How To Make Money With Selar [The Ultimate Guide]

In today’s article, you’ll learn how to make money with Selar. Many buyers on social media platforms have been asking questions about what Selar is and how they can make money using the platform. 

You should take this article seriously if you’ve been searching for how to make money online. The internet has made it easier for anyone, irrespective of their background, to make enough money to care for themselves and live the life they desire.

In this article, you will learn what Selar is and how you can start making money using its platform by selling digital or physical products to millions of internet users without any hassle. 

Are you ready? Let’s go.


What is Selar?

First off, let’s understand what Selar is and why it has the potential to make you money online.

Selar is a digital online platform that gives creators and e-commerce businesses an easy way of selling products online. 

It was founded in 2016 to empower African digital creators and sellers with a responsive platform where you can easily monetise and trade your product, skills, and services to your customers. 

Selar is also integrated with incredible features and technologies like sales page creator, domain set-up plugins, and inbuilt data analytics.  With a sales page generator, you can quickly generate one for your business when needed. 

You can set up a domain for your website and email accounts using their plugin.  You don’t need to bother yourself with the technicality of it anymore. Lastly, you can easily manage all your data using inbuilt analytics to understand what is working and what is not.

They have a free plan for those looking to start without money. You can also upgrade to paid plans depending on your budget. While the free plan has so many exciting features, trying out the paid plans is better if you want to take full advantage of the platform.

After creating an account on Selar, you will be given a unique QR code that you can place on your social media pages or send directly to your customers to invite them to view and buy your product. 

You can also easily add coupon codes and discounts to boost your marketing campaigns, especially during special or promotional sales.   

Selar is designed with intelligent multiple payment systems that allow creators to sell their products to different parts of the world using standard payment methods, including Stripe and Paypal. 

Big names in the industry, like Naija Brand Chick, have shown us proofs and testimonials of how Selar has helped her sell her courses to thousand of her customers. 

You can also set up a merchant affiliate system where you give a percentage of commissions to those willing to sell your product. That way, you can have extra legs marketing your service for you.

Selar is one of its kind, not just in Nigeria but in Africa. It’s a full-blown eCommerce solution that empowers you to make money online without excuses.

How to make money with Selar

Now, you’ve learned what Selar is and what it has to offer. Let’s learn how to make money with Selar.

Contrary to popular belief, making money on Selar is straightforward, and you don’t need a website to start; Selar has everything handled. 

First, you’ll have to decide on what you want to sell. 

Is it a physical or digital product? Or perhaps you want to be an affiliate seller and help other creators sell their products and get a commission.  

One good news is that as a creator or seller, you can always put up your product for free on Selar; you only get charged when you sell or get paid. Then you’ll be paid 90% on whatever you sold with N50 as charges and 4% on whatever the customers paid for the product. Pretty cool, right ?? 

Listed below are ways to start making money as a verified Selar user. 

Sell digital products:

Whether a digital creator or an online seller, Selar can quickly help scale your business and take out the extra work.

You can create mini digital stores where you can sell anything digital. It can be anything from your skill or art or just anything that can be digitalised and monetised. 

For example, Uche, an Afrobeat artist, can set up an online store on Selar to sell his music, or Aisha, a course seller, can easily do the same to make money. 

You can also use the new inbuilt subscription model where you can have your customers subscribe to your premium courses or videos.

The subscription model process is relatively easy as the course or whatever you’re offering can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

The limitation is that it only supports six payment systems: Naira, Cedis, Pounds, Rands, Uganda shillings, and Kenyan shillings. 

Sell physical products:

You can also make money by selling physical products after Setting up your shop and agreeing on what to sell. 

All you have to do is set up your account, upload your product and integrate a shipping service into your new online store. 

That way, you can sell your goods to customers from different parts of the country and the world depending on the product.  

Selar also allows you to set different delivery locations and their relative cost when putting your product up for sale. This will make it easier for you to set delivery prices according to your customer’s destination.

Get a full list of 65+ hot-selling products in Nigeria now.

Become an affiliate:

Another excellent way to make money from Selar is to market other people’s products. This business model is called affiliate marketing.

You can sell them on your email lists or social media accounts with good numbers of followers. 

You can make up to N250,000 every month as a Selar affiliate marketer. You’ll get access to track your affiliate sales and generate leads. This will give you the very-needed data on how to improve your marketing style.

Make N250,000 per month through affiliate marketing.

How to promote products on Selar

Promoting your products is the most critical aspect of your business. Without promotion, you won’t get sales.

