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Selar vs Expertnaire- Which Is The Best Affiliate Platform?

Selar vs Expertnaire – Which is better for you? In this article, we’ll do a breakdown of both platforms which will enable you to make an informed decision on the platform best for your business.

Selar and Expertnaire are both popular and have made name for themselves when it comes to helping online entrepreneurs sell their products.

So, if you want to get started with the right platform, then it would be best if you read till the end.

Let’s jump right in!


Selar Overview

Selar is a platform designed for creators to host and sell their digital courses online to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The platform was launched in late 2016 to help Africans share knowledge and get paid simultaneously.

Selar is well-designed and tailored to beginners who are just starting online and have yet to gain experience.

With Selar, you can host and sell digital products, from PDF and membership sites to subscription services.

It also serves as an escrow between creators and affiliates who wants to promote the products.

Merchants can either set up their affiliate’s system, or an individual can apply to be an affiliate on the platform.

For merchants, when you host a course on the platform and you already have emails of affiliates you want to use available, all you need to do is to go to your dashboard and, access the course you want the affiliate to promote, then start adding them manually.

However, you can only add up to 40 affiliates if you are on the free version. The paid version gives more freedom.

When an individual wants to apply as a Selar affiliate, they must pay a fee of N2,000, which is valid for a 365 days calendar.

What it means is that you will need to renew your affiliate subscription if you want to keep using the platform.

The good thing is that N2,000 is minimal money compared to what you can make on the platform if done correctly.

Selar has dedicated customer support who works round the clock to provide answers to all your queries when they arise.

And there’s also a FAQ section on the platform that answers recurring questions from users.

Selar Features

Let us look at the Selar features and know what to expect exactly.

1. Digital Products

Selar allows you to sell digital products quickly, including PDFs, eBooks, video courses, and the like.

The best part is that you can set things up within 15 minutes.

2. Physical Goods

If you also have physical goods or own a shop, you can easily list all your products on the platform to increase sales quickly.

Listing your products is easy, like the way you might think!

3. Services

You can easily sell services with Selar, from coaching to consultations.

All you need to do is to select this feature, and you will be done setting things up in minutes.

4. Courses & Membership

Selar allows you to easily sell your courses and membership programs. It’s also possible to build a membership program inside Selar.

5. Events Tickets & Training

You can easily sell your event tickets and training of all kinds with Selar.

The tickets give users, or your students access to masterclasses, events, workshops, training, webinars, and more. I love this feature because it keeps your classes organised.

Expertnaire Overview

Expertnaire is a digital products network that distributes high-quality products across the web.

The platform was founded on 10th May 2018 by Toyin Omotoso, a Nigerian digital marketing expert.

It has tens of thousands of paying customers and many pro affiliates doing well on the platform.

Digital products dominate the platform, and over 350,000 products have been sold since writing this content.

The platform is majorly for the sales and distribution of digital products. You can join the platform as an affiliate or a product creator, referred to as the vendor on the platform.

However, an annual fee is applied to you before becoming a vendor on the platform.

The affiliates, on the other hand, promote digital products and earn a commission on every sale.

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Selar vs Expertnaire: Similarities

Let us take a look at the similarities between both platforms.

  • Host Courses: You can host courses on both platforms.
  • Payment Gateway: Both platforms serve as a payment getaway for digital creators.
  • Affiliate Network: Both platforms serve as an affiliate network for digital creators and affiliates.

Selar vs Expertnaire: Key Differences

  • You can host all sorts of courses on Selar and membership sites, while you can only host digital products on Expertnaire, like PDFs and Videos.
  • You can sell services and event tickets on Selar. Expertnaire doesn’t grant this feature.

Selar vs Expertnaire: Who is it ideal for?

Both platforms offer the same services with just slight differences.

However, if you are a beginner just starting and need a platform to test run or launch without making any upfront payment, then Selar will be an excellent choice for you. 

You can host and also get affiliates to promote your products without paying a dime upfront. 

This means that Selar only makes money when you do by taking charges on the payments that you receive.

If you have a quality digital product and have some funds to spend upfront, go for Expertnaire.

It has a larger community of active paying customers and pro affiliates to help you make more sales.

Selar vs. Expertnaire: Pros & Cons

Here, we will look at both platforms’ pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Selar Pros & Cons

We will be looking at the Selar Pros and Cons in this section. The pros first and the cons later.

Selar Pros:

  • Free Account: Selar has a free forever account that you can sign up for, host your digital course, and get paid without Selar taking a dime. Selar only takes charge when you make sales.
  • Popular Marketing Tools: With Selar, you can easily integrate with your favourite marketing tools for you to make more sales online.
  • Issue Course Certificate: With Selar, you can issue a course certificate to your students after successfully taking the course.
  • Beginners-Friendly Interface: The Selar platform user interface is beautiful and intuitive. You can set up your first digital course within a few minutes.

Selar Cons:

  • High Charges: The 10% Selar charges on an international transaction is high compared to its competitors.
  • Limited Features on Free Version: The Selar free account has few features; you need to upgrade to the paid plans to enjoy the platform.

Expertnaire Pros & Cons

Let’s go through Expertnaire’s pros and cons. The pros would come first, and the cons would come later.

Expertnaire Pros

  • Products are Vetted for Quality: Every product listed on the Expertnaire has undergone the review stage to ensure quality control.
  • Online Communities for Members: Expertnaire has online communities around the web, which means you can engage with other platform users and get the best out of Expertnaire.
  • Beginners-Friendly Interface: The Expertnaire interface is well-designed and tailored to beginners who might need help understanding how things work.
  • Quality Customer Support: Externaire has support that works round the clock to help you in case you are lost.

Expertnaire Cons

  • Different Ways to Become a Member: Before taking advantage of the platform, you need to be considered a premium member, which attracts fees.
  • Fraudulent Activities by Some Affiliates: Some affiliates use fraudulent activities to promote products listed on the platform 72IGG, especially which makes the platform look like a Ponzi scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, it’s time we go through the most frequently asked questions we do get about Selar vs Expertnaire.

1. Which is Better, Selar or Expertnaire?

Both platforms are excellent and fit both beginners and pros. But if you don’t want your products to pass through any review process or pay any funds upfront, then use Selar.

2. Which is Cheaper, Selar or Expertnaire?

Selar is cheaper because it has a free account, and you need to pay before you can list your product on Expertnaire.
Your product will also go through the review stage on Expertnaire, which means it might not get accepted.

3. Selar vs Expertnaire: Which is more Legit?

Both platforms are legit and have good sources we can trace them to. Here, we are sure you are in totally safe hands.

4. What is the difference between Selar and Expertnaire?

Both platforms are eCommerce platforms, and we can say there’s no difference between them based on my experience.

Final thoughts on Selar vs Expertnaire.

Selar and Expertnaire are tremendous and reputable platforms because they have been around for a long now.

Both platforms also offer nearly the same services. However, if you are a beginner, with zero budget, go for Selar, as you can host your course on its free version platform and start making sales immediately.

However, if you have some funds to invest upfront, go for Expertnaire. The reason is that it has more pros affiliates doing well; they can easily promote your product and make sales.

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That said, we have reached the end of Selar vs Expertnaire.

Which one are you going to use? Selar or Expertnaire? Let me know in the comment section below.

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