develop; it’s not an MLM or a Ponzi scheme.

Which is better: Learnoflix or Expertnaire?

Both are excellent affiliate marketing platforms. You can pick products from any of the platforms, promote the product and make money.

Is Expertnaire legit?

The Expertnaire program is legit and genuine and has no elements of fraud or misrepresentation. You can also decide whether to sign up with them as a vendor or an affiliate.

Who is Expertnaire’s founder?

Toyin Omotoso is the founder of Expertnaire.

Does Expertnaire need a referral?

Research has shown that referrals are the most successful way to make sales.

Final thoughts

With this unbiased review of Expertnaire, you will agree with me that Expertnaire is an excellent platform for effectively promoting products.

Expertnaire is one of the best places to start your journey if you are serious about making money online in Nigeria.

The platform has empowered many Nigerian youths to be free from unemployment, allowing them to live a good life.

Do you want a “soft life?” Follow what you’ve learned, explore my affiliate marketing blogging blueprint, and make money online like a boss.

This brings us to the end of this article; if you have questions, drop them in the comments section.

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Oghenemaga Emmanuel is a certified content marketing specialist, SEO strategist, social media expert, and digital marketing manager for B2B and B2C businesses.

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