Product promotion is necessary if you want to scale your business. Below are a few ways to promote your product on Selar. These methods are tried and proven methods that I have used in generating millions in sales.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Email marketing

The first on the list is email marketing. Email marketing is a good way of promoting your product. If you don’t have an email list, then you should. 

You can inform, educate, and sell products to your email list. You can also create promotional sales campaigns or abandoned cart emails. 

If you’ve been in the online marketing space long enough, you must have heard gurus say… the money is in the list.”

It will always be true. Imagine having an email list of 5,000 people. You can promote your products continuously, and if 1% of your list buys- that’s 50, depending on the price of your product, you can make “easy” six figures every month.

And if you do not have an email list, the easiest way to build an email list is to have your subscribers button on your social media pages and Selar digital store. Or you can create something valuable for them on your website and ask for their emails in return. In digital marketing terms, this is called a lead magnet.

2. Tiktok marketing

TikTok is the world’s fastest-growing social media platform. You can take advantage of the platform by creating an account and placing your Selar link in your profile bio. 

TikTok has made it possible for anyone to grow very fast. If you consistently create content on TikTok, the algorithm will reward you with more reach and visibility.

As a marketer who intends to make money by utilising Selar, you need to post engaging content around what you’re selling. This could be entertaining content that drives people to click the link in your bio. 

When they click the link, they will be directed to your Selar product page, where they can buy if interested.

I advise you don’t sleep on TikTok; young Nigerians like you are cashing out of the platform every day. Don’t be left behind.

3. Twitter marketing

You can also leverage the opportunity of twitter’s million users.  Here you can create tweets that drive traffic back to your pinned tweet about your product; you can also create long threads and Twitter spaces on how your product can help your followers.

For example, you can link up with famous influencers and use their platform to generate more sales and leads for your products.

Promoting your products on Twitter requires commitment on your part. You need to tweet and engage with tweets every day to start gaining traction.

4. Instagram marketing

Instagram is another way to advertise your products. Everyone knows they need to sell their products on Instagram. The issue is that only some know how to generate sales consistently.

Instagram has introduced a new feature called REELS. You won’t get traction as a business owner if you’re not taking advantage of it. 

Just like TikTok, publishing reels about the benefits of buying from you will generate leads for you because Instagram prioritises reels more than any other feature.

Youtube is another brilliant platform with billions of users where you can promote your product. You can create an entertaining and valuable video on your product. Upload it to your Youtube page and place your Selar link in the video description. 

Doing this has the potential of bringing lots of sales for years. This is because Youtube videos are ever-green. Your videos keep getting views the longer you leave them there.

So, starting a YouTube channel would be a brilliant marketing move if you intend to be in business in the online sphere for a long.

6. Paid ads

Paid advertising is another brilliant way you can promote your product on Selar. It’s the fastest way.

You can decide to run a google ad or social media ads targeting your potential customers and getting sales that same day.

Doing this can go a long way in putting your business in front of your ideal customers.

Frequently asked questions

Let’s tackle some recurring questions I keep getting about Selar.

How do I join Selar?  

To join Selar, visit their official website, click “start selling”, and set up your account.  

How much do I have to pay to use Selar?

How much you’ll pay depends on what you’re selling and your niche. Scroll down to the pricing area to see the relative cost of your preferred subscription method.

How much does Selar charges for transactions? 

For transactions made on the platform, Selar charges 4% + N50 or 10% + $50 after you make a sale. 

How fast do I get paid? 

Selar payment typically happens a day after you’ve made your sale. The money would be available in your wallet for withdrawal to your local bank. 

How do I handle payment outside my currency?

Suppose you make a sale outside your currency. Let’s say Kanye bought your ebook and paid with a dollar currency; Selar will convert the money to your local currency so you can quickly withdraw it to your account.

Final thoughts

Gone are the days when African creators couldn’t monetise their skills or sell their products digitally. Selar is fast changing that. It is one of Africa’s most prominent digital marketing platforms, helping thousands of creators achieve their dreams and make money. 

Joining Selar allows you to sell your digital or physical assets; you can also make money by being a Selar affiliate marketer.

All you need to do is to take the bold step of starting today. Pick a product and sell it on Selar. On the other hand, if the idea of selling seems like a challenge, you can pick up my blogging blueprint that has generated millions of naira for my students.

I’ve given you all you need to succeed online; go and make magic happen. This brings us to the end of this article; if you have any questions, just let me know, and I will gladly answer them.

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