How to register on Expertnaire for free [The Only Way]

In this article, we will show you how to register on Expertnaire for free. I want you to know that this isn’t a clickbait title. This is legit from Toyin Omotoso himself – founder of Expertnaire.

Over time, Expertnaire has expanded to rank among the top affiliate platforms in Nigeria. 

Expertnaire has made it simple for people, especially Nigerians, to get started in their businesses by offering tools and resources that assist people in learning how to launch a business.

This platform has helped a lot of Nigerians make money online. But, there’s usually one issue, especially for beginners.

To join Expertnaire, you must pay an annual registration fee of N10,000. Else, you won’t be able to sell any of their top-selling products on the platform.

So, let’s get straight to business.

Can you register on Expertnaire for free?

The answer is yes and no. That’s a dicey answer, right?

To get Expertnaire for free, you must get Toyin Omotoso’s 72IG program (More on this later). 

Toyin Omotoso, the founder of Expertnaire, created the popular 72 IG implementation program to teach newbies how to sell anything online to anyone.

Sincerely speaking, without the 72IG program, many Expertnaire affiliates won’t be successful. Purchasing the program gives you one-year access to all Expertnaire’s products free of charge.

Let’s learn more about the 72 IG program.


What is the 72IG Program?

The 72IG PROGRAM is a comprehensive marketing lesson that teaches you how to promote digital goods online and earn money.

There are two parts to the program. The 72IG Implementation Program, covered in Part 1 of the course, teaches you how to promote products on and off Expertnaire by combining email marketing and PPC traffic.

The 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator in Part 2 is concentrated on WhatsApp marketing. That is how you can earn money online using WhatsApp and Expertnaire.

The 72IG online course consists of instructional videos, PDFs, and a weekly mentorship class where students receive additional training and assistance with their problems.

Participants in the 72IG program are granted complimentary 12-month affiliate access to the Expertnaire marketplace.

In this manner, a new student won’t need to pay an additional N10,000 to register as an affiliate once more on Expertnaire.

And they can start using the information they are learning about selling digital products from the 72IG course.

Once you complete the course, you will understand how to monetize your online digital product sales. And the fact that many of Toyin’s students have already succeeded is why I’m confident this will work for you.

Make $3,000/mo through affiliate marketing

Benefits of the 72IG program

Here are some of the benefits of 72IG:

1. More comprehensive and affordable than most affiliate marketing courses

Using the Whatsapp income blueprint/generator, one can start earning money without having to spend extra money.

While most courses give you a fraction of what you will learn on 72IG, they cost significantly more.

The 72IG course is a thorough program that teaches affiliate marketing and current digital marketing techniques like email marketing, PPC, Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Canva design, Sales funnel, website design, etc. 

It is more valuable than other affiliate marketing programs because of this feature.

2. 72IG is a beginner-friendly course.

The program is designed to help those who have never earned money online. The course is open to anyone interested in starting an online business, such as a marketing or web design firm. It is simple and to the point but also jam-packed with helpful information.

Consider taking a Facebook advertising training. This training, a component of the 72IG course, will show you how to set up your first campaign, write your first piece of advertorial copy, create a new Facebook ads manager, install tracking pixels, and more. 

Most available affiliate marketing courses won’t teach you any of these.

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3. 72IG course comes with free mentorship

In contrast to most courses, which don’t provide instructions or give you a chance to voice concerns or ask questions, the 72IG course includes an ongoing mentoring program.

You are free to ask questions at any time if you run into trouble in this mentoring program. You can network, meet other affiliates, and learn about affiliate marketing. The program is free.

4. Unrestricted access to compelling sales copy and done-for-you templates for your emails and social media channels.

Unlike most affiliate marketing courses, the 72IG course will give you access to templates, sales copy, and scripts for promoting your products. 

This program includes more than 30 PDFs and other documents to help you with your marketing. Make the necessary edits to the file before publishing it online to meet the needs of your product.

Learn more: How to promote Expertnaire products

Final thoughts

I want you to understand that getting Expertnaire for free using other methods asides from purchasing the 72IG is illegal.

The Expertnaire team has permanently banned some of these accounts that give out illegal licenses to the Expertnaire platform.

Buying the 72IG is beneficial as it empowers you to sell any products listed on Expertnaire. Affiliates have testified of applying the lessons to their physical business and seeing results.

As a beginner, paying the regular N10,000 to have access to products to sell might leave you frustrated.

With the mouth-watering benefits of the 72IG program, including the free mentorship, I advise you to go for it.

The program gives you free access to the 72IG Facebook Support Group and Telegram Group, where other affiliate marketing members offer support and encourage one another to succeed. 

The 72IG Implementation program is world-class and will take you step-by-step from a complete beginner to an expert status where you can start earning up to 400k+ per month almost on Autopilot, provided you are willing to put in the work and have an open mind.

This brings us to the end of this post. I hope you found it insightful. Let me know, are you an Expertnaire affiliate? I will be in the comment section.

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